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Of course we all have our limits, but how can you possibly find your boundaries unless you explore as far and as wide as you possibly can I would rather fail in an attempt at something new and uncharted than safely succeed in a repeat of something I have done.

Pleasure is a by-product of doing something that is worth doing. Therefore, do not seek pleasure as such. Pleasure comes of seeking something else, and comes by the way.

My priority isn't making money off my videos, but it's more about the principle, it sends a lot of messages, like' you're not advertiser-friendly', or' being queer is something that is explicit or something that only adults can be.'.

The new EP is something that I am really proud of, i feel really connected with it.

It's conceivable that they had something like that in mind. They may be rewarding President Ma for policies that he has pursued, that in general have tended to favor closer relations between Taiwan and the mainland.

It almost feels like they were tasked for specific things, the tenacity of these groups is something often overlooked in these reports; they don't stop. If you're a target of interest, that interest doesn't stop when you wipe the malware off the computers. ... They're going to continue to pursue it regardless of what the defenders do.

It was a complete and total shock to me, and unfortunately, CTE is not something that can be diagnosed in the living. So until that happens, New England Patriots ’ll never know who is walking around with this silent killer.

I would never think to do something like that, if you and I have a problem, I handle it with you. I don't go behind your back.

The banks have to hear something along the lines of 'If you act in good faith, you can expect that we are not going to engage in any heavy-handed enforcement,' that's not the message you get. The message you get is, 'We plan to vigorously enforce our Iran-related laws.'.

Absolutely. There’s no scenario in which I wouldn’t want my entire family at a wedding, that’s something all of our family wants and hopes for at some point.

Few faced as many defeats in his personal business and public life as he did. His continued perseverance in the face of these trials -- never giving up -- is something all of us Americans should be inspired by, especially when going through a valley in life.

I knew it was something he wanted, something that needed to be done, he was always there for everybody and loved helping people.

What gives us pause about this attack is that while the others were haphazard and sloppy ... the size of this explosion suggests something more sophisticated, that would suggest organisation beyond a lone wolf cooking up something in their kitchen.

Putting water in my body is something that is supposed to be pure, it is a little hard for me to wrap my mind around it.

So you could be talking to somebody and having a conversation with them about something that happened the day before or a month ago or a year ago and everything seems fine.

When something like this happens, people (normally) save themselves first, he got attacked while saving his sister.

The first word I said when he won was ‘ chaos, ’ i expected something to happen the next day.

I’ve looked into all-inclusive packages and stuff like that, and they’re always catering to people who eat and drink a lot, for someone who doesn’t drink, what’s the point? I’m paying for something I’m not using.

Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.

Clay died saving my life, and I owe him a debt and I intend to see it through, clay always wanted to start a charity in honor of his mom and since he's not here to make that happen, I will. I know you may not understand, but it's something I have to do -- and not just for him but for me.

I think that in order to win a World Cup we all have to give up a little bit of our own selves to be able to do that and I think checking your ego at the door is probably one of the biggest and important keys to winning a world championship, we have some stars, but I think it's going to be important that no matter who is on the field that we've created a bond and a chemistry that is unwavering and something we can hold on to throughout the World Cup.

If you try something new, a new experience, not everyone is going to be open to that.

We have to be clear - the salafists are a step backwards for society, this is not something that we can resolve in two years. It is much more complex than that.

The weak link remains ... Libya, where something needs to be done.

We didn't think something like this could happen in this country.

I'm a fan of doing something creative and developing a product, it feels awesome to have accomplished such a cumbersome and such a lovely task. Because if you develop a whole sports car, you can develop almost essentially anything.

Something happened over there.

I'm trying to turn this situation into something that will not only help me but help others.

Overall, my books represent a kind of shared communion and meditation with my fellow human beings… The books are also a part of what I call the great continuum of spiritual literary dialogue that I feel has been in progress since human beings first gave in to the urge to pray to their sense of something greater than themselves and interpreted certain signs or events or silences as responses to those prayers.

It's so rare, it's not something that we have to panic about, but our providers and colleagues need to think if they see something that's a little unusual and it's not getting better, with what they do initially.

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it . --- Dwight D. Eisenhower

I promise you in the coming period you will see something different that will surprise everyone in terms of military action.

I provide people with something to try and make them feel less homesick.

My thought about this is that this is something that can be changed, can be corrected, of course there are those who cannot be cured but we have had many successes with the treatment.

