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Hopefully before the end of this year certainly we would have the implementation day.

By the end of the year we will reach an average of 550,000 barrels per day, there are obstacles, there are problems. All these issues cannot be resolved in one go, but in stages. And we are making progress.

A lot of Chipotle burritos. A lot of burritos, no, it all honestly it was a lot of burritos. It was a year and a half to two years of constant[ly telling friends], ‘Sorry, guys, I can’t hang out. I gotta go eat.’.

India and China are expected to account for much of the growth in global oil consumption this year and in 2017.

Last year we were able to sort ourselves out with some diesel. But this year, no way.

We are hopeful that the way things are going, sometime early next year it might be possible.

Despite our meager resources we arrested 30 timber smugglers last year and sent them to prison, but almost all are released now.

Last year we were severely weakened, but now we are back to full force.

Visibility on its guidance for this year is high and we see Itochu as a relative standout for its ability to maintain underlying profit level.

That is a sea change from a year ago, when the consensus was three to four rate hikes a year.

Some of these migrants are brainwashing the Kalash people. There have been several conversions to Islam this year alone.

Gradualism for rate increases is a soothing message for the market, september remains on the table, but the downward drift in the forecasts for next year means the increases will happen gradually, and that's a relief for investors.

A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.

We can't expect double-digit growth (in China) every year but we are looking at sustainable growth which is a reflection of people's consumption power and appetite for investment.

We think that next year we will have at least four or five manufacturers in the championship.

Sounds like it's an election year in West Virginia.

Business is booming in Las Vegas for us in regards to flights, we went from one flight per week only one year ago to flights seven days a week, due to demand.

This is our major source of income. The cash crops we grow are seasonal, which means there are parts of the year when we have nothing to sell. But we can store the charcoal and sell it later.

These trials started a year ago. It's not reasonable to say this or that about the Blueprint versus Loxo drug.

Hope smiles on the threshold of the year to come, whispering that it will be happier.

He was an assistant to a chairman at a foot massage company, he thought it wasn't interesting, and after about a year he applied to join Alibaba as a sales person.

With last year being a year coming back from pregnancy and all of that, it's not my usual buildup.

2018 is a very good year for equalizing the plight of humanity, as we explore the African American history, what else will be uncovered?

We had a record last year with the oldest portfolio in the luxury business.

That 2015 was a game-changing year for me, there was incredible competition from (Cuban) Pedro Pichardo, he jumped 18 meters and he pushed me to raise my game.

A year later, if you're looking at the girls, the ones that got the overweight notice are no trimmer, no less likely to be overweight, or ... no less likely to be obese.

The joint venture will restart the tourist business between Russia and Egypt, targeting 1.5 million visitors a year starting in May.

These unicorns are sort of priced to perfection. They are getting up-front credit for future year growth.

By this time next year it'll be quite obvious to everybody that something really surprising has happened in the greenhouse accounts.

All year we have been warning that 2018 will be a battle between profits and politics.

A year later, I'm very happy how this all ended out.

Remember, peak values typically occur late in the year so we have a three to seven months to go before we may peak in the current event. The 1987 (event) peaked in August – all other events peaked between November and February.

It is Gazprom's fiction. Last year we lived five months without Russian gas and provided transit very comfortably.

While I am cautiously optimistic that our sales will gradually improve, it won't happen overnight given that 2016 is likely to be another tough and competitive year for the sector as a whole.

If there is no further significant progress during this one year or if developments backtrack or slow, it could and should be back to Tier 3.

The DASH diet has been our top diet overall for five years now and this is the fifth year we are evaluating and ranking diets.

I concentrate fully on the tasks of the year 2016, which keep me pretty busy.

Market competition in the first half of the year was quite intense and it is expected that sector losses will widen further.

This year people are drilling a lot less as exploration spending has fallen sharply, so companies are focusing on higher quality projects.

All are agreed that this has been a very good year for Bob and the team.

We have one of the worst drought in decades, it's a recurrent drought that year after year is slowly eroding the livelihoods of small farmers. It's a silent disaster.

I think that the desire to use genetic ancestry testing has really changed over the sort of 12-15 year duration of the industry.

The persistently weak performance of manufacturers combined with a slowdown in the service sector is likely to prompt the authorities to introduce further stimulus measures to ensure growth momentum improves in the second half of the year and to reach the GDP growth target of around 7 percent.

In the one to three months after Easter, we traditionally see a spike in shelter rabbit intakes, in Northern California alone, thousands of stray and unwanted rabbits end up in the municipal shelter systems, and the majority of these rabbits are under a year old.

Paramedics attend about 5,000 cardiac arrests every year across the state, our cardiac arrest results are very impressive, with our survival rates among the world’s best.

Perhaps it can be established that, due to exceptional circumstances, this fate was a just and proportionate punishment for the crime Henry Montgomery committed as a 17 year old boy.

The New Year is a beautiful bouquet of newer unfolding opportunities to fulfill unfinished commitments with renewed vigour of heart and move-up on an accelerating speed to reach to a new milestone of a promising career and enriching life's journey.

