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I am sure it is one's duty as a teacher to try to show boys that no opinions, no tastes, no emotions are worth much unless they are one's own. I suffered acutely as a boy from the lack of being shown this.

It's a wrap, bro, it's a wrap, i feel like I should have two trophies. It's over for that. My next goal is going to try and win the three-point contest.

I consume a lot of water. I try to live a healthy lifestyle so I try not to drink too much pop, this is a lifestyle with me, I consume a lot of water, all my friends and family know that about me.

Its embarrassing, you try to overthrow the government and you wind up on a Best Sellers List.

It’s not just about throwing a rutabaga stick at a kid and saying, try this, it’s more about familiarity, what does rutabaga look like, smell like, feel like.

Through everything we do every day we try to honor god, whether that is praying, working, eating. Even while resting, we try to do that in god's name.

If you try something new, a new experience, not everyone is going to be open to that.

Before working or anything, I want to gather my family, because now we are all spread out and I just want to see us all together again and try to live happily here.

When we try to arrest them we are told that they are 'thuwwar', we are asked to release them every day.

If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business.

ISIS is scared because we are united. They were scared of us. If we didn't wear our guns, they wouldn't be afraid. We had enough guns and we forced them back, the army told us, 'Everyone get your gun out if they try to come into your area.'.

We try to minimize the manpower.

I provide people with something to try and make them feel less homesick.

If you’re negative, it’s bad, so I try to stay positive no matter what happens, everybody has challenges, you’ve got to overcome and just do your thing still, don’t give up.

In the scenario of a Prabowo presidency, he will have to reward his supporters and the political Islam side will take credit for his victory, having said that, he understands the concerns of the influence of Islam and will try to balance that with his own and his Christian family's opinions.

My heart is always in Cuba. I could have opened my company in England and they would have given me everything, but with everything we want, we want this to better everything in every way, that artists create new possibilities for themselves, new productions and I want to try to do that.

I’ve had a younger male lead ostracize me and bring up fake issues just to try and put me in my place, and make things up to the director … things that are crazy, things that I would never do, unprofessional things that would make no sense.

My character in the movie, she makes a choice to kind of blow up her life, she's stuck in her life and she makes the choice to jump and try something new.

The more we try to address this situation the more we can prevent disability and death.

Through these photographs, I will try to sensitize people and make them aware that they are often part of the problem, this project aims to show human arrogance and folly and to build in us humility.

Ask people who work in computer security – no matter what you come up with, some clever kid will try to find a way to defeat it, you should never look at a technological solution as a panacea for anything.

We watched the Super Bowl half time show, and we picked it apart : Hey, I really love the way they've made the moment happen, same thing when there's an Olympics. We really try to dive deep on award shows through the entire year for how they shoot their content.

I can tell you as a former prosecutor House Intelligence Committee's always been you know, my strategy, in a charging decision, and an impeachment in the House is essentially a charging decision, to charge those that there's the strongest and most overwhelming evidence, and not try to charge everything even though you could charge other things.

The energy walking up the chute to No. 10 is some of the most you'll feel, if you're in the hunt, you know what you're walking into. And they'll remind you if you try to block it out. But that's the beauty of the place. It's really maybe the greatest stadium there is in golf.

Joe has a good understanding about what's going on in the game and what needs to be done, he relays the signs to Jonesy (third base coach Gary Jones). We try to execute it, try to get that bunt down or move that guy over. That's just A, B, C baseball.

Ultimate truth is very simple and easy to assimilate, but evil hands try hard to veil it with clouds of suspicions, they often hide in media markets.

In a close contest between two coalitions it is not unusual for a leader of the losing team to try to entice members from the other side.

In the beginning it was tough to get my rhythm, the wind was bearing down and it was really cold. Finally, in the second set, I tried just to focus on my legs and move better and try to be more consistent.