Vision Gran Turismo is really for us an exciting project to not just tailor our design work to a group of 450 exclusive customers, but really design something for the millions and tailor something for our fans of the brand.

I'm at a point in my life with my son, with my new marriage, it's a new me, i don't want to hold a secret where it feels like I have something to be ashamed of or have something to hide.

The pain of losing a pregnancy is hard enough, but we’re only as sick as our secrets and having to keep quiet about something so painful, to me, is an unnecessary source of added pain, i felt a sense of shame.

My character in the movie, she makes a choice to kind of blow up her life, she's stuck in her life and she makes the choice to jump and try something new.

Having something to say is overrated.

Tragic events (in Ouagadougou) confirm something that is becoming more and more clear: terrorism is a cancer across the Sahel and Sahara.

He was right on that call, the voice is something that people really connect with.

If all else fails and my child is sitting in a classroom with some psycho coming through that door, I want my child behind that teacher, and I want that teacher equipped to do something to help themselves, which is also going to help my child.

This House language sucks, only the Senate can step up and do something or presidential veto. Otherwise our election has just been overturned and we will take it to the streets.

I have been told by government institutions, ‘We have too many other problems and too few LGBT people.’ For them, there is always something more important than LGBT rights.

These [ games ] are designed to be really enjoyable and sticky, human nature, in many ways, is to find something you enjoy and just keep doing it, but I do believe you have to fight against those habit-forming activities and find diversity. Moderation is the main thing.

Instead of kicking them out of the stadium, they need to fine them 10 grand, 20 grand, 30 grand. Something that really hurts somebody. Make them pay in full. And if they don't, take it out of their check, that's how you hurt somebody. You suspend them from the stadium, what does that mean? It's a slap on the wrist.

It really touches people, it's great to see something that we're doing for fun help other people as well.

Running water is something we take for granted and it doesn't exist in a third of hospitals in these countries, instead of water just being there, some hospitals truck in water or collect it in rain barrels, with no guarantee of its cleanliness.

Athletes are always entitled to freedom of speech and when we detect that something is wrong and there's cheating, then why shouldn't we have a voice? any doping in the sport is a straight no from me.

These veterans come back, 99.9 percent of them are doing the right thing. They're changing their lives for the better, something like this takes away from these people.

Every time I'm with Jennifer Aniston, something great happens because everybody loves Jennifer Aniston, murder Mystery.

I discovered something very significant by mocking the President and that is for a man who loves to mock others, he does not like to be mocked. As it turns out, he's got a pretty thin skin. Who would have thought it ? never mind that I said I wasn't using his words before I said, and I wasn't using his words after I said it, and I said I was making a parody of his words --' It's an outrage ! He mocked the President, that Schiff ! Terrible !'.

Yeah, it's on my mind, i'd love to (continue) it. Just got to go out and put four good days together, and that's something I haven't really done.

The best members of Congress who use Twitter are the ones who are using it themselves and using it in an authentic way, it's not something to be afraid of. Opening this new gateway for that direct one-on-one communication gateway with constituents is something we haven't had in a long time.

My speed was great, i was around the hole, I hit 17 greens or something like that, so I gave myself a lot of opportunities and I came out with a 61.

He supposedly draws a state salary of something like $110,000 a year, that is not an accurate statement of the man's wealth, and he has longtime training and practices in terms of how to mask his actual wealth.

It's just like every time you turn around, there's something more of him gone.

The whole de Mistura thing has been a waste of time. It has been a way of the international community saying they are doing something when actually it means nothing, you cannot send a U.N. envoy without political backing of the big players in the U.N. Security Council. De Mistura does not have the tools.

If you told someone 15 or 20 years ago [ they would have ] something in your pocket that finds any information you seek at your fingertips, people would probably not have believed you.

We are reengaging with local law enforcement to ensure that they're on the lookout for anybody who might do something outside the sterile area of the airport, we're comfortable that we have a lot of procedures in place to help us identify individuals coming into the system, and, of course, identify prohibited items that you don't want to get through. But the real question is outside the sterile area, what do you know?

I'd like to see if we can create something equivalent to the maritime world in the cyber world that enables us to keep moving information, keep moving commerce, keep moving ideas on a global basis, can we create a 'global commons', so to speak, that enables open, reliable, safe and resilient communications, a flow of information and ideas?