We may have the flu going into April this year because it's still going strong right now.

I think the Fed is desperate to raise rates this year and I think it will happen in September. The only fly in the ointment is the inflation rate which is below what the Fed wants.

To get this kind of pickup for our first product in our launch year was completely unexpected.

For about a year after that I’d get boxes of bars every few months.

We've already sacrificed enough. this year we have seen a huge increase in support.

There was more improvement in labor markets in 2014 than in any other year of the recovery.

We are giving almost 300 million doses of malaria treatment every year and we don’t even know if we are giving them to the right people.

I think the settlements in the new year will be around this overall level.

Gradually we will expand the range of exercises. We are looking at air force to air force and army to army exercises over the next year or two.

It's quite amazing, I was overwhelmed, each year we are blown away by the incredible quality and quantity of microscopic images submitted from all over the world.

Media asked if the claimed cyber attacks against Iran are true, last year we neutralized 33 million attacks with the (national) firewall.

2015 will be the execution year for the (MAS) restructuring. We want to right-size the company in terms of staff.

Last year people were frustrated the alliance fell apart so voted for Jonathan out of protest, that won't happen again.

The Bundesliga champions do have to consider whether The Bundesliga champions bring The Bundesliga champions transfer activities for next year forward, it's certainly not going to be a cheaper transfer window( next summer).

I’ve got to get better and I will. Sometimes the second year is tougher than the first.

We already know nearly $300 million are spent each year on treating the complications from unsafe abortions.

Cross-contamination from raw food, undercooking food, hand-washing and spreading germs from raw food, those are the things that contribute to the more than 48 million cases of foodborne illness we have every year in the US.

Our numbers were up for week one last year and the year before and the year before.

If rates continue to rise, we might see a reduction in the duration of the zero-percent periods from a year or longer to some shorter period.

This year has the potential to be a tough year for western brands.

This year we're seeing significant focus on non-resource opportunities.

Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago.

Brazil is in a deep economic, currency and confidence crisis. The decline in the currency is unprecedented, similar to the collapse of the (Russian) rouble last year ... accordingly CDS are jumping and bond yields are rising.

500,000 people go bankrupt every year because they can not pay their outrageous medical bills.

This year looked really good, I had projects all year, in the end life goes on, but with a mask and gloves.

You get the bigger leverage when you get into year two and beyond.

The market is starting to contemplate the idea that Fed rate hikes this year are A: more likely, and B: not inherently bad in and of themselves.

There has been a cumulative net outflow so far this year but not too severe.

The causes of the civil disturbance in Baltimore last year have not been eliminated.

The Texas City Jaycees are in their 55th year but the Jaycees have been around a lot longer than their chapter.

He was the champion last year and this year he has gone on and shown himself to be a superior horse, he has performed brilliantly.

This year we left it wide open. Tecau and Rojer got us. Deservedly so, they played well in the slams, won the Wimbledon title, usually what we say is to be number one you've got to win a slam. Credit to them, they did.

We have had this on the books for almost a year and a half.

Every year we have to move a little further inland.

The main agricultural products – maize, groundnuts, millet, sorghum and rice – suffer enormously due to their high dependence on rainfall. The June 15 deadline for (starting) farming has been unreliable with early as well as late onset of the planting season year in and year out.

John Boozman is not a multimillionaire. i think that this is a good election year to be an outsider.

We think the increase in strikes this year is a result of lower water levels.

Every year that we've operated the hotline since 2007, the number of cases we've handled has increased, we largely believe it's greater awareness about human trafficking in general and the hotline in general.

We started a team this year called ‘B-Brave,’.

Whether we see a repeat in the surge in volumes we saw this year will be driven more by pricing arbitrage, which may or may not be there. I doubt we'll see a material change.

Treat next year as being more defensive in your approach.

You can always have a random kind of warm month, season or even year, but when it happens year after year after year after year after year, then statistically it fails the test of randomness and it then becomes a trend.

At 6 a.m. every day, before everyone arrived at the office, the numbers would change, had the ... run failed, we would have faced a delay of a year or two.

We continue to expect consumer spending to kick the year off on a robust foot after the drop in energy prices gave consumers a substantial windfall.

Year after year we’re running multimillion-dollar deficits in our budget. We’ve laid off schoolteachers for three years in a row.

Winning the Rookie of the Year award means so much.

It certainly has increased the probabilities of us having an early harvest, which after the quality issues last year are on everybody's mind.

As employers, more predictability and less spiking of rates from one year to the next is preferable.

It is rather a character that the inhabitants of Ath adore... when one get a kiss from 'the Savage', we have good luck all the year ahead.

Every day, every month, every year that the state took from him, they took something that they don't have the power to give back. While this moment is quite joyous and is quite wonderful, this case is quite tragic.

A year out, the fundamentals for the potash market still look murky.

Mahyas have given beautiful messages with excerpts from verses (of the Koran)... for centuries. But this year for the first time, we have mahyas that we hung up aimed at protecting our health.

A year and half ago I began buying artwork censured around the world for different reasons whether political, ethical, moral or sexual.