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The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking.

Thought means life, since those who do not think so do not live in any high or real sense. Thinking makes the man.

We're certainly excited about the energy-burning capacity, but we're thinking about the more broad physiological basis of what brown fat may be able to do.

I was terrified. Honestly, I was blacked out, it just came up to me and all I was thinking was, ‘ Oh my god it's actually happening. What do I do ? ’ Okay, boom. I just moved his head down to the right. But it was fun. I have a different appreciation for sharks now. I'm okay with'em.

There is a special energy around this, it's designed to transgress the boundaries between disciplines in an effort to do some really deep, sustained critical thinking about some of the most important issues in the country and world at this moment.

I was at the gym yesterday while the shooting was taking place and all the TVs were showing that footage and all I could keep thinking to myself is 'God, I hope they don't have any Eastern descent, not just Middle Eastern, anything we'd associate with a Muslim', we're all worried. We're all concerned.

Still thinking about it.

All dogmas perish the thinking mind, especially ones you agree with.

Were seeing Ed looking to define himself and his identity around things other than his marriage and his relationship with his wife, hes dressing a little differently, hes got a haircut. Hes thinking about himself a bit more.

It's probably a different mindset for guys thinking it's no longer a guaranteed little chip shot, now it's a mid-range field goal.

Our future is already gone, so we are thinking of our kids' future, our kids are stateless. We don't have travel documents – nothing.

I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends... that if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them.

A lot of people [ are ] thinking about what they should do, and alternatives to this.

We might hypothetically possess ourselves of every technological resource on the North American continent, but as long as our language is inadequate, our vision remains formless, our thinking and feeling are still running in the old cycles, our process may be revolutionary but not transformative.

Thinking to get at once all the gold the goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find - nothing.

The struggle within the AKP must continue. This party is ours, we're not thinking of giving up and going.

Could you imagine a world where everyone is 'Blind'? i'm thinking we all need to try and see the world from the view of a blind man... then and only then, will the color of ones skin be completely irrelevant..

We're very excited about demonstrating this capability to the world, the F-35 represents a new way of thinking about data integration, weapons and tactics.

He's spent a lot of time thinking about this -- a good chunk of 2014. -- He's been traveling the country and making sure if he did this he could do it in a positive way and that he could find a structure where his message can get across, and I believe he's confident he has done that and can do that.

The government decided to distance itself from the alliance with Iran after it evaluated the relationship and found it economically and politically damaging, iran didn't offer any economic aid to Sudan and this left the government thinking its relations... had become a burden.

The reason I focus on factors like these is that many, though not all, of course, are amenable to change. If we can identify the things that protect or harm our cognitive abilities, we will be able to provide clear information or design better interventions, i think the opportunity to use our thinking and reasoning skills and continually use them throughout our lives likely contributes to our ability to stay sharp.

Buzzy is strong and consistent, so between the three of us, I knew it was going to be a very competitive match, i was also thinking that I would be going up against two of the biggest personalities we’ve had on ‘Jeopardy!’ in the past few years. I didn’t want to be the boring one!

'It is the job of thinking people, not to be on the side of the executioners.

The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.

It's good for Spain that the parties that have not yet entered (parliament) are already making a mark on the country's political and economic agenda, we see a government that is nervous and thinking more about attacking others than explaining what it has done.

After I found out who they were I realized I could have got shot, or something could have happened to us, i was thinking about it a lot after I found out.

Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

By being the payments provider that connects the driver to the bank, we are able to make sufficient margin. And if you always think about competition and threat from the banks, then you are thinking that the pie is fixed, but in Indonesia, the pie is actually getting bigger.

When we announced the new flavor, we received up to 10 phone calls per day, some kids even came thinking they could get high with our gelato.

I just remember thinking in that moment,' Wow, they're looking for people, this is a fire that needs fresh wood, and they're coming for me.'.

This has been a very painful experience, because, when I entered into all of this, Facebook was a close ally, i was thinking this would be helpful to my academic career and my relationship with Facebook. It has very clearly done the complete opposite.

That is effectively dramatized and represented within the film because Ava’s sentience comes partly out of the inputs that we’ve put into search engines, there was a loose idea, and this probably does n’t stand up to any scrutiny at all, but for what it’s worth, that if you were to look at everybody’s search engine inputs you ’d get a kind of map and the map would not just tell you what they were thinking about but also how they were thinking because of the strange jumps that people make in their input.

Satire and creative thinking are dangerous for dictatorships and the ability to control society. It's losing control and it's very afraid of that.

We were thinking when is it actually going to go in?

The general cry is against ingratitude, but the complaint is misplaced, it should be against vanity; none but direct villains are capable of willful ingratitude; but almost everybody is capable of thinking he hath done more that another deserves, while the other thinks he hath received less than he deserves.