Its illogical and its irresponsible. ... Youre talking about long-term challenges that are going to require long-term, sustainable solutions, so rather than helping to stabilize the situation and try to address these long-term challenges, the cut in assistance will only make the situation worse.

We recycle water for the bathroom, to clean the dishes, water the plants ... I try to save some until the truck comes every eight days, we have little to no water.

Do not try to fight a lion if you are not one yourself.

I personally am targeted from everywhere. I don’t know who can hit me first and I’m sure that the one who succeeds in doing so will try to blame it on someone else, my safety and the safety of many Burundians is not guaranteed.

We have to let them know there are bad people out there who try to do bad things but we've got a system here that works.

Day by day the security situation is getting worse, they have come here to try to settle, but if there is no security and no work, they leave again.

You Don't Have To Be The Un-Belivable To Be Successfull, Jus' try to Be The UN-Stoppable, Then Success Will Chase You Just To Reach Success You've Reached ...

We aim to try to find a balance between civil society and profit-driven private sector to protect the heritage buildings from getting demolished, we want a system where all stake holders agree on a system to keep the heritage.

I was at a buffet and the staff encouraged me to try Russian food. I liked it. I did not even know what they ate in Russia, in Canada we have Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern food, but I've never seen Russian. Maybe I will look for a Russian restaurant - hopefully I can find one!

No one should try to build a victory from an election they lost.

Could you imagine a world where everyone is 'Blind'? i'm thinking we all need to try and see the world from the view of a blind man... then and only then, will the color of ones skin be completely irrelevant..

Man may try, and try and try. He may fly to reach the sky! But despite his best efforts, when things don’t happen... Man is confused and wonders, ‘Why?’... Man breaks down and begins to Cry.

It's a noble.... gesture on his part to try to relook again at the interpretation of the Koran. But the problem is, you have fourteen hundred years... of history that backs up the interpretation we're seeing basically by groups like ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shaba and Al Qaeda.

We will try whatever we can in order to minimize any kind of operations, if push comes to shove and they do not honor the ceasefire, there will be no humanitarian pause.

This is an abuse of power by the Massachusetts attorney general, it is no different than President Obama’s illegal anti-gun executive orders. If these firearms were legal yesterday, they are legal today, Alan Gottlieb said in an email to FoxNews.com. This ban on semi-auto firearms must be stopped before gun prohibitionists in other states try to enact similar bans by fiat, Alan Gottlieb said. The debate is the latest example of the long-running argument between Second Amendment purists and gun control advocates about whether new firearms laws make people safer. Indeed, the fact that Massachusetts has so few murders committed using assault weapons could be seen as evidence that the original ban was successful. The enforcement notice from the attorney general says a weapon is considered a copy or duplicate if its internal operating system is the same as those of a specifically-banned weapon or if the gun has key functional components that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon. Such weapons would include copies of the Colt AR-15 and the Kalishnikov AK-47, which are both prohibited by the state's assault weapons ban. Healey's office claims gun makers produce and sell what they call.

He's got a lot of money still invested in WPP and he made it clear that it would be very illogical of him to be out to try and undermine his single largest investment, he said he wasn't going to come back and do something that would be a waterfront-type competitor to WPP.

We will perform on the competitive level, but we will try to make these cars available for the wider customer base.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

As a father, my wife and I are thrilled because she does look up to the secretary, we try to encourage her to learn as much about public figures as possible. It's just been really nice to see someone like the secretary take the time to actually write a little girl who lost an election by one vote, but got back up.

The strategy needs to be reinforced, there is no reason why we cannot try to reach every child to enable them to be fully immunized and protected against this disease.

We will be very clear in our approach to our goal, we will try to be very constructive but very clear and very prudent in how to use instruments and, in particular, monetary policy in order to reach our target.

Our experts are working and going through all the contracts, we will try to resolve all eventual difficulties and problems on the basis of partners.

