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It's designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything is new again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains comes, it stops, and leaves you to face the fall alone.

Of course we all have our limits, but how can you possibly find your boundaries unless you explore as far and as wide as you possibly can I would rather fail in an attempt at something new and uncharted than safely succeed in a repeat of something I have done.

When I was one-and-twenty, I heard a wise man say, Give pounds and crowns and guineas, But not your heart away." Give pearls away and rubies, But keep your fancy free." But I was one-and-twenty, No use to talk to me.

Keep things to yourself, don't share it. Life is kinda like a secret, don't share your secrets because we all know, we're just going to make things up about it.- A nobody

Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will. Refuse to be average or to surrender to the chill of your spiritual environment. -- The Root Of The Righteous

Changing your password will just add one more roadblock to a potential hacker getting into your system.

I would never think to do something like that, if you and I have a problem, I handle it with you. I don't go behind your back.

I'm your Knight in shining shoes.

Don’t let your talents get rotten like fruits and vegetables that don’t sell in the market! -Aaron Jhinkoo

There are a lot of cases where police officers don’t get indicted for what looks like extreme situations, many jurors and judges tend to believe police officers more than your average witness.

We got beat by a team that played better, thats the reality of this league. ( Ive) been in the playoffs four times, and three times you lose your last game and you go home, and the one time you have that euphoric feeling that you keep fighting for. Its tough. I didnt think it was going to end tonight.

You don’t have to do it in a brisk way or elevate your heart rate, just increasing the number of steps will have a lot of impact.

I hope and pray that they will be OK, but we can't know. every day when I wake up I have to remember: 'Don't put your toothbrush under the faucet'.

Determining how a low dose of alcohol impacts your life is complicated work.

Your anger is like a force of nature. It can be as beautiful as a flower or as destructive as a hurricane

To decide, to be at the level of choice, is to take responsibility for your life and to be in control of your life.

If the inside of your car is messy, they won’t hire you, it gives a bad impression.

I think that in order to win a World Cup we all have to give up a little bit of our own selves to be able to do that and I think checking your ego at the door is probably one of the biggest and important keys to winning a world championship, we have some stars, but I think it's going to be important that no matter who is on the field that we've created a bond and a chemistry that is unwavering and something we can hold on to throughout the World Cup.

When nobody points out to you your own mistakes, it is probably because you no longer matter. Only people who like you most and want you to succeed would ever dare to criticize you.

I say to the puppet of Iran, and those who are with him, you destroyed Yemen with your immature politics, and creating internal and regional crisis.

It would mean sacrificing your whole life otherwise.

Living your life is a task so difficult it has never been attempted before.

We will take care of the Nile and we will preserve your share and we will work to increase this quota and President Sisi and I will work on this.

It's hard for people to dismiss someone who has a career in corrections and who had a hands-on-job with executing people, it doesn't matter what your politics or faith is, that's a voice who gets to be heard.

Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you. Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life.

ISIS is scared because we are united. They were scared of us. If we didn't wear our guns, they wouldn't be afraid. We had enough guns and we forced them back, the army told us, 'Everyone get your gun out if they try to come into your area.'.

How would you feel if your family was slaughtered? How would you act and where would you go? Those who have killed and committed crimes should be punished, if you aren't capable of doing it yourself, we are here for you. We will give you back your rights.

If you have anything in the Islamic court, they say, 'Go to the hospital and donate your blood and bring me the receipt, and if you don't have it, I can't help you, they say to you, 'We can't help you until you go to the hospital. There (are) a lot of airstrikes, a lot of injured ISIS fighters.'.

Do you think you’re at war with a small group of Mujahedeen in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other places? You are sadly mistaken. And do you think you can defeat us by bombarding our homes with the help of your drones and F-16s [and government groups]? Then again, you have sadly made a great mistake, oh America, indeed you are at war with all the true and sincere Muslims around the world.

We tell the European tyrants you have declared war on the Islamic State. This war that you declared is now turning against you. So know that the lions of the caliphate are only a few kilometers away from your borders.

