Top 7 Van Houten Inspiration Quotes

Profession: , Birthday: January 28, 2021

I enjoy playing people who are not sure of themselves. I have all sorts of flaws and neuroses and fears and doubts, I love that s -- t.

We expect to see a positive trend in connected care this year, with sales growth picking up.

The computer can do a much better job than the human eye, as it is much more systematic in analyzing tissues, we're acquiring a company that has deep clinical knowledge and technology to analyze cancerous cells.

We're working hard, we're not giving guidance today.

Patients want access to data, and many providers... are skeptical.

It's certainly gratifying to see the rebound, both in orders and sales growth, especially on the healthcare side, but it comes after several quarters of slow growth, i don't think we can declare that the (China) slowdown is over after one quarter.

There's really not much detail to give because it's a confidential dialogue that we have with the CFIUS committee.