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They were laughing after they shot, it was like they were having the time of their life.

Were better than what weve shown.

The dark places from my past are where lessons were learnt and wisdom was earnt.

This (is) ... what we understand, (they) were quarry workers. They were sleeping when they were attacked early hours of this morning.

On the contrary, I stand with them because at that time we were liberated and they removed the tyranny of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Most were beheaded or killed by gunfire.

At least nine others are wounded in the clashes and the Taliban militants were pushed back after Afghan forces reinforced the area.

We went and covered up the tourists that died -- God rest their souls -- and waited, terrified, in complete chaos. We were scared that -- God forbid -- there might be a second shooter. It was all just a mess.

I didn't know where my own kids were – if they are alive, if they are dead.

Large numbers of Taliban came from several directions, after hours of heavy fighting 30 Afghan security forces were killed and the Taliban captured the base.

This attack was carried out at a time when there were no civilians near the police.

This team have several documents that were passed for me to check. I have verified that I have received these documents on 1MDB including documents connected to allegations that money was transferred into the account of the prime minister.

They beat us and we were kept bound in a room.

They were going to visit a checkpost that had been attacked by Taliban overnight ... when their car was blown up.

They scared families with small children, which I find very wrong, and all the racist and homophobic slurs were very disrespectful.

This is a positive thing ... it show's were no longer a dictatorship - governments do resign, and this is how authority is in democratic countries.

Debris was everywhere, we thought we were facing severe public health problem with the massive amount of waste.

Victims released also said while the kidnappers were on their tugboat for nearly 30 minutes, no violence took place.

We were not handed over any order under which the printing and circulation of our newspapers were stopped.

As they were kneeling for the second round of praying, men armed with small handguns fitted with silencers came in and shot everyone from behind.

The lawmakers, Sheikh Dahir and Ismail Mumin, died in the fighting. Several of their bodyguards were also killed. Some bodyguards escaped into the jungle and are still missing.

We're Americans here, our children were born here. This is our homeland.

The three buses which were shot ... there were so many dead. It was over 100. We were on the ground. We saw everything.

On December 21, new high-resolution cameras were installed. That's why it looked more spectacular.

A few Ethiopians were injured. There are a few people who lost their lives.

Bam! This hit the port quarter, picked up the ship and broke the stern off, the guys were sleeping back there, we lost a lot.

If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one

We couldn't do anything with the dead bodies, they were just abandoned. We informed the hospital.

We thought women were easily frightened, but that view has changed.

There are fighters who want to go to (opposition-held) Idlib but this was rejected after we were besieged.

As fighters on the ground, we were not interested in this ceasefire, but it is led by our commanders and we have to abide by their orders.

There were bodies everywhere on the ground.

We suspect they were involved in the killings of U.S. blogger Avijit Roy and Ananta Bijoy Das.

While we were shooting... we worked with a lot of focus, very freely and very hard.

But when the pandemic started, (our bosses) sent us email after email saying we were essential personnel and that we were required to come.

There were medical risks if( the condition) went untreated indefinitely, we got very concerned when we heard the news that the curfew was going to extend indefinitely.

Unsolicited, she has indicated that any allegations of assault were false.

Police were slower to respond in other countries and were more likely to be ill-prepared when they did respond.

They were men ahead of their time, if they could do it in their time, why can't we do it in 2016?

We've seen the Deep Panda actor registering domain names that were haelth-sector specific and could be potentially tied to victims.

What bothered them was that we were exposing their malfeasance.

Relations and friends of the groom and bridegroom were just gathering when the bomb explosions happened.

They fell down, malnourished, and we understand they were then set on by the animals.

Those who were brutally executed in Libya were desperate people who wanted to improve their lives.

As an elderly woman and a first-time mother, it was a high-risk pregnancy and also because she was going to have twins but we were able to manage her pregnancy to term.

The wall brought panic, people were afraid that after their homes were put behind it that their residency will be stripped and rights taken away.

The flames were coming out from the roof, the fire was coming out of every window.

These are our lands. They were taken away from us centuries ago.

Last year we were able to sort ourselves out with some diesel. But this year, no way.

