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The man or woman who is wholly or joyously surrendered to Christ can't make a wrong choice--any choice will be the right one.

He who tells the truth will lose friends. A Wise Man

Zardari believes when the time to cobble together a government arrives they will need ... someone like him, and he will become the kingmaker.

They will give you the right amount.

Changing your password will just add one more roadblock to a potential hacker getting into your system.

That will be the next key event, which moves the market one way or the other.

The attorney general's Office will review the lawsuit and will respond to the claims appropriately.

I don't think there are any traps that will be set, the question is whether he generates them on his own. And gets out of his own way. And there's no way to predict that. As carefully orchestrated and choreographed as these trips may be, there's always the possibility of a stumble or an inappropriate remark.

It means putting more pressure on carriers to put this in natively - that will be ultimately what solves the problem.

If there is another shock, people will identify that as a trend and there will be recession worries, even if the jobs number is good, we still think the Fed can use Brexit as an excuse to not raise rates.

The market simply doesn't believe the data will be strong enough to let the Fed (boost rates) this year.

If this occurs, we believe that strong competition among insulin manufacturers will quickly push them to lower prices to net levels, which will greatly benefit patients who need this drug to survive.

No one is ever really ready to die, there will always be a reason not to.

That's definitely not for us, it's a growing sport and it is actually quite fun to watch but I don't think it is anything I will be looking to do.

New information on COVID-19 indicates that the virus infects the human GI tract and is excreted into sewage. Our assessments indicate that there is a risk of waterborne transmission of the coronavirus, disinfection will kill the virus in water, but we should carefully examine our wastewater systems to ensure that there is minimal public exposure to untreated wastewater.

I think he will not be a danger to others.

' Marvel's Daredevil' was a large step forward with its street-level storytelling, gritty violence, and heretofore unseen brutality( in the Marvel universe), but' Jessica Jones' raises the bar even higher and will be regarded as the best thing Marvel has done.

For those whom I've let down I will work tirelessly to make it up to you.

We agree with Senator Schumer that this legislation is long overdue and commend his leadership as the Senate’s top Democrat to finally modernize our nation’s marijuana policies, removing cannabis from the federal Controlled Substances Act will allow states to continue to successfully regulate cannabis, undermine criminal markets, create new economic opportunities, and will pave the way to much-needed research into the therapeutic potential of cannabis.

The only thing that will stop them is if the regime or the Russians move in significant numbers to where they stop.

I hope and pray that they will be OK, but we can't know. every day when I wake up I have to remember: 'Don't put your toothbrush under the faucet'.

By doing so, it (the Privacy Shield) will be open to significant attacks by the public, and a court challenge is all but guaranteed.

Right now, the numbers will say that we're in the driver's seat, but that can change. We're looking to establish good relationships with the growers we're dealing with.

If border controls are reinstated within Europe, already weak growth will come under additional pressure.

We shouldn't be reading too much into intraday dips. Let's not forget that more than 93% of the market is still dominated by retail investors, and like in any IPO issuance flippers will exist.

I don't want to be called a victim all my life, if I want to change the situation, I'm the only person who will take charge of it, nobody else can make it happen for me.

Our wives are afraid to sleep at night, i never thought Boko Haram would come here, and now we are afraid that they will come back. They must be eliminated.

This is the future, we will become an example for the whole of Africa.

For the first time I can say congratulations to the leader and congratulations to the Iraqi people, congratulations on winning first place in Baghdad, and God willing we will be the first in Iraq.

The decision to reduce our commitments has already been made and we will continue unless our expectations are met, i don't think the progress made today will be enough to stop our process but the decision will be made in Tehran.

Regardless of any decision they (U.S. officials) make, we will not allow the Islamic Republic's territory to be violated.

We will keep going and we wont back down, it has been 16 years of corruption and injustice. We are not afraid of bullets or the death of martyrs.

( AMS's) tactics will only delay resolution of these cases, to the further detriment of those who have been injured.