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them.

Before thinking about what you are going to say, think about what I am saying.

People trick themselves into thinking they can eat more, the smallest cup still tends to be pretty big. You'll get something that's 300 to 400 calories-worth.

Consumers are changing shopping habits. Instead of shopping in secondary locations they're shopping online but they're still valuing the super-prime flagship stores, that's the thinking behind the Inditex strategy - to close the secondary stores and enlarge and improve their flagship stores.

The government built 19 blocks there and originally they were doing retail, but they had problems, so they came to see me. At that time, I was thinking --' Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu ?' It didn't sound so exciting to me, but I thought I would go and take a look.

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

I’ve been thinking for a very long time what other people do.

Holding on to rigid patterns of thinking exacerbates stress and anxiety, flexibility is required during this time of uncertainty and rapid change.

I wonder what’s going through her little mind. my daughter was putting electronics in the tub thinking the cameras were watching them.

I went there thinking 'Why did she become Charlie Manson overnight? What was going on with these young women?' and then in the first month started to realize this is not looking the way it looked to me when I got here.

Education is about thinking critically. It's about hearing people you don't agree with. And this is what we want to teach our children, in order for us to educate our young people to be democratic, to be liberal, they have to hear the other side.

I was thinking about what I'm going to do next, i knew I wanted to maybe do some baking experiments at home, but I also knew that just yesterday they're calling for volunteers for the NHS. So I thought 'that's a great thing that I could do with my time.'.

An IPO in an international market, most likely the U.S. market is the most logical next step for the company, and the company has already been thinking about that.

If we get out of our box of thinking depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder are things that have one set of treatments and start to look at the boxes nearby and draw on tools from those other boxes, that can’t hurt our patient, [It can] only help our ability to treat clinically but also from the research side, [entice] us to think differently about what kind of circuitry to try to intervene with to help people.

We're thinking that something like this couldn't happen, even now, we feel that( Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal) will come back.

He's always been that type of kid, it made me very happy that he was thinking about others and how he's thinking about everybody and not just one girl.

Even those who are deployed abroad, gives you a little bit of the Christmas spirit there too, even though you are away from home, missing your family, you know somebody is thinking about you.

Move up a little bit further and you can start thinking about medical equipment, where we have been very cautious about the Chinese domestic landscape for Philips and Siemens, but this increases the attractiveness for domestic players to start to export.

He is thinking about it. He has a desire to return and we are doing everything we can to make it happen.

Weather extremes are not really factored into the thinking of a lot of industries, and in particular not weather extremes far away, but our study shows it's really one world with respect to climate impacts.

As somebody who is currently in her 30s, I think a lot of us think that we are invincible at this point and we don't have to worry about things like heart attacks until we get old, i think this study shows that we should be thinking about things like this early on.

The argument between wives and whores is an old one; each one thinking that whatever she is, at least she is not the other.

This is one of the segments which is fast growing and we are not present there at the moment, this is a segment that will also be growing in the future. We have started thinking about this and started defining the car.

If there is one area of our lives that we have complete control in, it is our thinking. Others may influence our thinking; however we alone can choose to accept that influence. Each day we have a CHOICE to be either be positive in our thinking or negative. To emit positive energy or to emit negative energy is of our choosing.

I don't know what to do now, I'm thinking of flying abroad to watch Champions League matches now.

We think investors at the point of retirement are thinking mainly about the balance of risks that they're likely to experience in the future, our goal is to help them maintain their standard of living in retirement.

My short-term memory has greatly improved from where it was, from that I was able to start feeling better and thinking clearer so I took myself off of all of the different medications I was on and that stuck, when I was there they made it very clear to me that my alcohol consumption was killing me as much as anything else.

Take time to deliberate but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.

The problem for CNN is that in making cuts to digital, they are thinking short-term. The older audience that watches CNN is only getting older, while younger audiences who don’t buy into the CNN digital brand while they are young, never will.

That hasn't been going on, and to walk away from that during a presidential campaign would be something that to me would be contrary to my basic political thinking and my feelings as a human being, so I'm not going to do it.

I have about concluded that wealth is a state of mind, and that anyone can acquire a wealthy state of mind by thinking rich thoughts.

That's what the( National Rifle Association) is thinking right now, the NRA is saying, The NRA will go away. And, you know, they are the most powerful lobby in the country. And someone has got... to take them on. By God, I am going to do it.

Let’s not fool ourselves, from the point of view of some of our traditional partners -- I’m thinking about the trans-Atlantic relationship among others -- there is no infinite guarantee I’m convinced that Europe and the EU will have to learn to take on more responsibility in the world.

Migrants who arrive here thinking to go to Austria will be taken to Italian shelters, a plan to slow traffic would have an enormous impact on trade and travelers.