The trip was sometimes easy and sometimes hard, the difficulties started in Kas, a small village in Turkey from where they started their journey by boat to Greece. At the beginning, Somar thought to buy a small boat and try to cross the sea to Kastellorizo. Then he realized that was too hard, so he decided to pay a smuggler for around 1,000 euros each (about $1,100 U.S.).

If it’s within Mr. Francis ’ rights to stomp on it, cut it and try to burn it, then it is within my child’s rights to defend that flag.

Risk is essential. There is not growth of inspiration in staying within what is safe and comfortable. Once you find out what you do best, why not try something else

We've got to play our game. We got to go period by period and try to turn it around, win the next game.

When it fills with water you try not to panic, but it's difficult as when you're upside down there's no windows so you're totally blind, one of the doors was open, so water poured in. It was a bit of a shock to the system but then your survival mode just kicks in.

I kind of want to reach the best I can, which I know is certainly not as good as some other people who have been on this show, but I'm certainly going to try my best, and try to limit my mistakes and maximize my winnings. Just keep it rolling as long as it can -- because it's such a blessing.

They’re going to try to do some forensic work because those documents probably have been changed [over time], so that enables them to narrow down the period to when they were taken, once you say ‘this seems like it was a snapshot from this particular time,’ then they can look at audit logs of who had access to the document during that time frame.

We all have expectations but sometimes the greatest thing is to be surprised with what happens and to find out that it is quite different from the way you imagined it, i try to, pardon the expression, stay with my feet on the ground.

The problem is, who am I supposed to sue? there is some Ivan Ivanovich Pupkin on the property, but we don't know whether he is actually Pupkin. We try to sue Pupkin, but that turns out to be somebody else who was sleeping at home the whole time. We can sue people every day in bunches, but who?

You don't pressure us! we have been and will be your reliable friends, but if you try to hurt us, I won't tolerate that. We aren't puppies to be taken on a leash.

This was a chance to help the agency that put humans on the Moon and will soon do it again, this Mars rover will help pave the way for human presence there, and I wanted to try and help in any way I could. Refusal of the challenge was not an option.

At the end of 2015 I felt I was in a very strong position to be in one of the race seats in 2016 but obviously being a very attractive team with the Mercedes power, it was always going to be a challenge, i feel we did a very good job from our end to try to make it happen. But unfortunately the way the sport sometimes works, all the cards don't fall in your favor.

After the last [stealthing] encounter, I just became emotionally shut off, at first I wanted to get pissed and scream at the person, but all that disappointment drains you … Now I just try to be way more careful.

I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act then are going to try to come back today and say we need a' middle of the road' approach to save our lives.

Families should set aside other people's ideas about how much is too much and try to figure out what works best for their own.

It's not good to over-restrict [foods], kids are going to go to birthday parties and you don't want them to try to eat half the cake.

Try to work within your bandwidth, using things that are accessible, if Alfiee Breland-Noble're going to meditate, and it's like eight people in a two-bedroom home, maybe Alfiee Breland-Noble have to literally go into the bathroom and sit there for five minutes with Alfiee Breland-Noble headphones on.

The decision was taken to retreat from the house, without Guzman, to try to avoid more violence in the area and preserve the lives of our personnel and recover calm in the city.

We have to try to extend the season because this means higher employment.

To keep up even a worthwhile tradition means vitiating the idea behind it which must necessarily be in a constant state of evolution: it is mad to try to express new feelings in a mummified form.

We have avoided areas that will not be secure during growing season, we try not to serve Islamic State.

They probably will try to avoid that, but if it happened, then they will pay a very high price.

The Iranians, as they have done all along, continued to manipulate them, continued to try and mess with them and prevented Yeggie for leaving for some period of time.

Our bodies try to tell us to slow down, and we just don't listen.

I have no idea what' they've been trying to get' for 44 years, the Right to Try law was a creation of the Goldwater Institute, and The Right to Try law Facts First became state law in 2014( in Colorado), relatively soon after The Right to Try law was Facts First conceived of.