Ed will travel to Dallas this week to raise money for his campaign. He's proud to have the support of President Bush and conservative leaders from across the commonwealth and the country, this is a crucial campaign for Virginia Republicans, and Ed will work tirelessly to ensure we have the resources necessary to defeat Ralph Northam or Tom Perriello in November, and bring conservative leadership back to Richmond.

The cool thing about the wheels is that they are fully metallic and give us the traction and grip of a rubber wheel without taking anything organic from earth. They will be able climb over rocks and also dig through deep sand.

I will no longer take part in 'Dance Moms,'.

This will absolutely go down as one of, if not the best, things I've ever been a part of.

The resistance was fierce and they were firing with everything they've got, mortars, rockets and rifles, they fear that if they lose more ground they will be defeated.

The country and the balance sheet will not bear the cost of building this plant. It will be paid back through the actual production of electricity that will be generated by this plant.

By the end of the year we will reach an average of 550,000 barrels per day, there are obstacles, there are problems. All these issues cannot be resolved in one go, but in stages. And we are making progress.

The doctor said that he has to undergo a prostate operation but they are not allowing it, they are deliberately not protecting his health .. If they continue treating him like this, it will lead to the same result as Mursi.

If you do not know history, you will not understand geogrpahy.

I don't realistically expect one high-profile meeting will be sufficient to address these issues but it's a starting point, a lot of work will have to come after the meeting.

They are not occupying as a military force in Somalia, it's impossible. We are fierce fighters, we will never allow that to happen.

The president should bravely admit the obvious defeat of his recent six years of strategies and resign, this will quickly prepare the ground for taking office by a new government that is capable to control the country in this current critical situation.

It would be pointless to dismiss workers just to hire them back a year later, with the risk of not getting them all back and with the damage it would do the community, the company will shoulder the losses until the start of the new project.

Unless we help the Libyans to have a state structure, to have a security apparatus which is able to control these terrorist organizations, it will be just an illusion to think that we can have security and stability in the Sahel.

We have signed specific agreements with Steinmetz and we will fully respect the terms of the agreement. It is not possible for a hostile action against BSGR to come from the government.

The mine will create 1300 jobs, 850 of which will be permanent.

Hadi informed political alliances ... that he will withdraw his resignation in the right time, and that could be very soon.

The Iranian agenda of the Houthis will not last.

The security barrier around Baghdad will prevent terrorists from infiltrating the capital or smuggling explosives and car bombs to target innocent civilians.

We don’t see Pakistan anymore our destination, we will come out as a force to establish Islamic rule over the entire world, you will see the change within 10 years - if you stay alive.

If the weather is hot, it's very difficult for everyone because they will be thirsty. The problem is that here the environment is not suitable for proper living.

The foreign engineers will provide advice and perform their duties from the company's Dubai offices and we have no concerns at all.

It will shape the future of a free Syria.

They thought if they bring the car at a good price, people will buy. It is not just about the initial price, it is also fuel efficiency and the whole cost of ownership.

I tell her, be sure you Hungarian journalist that karma will get back to you, and God will not leave this be.

These remote outposts did not contribute to security and were setting ducks, a soft target for the Taliban to pick on them, ...Those areas will not be abandoned but will remain under our close surveillance and we will respond to security threats when needed.

The government must call the Loya Jirga on time and if it doesn't happen, the people will look for alternatives.

There's no end to the aerial observation and the bombardment, people are busy digging shelters. No one has any intention of leaving. We will die in our land rather than be evicted.

The kidnapping of the Qatari hunters dealt a painful blow to the reputation of all the southern areas of Iraq, we are a tribal community and Gulf hunters are our guests. After the abduction, not a single hunter from the Gulf is coming to Iraq anymore, fearing from being kidnapped. It will take a long time to repair the damage and convince Gulf hunters to resume their Iraq trips.

We haven't seen this much snow, or this many avalanches, for 30 years, if the central government doesn't provide humanitarian support, machinery and food soon, this will turn to a disaster.

The Taliban are putting all their efforts in, we have received some reinforcements and we will get more soon.

We warmly welcome President Trump’s strategy, which shows U.S. sustainable commitment for a stable Afghanistan, but the presence of large numbers of U.S. troops on the ground and air strikes will not help to achieve the goals, unless the U.S. engages with our local population who are willing and effective to fight terrorism on the ground.