If you’re negative, it’s bad, so I try to stay positive no matter what happens, everybody has challenges, you’ve got to overcome and just do your thing still, don’t give up.

Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your stories. Thank you for your inspiration.

Oh, Josh, you’re back, this is not your show anymore.

We are going to see music of all types of all genres, but kind of presented like a film score— just happening right before your eyes and ears. It’s going to help tell this story and there are movements to it and the music, even though it’s so different they tie together in a really great way. You’re going to go on a journey is the best way I think to say it. i think this show is for non-believers; it’s the greatest story ever told.

It is fundamentally unfair to do this to a person whether you have your papers or not, he has been here for 20 years. He has a family and a business. You are not going to give him an opportunity for relief? He has contributed so much to his community. As United States citizens we can give him that much.

We have heard loud and clear that this is a concept our audience does not want. In this age of social media, we get feedback from you almost instantaneously and as such, we are constantly listening. Accordingly, just as instantaneously, this is an idea that we have relegated to the cutting room floor, with your advice in hand, there will be NO TEXTING ALLOWED in any of the auditoriums at AMC Theatres. Not today, not tomorrow and not in the foreseeable future.

I think it makes sense, if you're not exercising enough, perhaps that's not giving you the biological aspect of exercise, maybe you're not putting your body through the intensity and through the changes that it needs to stimulate those biological changes in the brain. And on the high end, anecdotally we hear a lot about people who get addicted to exercise or maybe you're kind of running yourself into the ground.

It changes the dynamic you have with your customers when they can say what they want without you having to worry about getting your business shut down.

If you break your concentration, it wouldn't work anymore, once I finished, I had that 'Oh my God, this thing worked,' kind of a moment.

Your failure to heed our demands ... means that you and your people will ... experience things which will make you forget about the horrors of September 11th, Afghanistan and Iraq and Virginia Tech.

In a business analogy the question is how do you scale, i look at( those) performances as a trial market, and then the question is how do you scale your production to a national audience and national market ?

If I see you (a company executive) tense up with a question or glance at your chief financial officer, I'm picking that up, it's not a violation (of RegFD) -- but it's an advantage.

The joy and meaning and purpose of it is to talk about it with your loved ones, this is an act of love.

Michigan is your got-to-win state.

Life is mostly froth and bubble, Two things stand like stone -- Kindness in another's trouble, Courage in your own.

Our homicide rate is higher than comparable European nations. If anything, though, it is these kinds of attacks that make us stand out so negatively from the rest of the world and give us this violent reputation as a country, frankly, if we want to give the world a message from what we've learned from all of this, is to say that, 'It is possible, these things do happen, so be prepared and learn from it before you have a tragedy of your own.'.

We feel that patients deserve the best treatment and so, how can u leave your bed if you’re just feeling horrible?

Life goes through changes so fast, you think your life is great, than one of your best friends dies. Then you think you found someone you truly love, only to figure out, she doesn't love you back. You cry and cry and cry, but nothing changes. You realize, that you must accept things for what they are, and what they have made you become.Everything in life changes you in some way. Even the smallest things. If you do not accept these changes, you do not accept yourself. For through these changes brings new and greater things to you, making you wiser, as time progresses. To avoid these changes is a loss. You only live your life once. Do not waste a minute of it avoiding things. Let them come to you, and learn from them. There's always tomorrow.

Hopefully, ours is a friendly system in your home to warn you that things are going wrong.

I reject your reality and substitute my own!

CBS News reported last night that a Trump confidante said that GOP senators were warned: vote against your president ... and your head will be on a pike, i hope it's not true. But I was struck by the irony of the idea, when we're talking about a president who would make himself a monarch, that whoever that was would use the terminology of a penalty that was imposed by a monarch, a head on a pike.

This was it. This was the first day of my enormous career, this was, Im so sorry, everyone Ive known before, I may or may not be able to return your calls. Im going to be incredibly busy and youre going to be nervous around me anyway.

These conditions won't necessarily go away, but you may be able to reduce your symptoms and the amount of medication you take.