I am still not thinking about this too much, to be honest, though I am answering the questions( about Grand Slam), i am not going to put big pressure on myself in Paris to complete Grand Slam. In the end, every tournament is a different experience, and Angelique Kerber have the two weeks to get through.

This is first time I'm carrying my wife. I'm thinking :' Why are you so heavy ? finally I'm out of breath, and I set her at the back of the theater.

We needed different ways of thinking about what was classically emergency preparedness or emergency management, it just took a broader and more diverse network to handle the kind of stress and strain that we’re now dealing with.

If you're 22 and just thinking about having a baby at some point, that's different than being 35 and really wanting to get going at it, there are so many different circumstances around your fertility and your life plans. I think it's really personal.

The small-scale topographic features such as hills and ridges on one end of asteroid 1998 OR2 are fascinating scientifically, but since we are all thinking about Covid-19, these features make it look like 1998 OR2 remembered to wear a mask.

Once I did that risky thing, leaving the only profession I knew to become a professional writer and TV guy, I was, and continue to be, very careful about the decisions I make every day, that was really the first time I started thinking about saving money. About not finding myself in that terrifying space, that uncertainty that goes back to childhood.

We are looking at concussions as an injury that can be rehabilitated and treated with specific therapies, rest, especially prolonged rest, can have adverse effects for certain patients because they’re sitting around thinking about their symptoms, they’re withdrawn and they’re not engaged in normal social activities.

I think my brother was thinking he was not going to be shot. No one would have thought that.

Foolish people support often or always the photo bearing post of the self-seeker or most selfish individual on the social media by insanely thinking that this way they can fulfill via her/his contact or network their own vested-interest desire or wish, but those stupids do not realise that the same self-obsessed person is gonna even one day devour them as a fish or a sweet dish for self benefit or undue profit.

A poor man will be poor until the day he discovers that thinking doesn’t cost anything.

A great many college graduates come here thinking of lawyers as social engineers arguing the great Constitutional issues.

I was thinking about it on a flight... And, I was like, you know, why are people so baffled? Because I somehow get through my life without knowing all this stuff.

To be conscious that we are perceiving or thinking is to be conscious of our own existence.

Everyone from 10-year-old kids to 60-year-olds know him, this is the one artist that could bring a lot of people and make a lot of noise. We had backups -- we were thinking of Rihanna or Adele -- but by God's grace we were able to crack our first choice.

There is so much pressure for primary care physicians to see a high volume of patients, and they’re not reimbursed for critical thinking time, when they’re rushed, doctors make diagnoses based on probability, and most of the time they’re correct, but not always.

Some people are thinking that it was their tax money that bought those pizzas for the immigrants, which it didn't turn out that way. It was my personal money, i'm not looking for anything back from it. I have done interviews but I just want to let everybody know that these are human beings, they aren't just immigrants. It's not about color or race.

If we find groups spreading communist ideology...or materials that can influence the thinking of the public, then we will act according to the law. Our role is to help the police.

I don't pretend we have all the answers. But the questions are certainly worth thinking about.

We're rushing into a technology without really thinking through it, how do scooters impact my propensity to use my own car, or Uber or Lyft, or to take public transportation ? These questions aren't getting asked.

The moment I see u I am Always thinking of u Every second of my Life I am Just Missing u... Try 2 feel my Love What I had feel for u My Heart is beating always Just 2 say I Love U...

There are too many people thinking they can look at a girl my size and say that we are unhealthy, you can't. Only my doctor can.

If, a year ago today, you had listened to regional and international analysts, they would never have thought that today would happen, they were thinking how can a country with the problems that Afghanistan has successfully complete a security and political transition.

Effectively, we have been financially discriminated against for a long time. By early 2014, when we did not receive the budget, we decided we need to start thinking about independent oil sales.

Atlanta's trying to be a fintech hub, so I get the opportunity to talk to a lot of entrepreneurs in this space, almost none of them has risk at the top of what they're thinking about, and that makes me nervous.

It’s amazing, i get teary-eyed thinking about it.

I think it's easy to walk away from hitting balls for a couple weeks, but it's not easy to switch your mind out of thinking about your swing or thinking about your chipping or your putter or what driver setting you want this year, but I did.

The CEO and I are now in our 8th year at the bank, that is a point in time where you need to start thinking about what is it that you are going to do and how you are going to pass the bank over to your successors.

High living and high thinking are poles apart.

That night, I couldn't sleep thinking about refugee families in the Bekaa sleeping in their tents, how were they able to beat the winter cold?

It makes me sick, and it sends a very wrong message about what consent really means, consent is not the absence of a' no.' And when you put drugs and alcohol in the mix, and put a person into a state of impairment and incapacitation where they're not able to respond in a normal setting, it's manipulative. It's diabolical. It's controlling. And it's typical behavior and thinking of a sociopath.