We want our rights, we will no longer accept discrimination.

My only wish is that Prime Minister (Trudeau) takes me to Canada and I can hold a concert there to sing Afghan songs and that the prime minister himself will be at my concert.

He will be buried at Edhi Village tomorrow.

I will continue on to Macedonia, my friend and I want to go on to Germany... it was important to reach Greece through Izmir.

I am not sure it will be in 18 months' time. Of course we need to be hopeful for the future, but we need more time, a realistic timeframe ... is two to three years.

This time, the emphasis in operations will be more on soldiers, the prime minister has spoken quite decisively, saying 'all districts will be cleansed of terrorist elements, from street-to-street, house-to-house if necessary'.

This action will repel enemy attacks.

The result they (IEC) announced today was a result of election robbery, a coup against democracy, a betrayal of the will of the people, and we consider it illegal.

We are waiting, especially in Saudi Arabia, for the government budget for 2015 to see whether the government would maintain its current expenditure levels or if they would cut down significantly, we need a big event like that, otherwise we will remain volatile and negative.

We have reinforcements coming from other areas and will beat back the Taliban.

The problem isn't in selecting a new president ... but it's tied to the militias' control of the capital and on decision-making, so any new president will be at the mercy of these militias who are still holding Hadi, the prime minister and a number of officials under house arrest.

I created the petition just to gather DC Fans and express their anger just for fun. I didn't mean it to be taken that serious. I just want it to be a symbolic petition, i didn't imagine it will go that far.

The talks in Geneva will be indirect because the two sides do not recognize each other, if there will be chance to hold direct talks, that will depend on the first round.

We are working to secure all other state institutions, the Council is here to stay and to continue their work here in Tripoli. They will not leave except for international meetings and will return.

They (aid agencies) will face difficulties in continuing to provide lifesaving health services at the scale that is required as a result mainly of the declining humanitarian funding.

In a facility like this, many die naturally every day. It's normal, but we will look into the cases of the children's deaths seriously.

But we will look into the cases of the children's deaths seriously.

We are ready to receive our people, it will be done humanely, orderly, and quickly.

I'm trying to turn this situation into something that will not only help me but help others.

Bundles will come back. Consumers simply won't be able to pay for buying all these channels, players that own infrastructure will prevail because either they will incorporate streaming services and unify them and provide a better viewing experience, or have to continue to offer some of their own in combination.

Yemen will not have security without its unity.

There will be a preliminary exchange in the area of trade and the European Union tomorrow morning will present its points of view on the matter of political dialogue.

If the deal is implemented, India's exports of products like textile and leather will be severely affected.

We will have to resurrect an entire city.

Nevertheless, oil production in the Gulf of Mexico returning to normal following Hurricane Barry will limit price gains.

A patriot without religion in my estimation is as great a paradox as an honest Man without the fear of God. Is it possible that he whom no moral obligations bind, can have any real Good Will towards Men?

The first thing I do when I wake up daily is to pray for my baby to get well. Then I check on her with the hope that she will be OK.

I've been very clear about my position and that remains the same, i will be voting but I will not be voting for Abigail Spanberger.

TikTok will always be considered a threat, no matter who is at the helm, because of what it represents : the emergence of Chinese tech-ecosystems.

We will take care of the Nile and we will preserve your share and we will work to increase this quota and President Sisi and I will work on this.

I think the Russians will do their best to kill more and more to make the opposition break.

They say if you reform the law then all Palestinian men will marry Lebanese women and they will never return to Palestine, thereby taking away the right of Palestinian refugees to return home.

As this question of oversupply of energy contracted by distributors will carry on for the coming years, it (the auction) will be unnecessary... (Demand) ought to be weak.

As far as I know, this is a piece of history, it's the first time a major Japanese company has ever made such a gesture. We hope this will spur other companies to join in and do the same.

Renaming PACOM is ultimately a symbolic act ... (it) will have a very limited impact unless the U.S. follows through with a significant array of initiatives and investments that reflect a wider aperture.