Some airlines are quite conscious about what they put in the meals and try to avoid too many sugary snacks, but some need a good lesson in healthy eating.

We can lie in the language of dress or try ot tell the truth; but unless we are naked and bald, it is impossible to be silent.

I honestly try and keep the ‘do not disturb’ sign on as long as I'm there to not have a guilty conscience about not tipping, i just don't feel I need my bed made every day, or my bathmat placed back on the side of the tub.

If you enjoy a moderate amount of alcohol and it is something that is important to you, I don't recommend restricting yourself to try to lose weight, this type of restriction tends to backfire.

But it's more of a best practice for employers to see how they can accommodate the employee and try to resolve their concerns. It's better for the employment relationship.

The cell will try to stitch things back together, but it doesn’t really know what bits of DNA lie adjacent to each other.

It could have been worse if I had not stayed on top of it, and let it default altogether, i try to keep it out of my mind, but it constantly hangs over my head. The only advice I have for others is 'stay out of debt, and don't take out student loans.'.

It felt good. Good to get the first one under me. Just keep moving on, i just wanted to be able to control it (the race) early and try to get through as comfortable as possible.

Now I want to try to break the world record at the world championships in Beijing.

We (will) continue the research in other ways to try to confirm which of the toxins is more toxic, at what levels - many things are not known yet.

I don’t think people should overthink how much they should sit or stand. What’s important is just try to move when you can fit it into your day.

Things just continue to be uncovered... I'm not totally confident, i want to say, yes, it's going to be 100 percent clean but every time I try to say that, I just hope.

The most challenging part was stretching out the feedings, when we were trying to get it to four hours we would try taking him for a walk in the stroller to calm him down and just distract him for a little bit.

I have to work on loving myself every day, i try to be very careful with my exercise and keep it in moderation. I sometimes have to be reminded to do so. Because I was bulimic my mind tends to convert everything into calories and think about how much I have to exercise. That is a dangerous mindset for relapse.

Move on and try something else, there are lots of options out there.

I am shocked and saddened every time I learn about a reported case of child abuse in some( Quranic) schools in Senegal. Some try to justify mistreatment by tradition but these claims are baseless, the Government of Senegal attaches great importance to the protection of human rights, particularly those of children. ( Much) progress( has) been achieved, although many challenges remain.

What we are calling for is for all parties to go back to the mediation process and try to forge a way forward that is inclusive.

I don't worry about Thailand's relationship with Beijing. I think it's a good thing for Thailand to have a relationship with China, we try to have a good relationship with China too.

I have plenty of people who try to bring me down because of the choices I’ve made to my body, but that’s just it; it’s my body, i also have a lot of positivity surrounding my image. People are often fascinated rather than discriminatory towards me.

Maybe put it in funky pony tails and go back to your child's stage or something like that to have a little fun with it, practice doing eyelashes, practice doing a cut crease, smoky eye, contouring your nose or overlining your lips. All the things that you have not wanted to try because you were so intimidated to, try because no one is going to see you.

Sadly, Republicans are determined to continue to exploit this tragedy in an effort to try and hurt her campaign.

The relationship I have with Jack Nicklaus is extremely special to me and I appreciate all the time Jack Nicklaus's spent giving me advice and trying to help me in any way that Jack Nicklaus can, jack Nicklaus said just to relax and have fun and look around and see all the people having fun and try to smile and just have a good time with it.

I try to stay away from sweets, because they make me feel like garbage afterwards.

Definitely, there's not a whole lot of room for error in a three-day event. Candie Kung've just got to come out tomorrow and try to get just as many, if not more birdie opportunities.

I think that there likely is a lot of pressure on vaccine developers to release information as quickly as possible because of the fact that we know that the only way back to any kind of normalcy is through a vaccine, there are I think a lot of incentives to try and amplify good news when most things that we care about in the pandemic are bad news.