Mid-level bureaucrats are coming out of the woodwork ... and bringing up all of the issues that in the past were resolved, and re-opening cases.

They were as compatible and inseparable as two human beings have ever been married and existed on earth.

We also found that the benefits were strongest among younger men.

We would often be sorry if our wishes were gratified.

They were trying to do a good thing, but they went about it the wrong way.

. Then we were walked out of the plane.

People were afraid and could not speak up.

Last year we were severely weakened, but now we are back to full force.

The Saudi attacks are not focused on military targets. At least 190 homes were attacked by airstrikes this week and eight factories. All of these targets were civilian private-owned businesses.

The family were thankful Fareed's story reached the world.

The deaths among our forces on Friday were a result of targeting by snipers and of mines.

The women and men (remaining outside) were separated, then shot at close range. None survived.

We, paramedics, saw everyone in the shelter lying on the ground. I do not know whether they were dead or alive, but none of them were moving.

As contracts with government agencies were not available anymore, we had to find an exit, then, we decided to introduce app business to Iraq.

We were of the impression that Microsoft would give its phone business a bit longer to see if it can grow.

If the Past was what we were meant to see, then Behind, not in Front, our Eyes would be.

Over 60 different improvements were made to the C-5M over the previous version.

An unidentified customer booked 18 A320neo and five A320ceo aircraft in February, while nine A320neos were ordered by AirAsia.

Entire families were killed. we started choking, felt dizzy, then fainted. Mazin was trying to wake up his grandfather.

Everybody was screaming and yelling, and stampeding towards me. People were jumping over the fence and screaming and looking for each other, we ran into the bus. The driver was frantically shouting at people,' Come on. Come on. Come on.' He packed the bus and drove off.

We were overwhelmed by the response we got.

As far as the fuel price reduction is concerned, there will be no reduction in the ticket fare, but there will be a reduction in the fuel surcharge that we were charging.

I thought once we were both working at the same place, if we move again, we both go.

Most were bleeding profusely. The problem is that nobody is able to drive an ambulance to the spot.

Some of them were nice, and some were rather abrasive.

Our culture and language were already under threat and now these floods have devastated half our valley.

They were publicly executed in a field in Bula Fulay village of Bay region.

To the last moment, the name of Jesus was on their lips, as they were being martyred, they were calling God's name, saying, 'God, have mercy on us.' The entire village is proud.

We cherry-picked them, there were great customers in there. These were 100 percent performing loans with long repayment histories. We felt really fortunate.

My thought is simply that most of us thought we were dealing with a (Category) 5 anyway.

From then, the gangs were our protectors.

It appears that... people were able to just drop things in at the very end.

If the Chinese are stating that they were not contributing to the drought, the data does not support that position.

That’s not necessarily surprising . . . but we were able to add an interesting twist.

In this present moment we are either smaller than we once were or else are on our knees.

I saw people lying all over the street, and people in the crosswalk were screaming and yelling.

All the Democrats who lost were ones who ran to the center.

I thought they were going to kill me.

It's horrific, it's heart-wrenching, it's certainly not the ending we were praying for.

In the vast reaches of the dry, cold night, thousands of stars were constantly appearing, and their sparkling icicles, loosened at once, began to slip gradually toward the horizon.

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?

The outbreak of leptospirosis that occurred after Hurricane Maria and associated deaths were predictable, disasters, whether they occur in Puerto Rico or elsewhere throughout the world, are triggers or drivers of leptospirosis ... It really emphasizes the challenges we have in addressing leptospirosis public health issues in Puerto Rico.

Some guns were stolen. We have launched a manhunt for the attackers.

The temporary count informs us that at least 25 people were killed in the bombings.

When officers arrived on scene, they were met with gunfire, at this time, officers have the location surrounded in all directions as they attempt to locate the suspect.

We know that they were real tattoos.

We made a point of saying that we agreed with the principles that were in that declaration and were pleased to sign onto them.

It's not so clear that these were bribes.

We have four kids. Shewants to have another one. Were having another one, were gonna have a fifth baby.

We were simply working and things started to sway.

Even though you were still not free.