There are no guarantees, and when you get to my age, youre absolutely right, your days are numbered.

I do preach the idea of individualism as in not adapting any kind of style or model other than that one of your own. I always found it strange in art history when studying about the different guilds and movements. It sounded too contrived and having to follow devised parameters to create art. I personally am not a team player in that manner. The art should be labeled by the artist's name only.

I said to a friend, ‘ I f *** in ’ hate this, ’ and she just burst into tears and said, ‘ I f *** in ’ hate this too. ’ And it was done. It lifted, my knowledge of postpartum — or postnatal, as we call it in England — is that you don’t want to be with your child ; you’re worried you might hurt your child ; you’re worried you were n’t doing a good job.

Your product has to be unique, and it has to be something people want, whether it's filling a void for something people don't know they want yet, or it's something you see in market that you could do better.

Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yourself to life.

IUDs, they're very safe now, but they do have, kind of from way back, a history of less-than-safe products, and if you're talking to your aunt or your grandmother about it, that may be kind of their perception. That's not in line with what the current products are.

I think it matters because symbolism is important. I think having that reflected in your leaders is important, but I think he has got the right idea because he embraces his identity and he wants people to know his identity but it is not all who he is.

People think you are a drug dealer or a terrorist. For a lot of young people, it's difficult to get out of your group of friends. There are only examples of not getting a job. They think why should they even try.

If you told someone 15 or 20 years ago [ they would have ] something in your pocket that finds any information you seek at your fingertips, people would probably not have believed you.

While the programme is active until Tuesday, they aren't providing the necessary liquidity for Greek banks just to blackmail and to terrorize us, if we vote a yes, they will demolish pensions, you will have to pay for medicare in public hospitals. When your kids can't go to school you will say' thanks' and they will say' you asked for it'.

If you're walking around in an airport environment and you carry an access badge, there's an expectation that, at some point during any given work day, you're going to get stopped and checked – somebody's going to check your badge, somebody's going to check the things that you're carrying, they may even do a pat down, they're going to verify that you are the person that you say you are and that you're not doing anything you shouldn't be doing.

Responsiblity is a unique concept. It can only reside and inhere in a single individual. You may share it with others, but your portion is not diminished. You may delegate it, but it is still with you. You may disclaim it, but you cannot divest yourself of it.

European stocks are still probably the best choice in a limited range of options, there's not much incentive to hold bonds, and the U.S. is at the tail-end of a bull run, so it's hard to justify putting your money there. Nevertheless, in Europe, I still have some concerns about the domestic European economic recovery.

It’s your right to see a final bill before you pay anything.

And realize that maybe they came into your life, not to be there forever, but to teach you something that will make you ready when forever finds you.

Evolution must have your choice,choose joy.

If you remember the shape of your spoon at lunch, it has to be the wrong shape. The spoon and the letter are tools; one to take food from the bowl, the other to take information off the page... When it is a good design, the reader has to feel comfortable because the letter is both banal and beautiful.

When you have your first child.

If you lack fear, you’re more likely to commit crime because you’re not concerned about getting caught, and, if you’re a fearless risk-taker, you’re more likely to put yourself in social contexts where you run the risk of violence victimization, and have more accidents due to a reckless disregard for your own safety.

I hope what I’ve told you about the smoke in the church is not taken in offense. I mean, it’s your culture.

I want to thank each and every one of you that has helped my brother in this terrible accident, hes making progress each and every day. To those who love and support Aaron, thats what is keeping him motivated to better himself. Thank you all for your help ! God bless you all !

You can find your chain of transmission by doing this.

If you really don't get any feedback on your ability to communicate or be empathic.

My observation is that your political philosophical approach to a system failure is generally not to expand the size of the public sector, but to instead heavily regulate private sector actors and beat down their greed, was that the source of your initial hesitation on the question of getting rid of private insurance, or was it something else ?

People live in a very close society, where neighbors are very close to each other, everyone knows each other, eats together. If you leave your house unlocked it's ok. Gujarati people think everyone is their brother, even if they are strangers.

Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.

Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything.

Think about hiking, when you're setting out on an adventure, you need your backpack, supplies and equipment, but you also need a compass to tell you where you're heading. Without one or the other it is not likely to be a very successful trip.

Your travel life has the aspect of a dream. It is something outside the normal, yet you are in it. It is peopled with characters you have never seen before and in all probability will never see again. It brings occasional homesickness, and loneliness, and pangs of longing... But you are like the Vikings who have gone into a world of adventure, and home is not home until you return.

It was a difficult decision to leave but you have to think about your professional growth and your future, i already had friends in Chile, and my family supported me.

So it's not just like a job, it's like home, it's like a mother who provides you help and care for a year to get you on your feet.

It's like waking up from death. You cannot see a lot because the dust is all over the place, you see blood on your clothing, and you don't know if it's yours or somebody else's.

From the bottom of my heart, I speak for my family and Ahmaud Arbery, I want to say thank you, thank you for your kindness, your love, your support. 'Cause without you guys standing behind us, that story would have never got heard.

It sustains the militias in their combat. Why did they not declare it? We ask them please 'review your procedures, review your personnel' to make sure this does not happen again.

Everyone has an idea of what you need to do with your life. Only you have the facts of what you really need to do.

The late Mr. Archie Augustine (a Roman Catholic) from Estcourt, Kwa Zulu Natal put it beautifully when he said the following about the Qur’an: “Despite your religious or non-religious attitudes, the Holy Qur’aan is a boon to your intellectual and moral strength. Even if you are not concerned with moral issues, then pamper your intellectual curiosity and read the Qur’aan. The greater the level of your education, in any field, or the greater your social or political standing in your community, the more reason why you should procure your own copy of the Book and begin to read it”. “Nothing, but nothing, is left ambiguous or unanswered. It is a Book of Law interwoven in morality till it touches every facet of the human experience. It includes politics, economics, moral behaviour, personal cleanliness and propriety, inter-family relationships, bequests and inheritance, inter-religious respect and tolerance, charity, the sin of taking and of giving commercial interest, the importance of prayer, the belief in ONE GOD, religious-sociology and oneness of humankind. Bring any manner or word, concept or subject matter to mind and you will find, not only a reference to such a matter, but a treatise, succinctly and poignantly illustrating, advising, illuminating and directing”. A POEM ON THE HOLY QURAN WRITTEN SOME 35 YEARS AGO BY THE NINTH PRESIDENT OF INDIA, DR. PANDIT SHANKER DAYAL SHARMA: (IT WAS A COMMAND FOR ACTION. YOU TURNED IT INTO A BOOK OF PRAYER.) (IT WAS A BOOK TO UNDERSTAND. YOU READ IT WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING.) (IT WAS A CODE FOR THE LIVING. YOU TURNED IT INTO A MANIFESTO OF THE DEAD.) (THAT WHICH WAS A BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE; YOU ABDICATED TO THE IGNORAMUS). (IT CAME TO GIVE KNOWLEDGE OF CREATION. YOU ABANDONED IT TO THE MADRASA.) (IT CAME TO GIVE LIFE TO DEAD NATIONS. YOU USED IT FOR SEEKING MERCY FOR THE DEAD.) (O’ MUSLIMS! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?)

Before the war, there was no interest in denominations and family. Now, people scrutinize your name to see where you come from.

You have to support your prime minister, your boss.

When you place your order online, as you do right now, but instead of getting the delivery by somebody coming up to your door and knocking on your door, you would get it by a robot.

It’s kind of like, ‘Where’s your other half?’.

This is fundamentally about ... the courage to call out unacceptable practices and to take bad news to your client or to your senior management.

God is not Someone You can See with Your Eyes God is not on the Earth or in the Skies Those Who Realize God are Conscious of God In everything they see they can feel the Lord!

A life without meaning is equal to Death. It's like lying in your grave except that you still have Breath.

Elaine Dickinson There's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane

You might've done our country proud but with your statement, you just showed the whole country why we shouldn't vote for you.