It's unjust to simply put a politically correct bridle on someone and say,' You've got to do a background check on everybody that ever tweets something out before you can ever agree with a single sentence that they might put out,' and by the way I didn't even know it was his message. I thought it was a Breitbart message.

And I can fight only for something that I love, love only what I respect, and respect only what I at least know.

And realize that maybe they came into your life, not to be there forever, but to teach you something that will make you ready when forever finds you.

What started out as a fun engineering experiment has now led to something much more exciting with the potential to have a positive social impact, the Taste Buddy could eventually help save lives, by allowing people to switch to healthier food choices.

It is a decision made in urgency, out of desperation, they have to abandon their homes, their families. That is something that is not affected by the seasons, there has to be a means to manage this situation.

The chances are that South Korea will control it, but should we be taking this risk? No. Should we have made a MERS vaccine? Yes. Could anyone have afforded it? Yes, the government of Saudi Arabia. So should something be done? Yes, someone should go and develop a MERS vaccine sooner rather than later.

The things you draw have real power to them and people can be affected by that in a good way, that's something I really like.

I am continually amazed that something so thin and fragile has lasted so long on the open sea.

Whatever model Petrobras ends up using is going to have to pass through Cade. Does it stimulate competition? Or does it generate regional monopolies? it could be that Cade makes them sell something (in Rio or Sao Paulo).

We’ve heard some amazing stories from so many who have been directly, or indirectly, affected by cancer and wanted to give something back, i am really proud Adventure Island could offer them this opportunity. Admittedly Adventure Island would have been nice to have bettered World Record — but we are still the World Record holders at the end of the day.

That's why people want actual standards, it has a real effect. These inspections are likely a way for the administration to claim it is doing something without actually doing anything.

My observation is that your political philosophical approach to a system failure is generally not to expand the size of the public sector, but to instead heavily regulate private sector actors and beat down their greed, was that the source of your initial hesitation on the question of getting rid of private insurance, or was it something else ?

Being in Europe now, I want to continue my education. I want to learn something better, i want to be better tomorrow.

Rewards are not always enough, because when we move on from deciding to do [ something ], our focus changes.

My primary focus would be get them off of those machines onto something that leads to an auditability outcome.

This is something historic, that there should be a professional Argentine team in a tournament like this where the best rugby in the world is played, i have no doubt that with Los Jaguares in Super Rugby, the sport will become even more popular (in Argentina) and ... interest more people and potential players.

It has something to do with the ocean and how much we love to be in it. You have so many ways to discover what's under the water, some people go into scuba diving. Freedivers usually have a different approach because the silence.

In order for one to come off as a professional at something is to vehemently disagree with other professionals. People have blind faith in confident fools

I came here as a responsible person to make sure that everybody is safe and make sure there is no backlash, this is the first thing comes to my mind, they would be upset of what happened, and come to the building and do something wrong.

People have to die of something in older age, but we want to avoid premature death.

I was afraid if I said something wrong, my sisters would face repercussions (from North Korean authorities), that is why I was careful with what I was saying and what I was asking. There was not that much freedom.

Babies preferentially explored the object if it did something surprising rather than a new toy.

Happiness is something different, we learn. Not just money that we earn and burn. Happiness is built on a foundation of peace. Then we are blissful like waves in the seas.

When something goes wrong, don't cry. When Misery comes, don't ask Why? Karma is negating the bad you have done. Once it is done, then you can have fun!

It's an important thing, and I would do something like this every chance I get. Heather Ales told said Heather Ales family has a legacy of military service, and brought two children to see the motorcade pass.

You’re looking for something that is slightly hidden, the secret that was hidden in plain sight.

We are hoping that we will have something by end of the year, maybe the first quarter of next year, where will we know from Voltron what it costs, at which point, a lot of banks who might be sitting on the sidelines will be able to make a decision, clearly we are hoping that through this technology, the unit cost of doing a transaction comes down, along with other benefits, such as speed.

If money from the CPEC starts coming in, it allows the government to show that something is happening and that they don't need the IMF.

People want to stay with something they can reckon with, the rabbit being an intelligent animal fits in this space.

There were players who were a bit shocked by this incident and they were concerned about relatives and family members, they were concerned, so this psychological impact is something I am a bit worried about. But we, the team staff, are consulting with them and hope they will settle down.

That's what's interesting about football and art -- it includes everybody... it's something that transcends language, politics and borders.

More than defense, it was the energy, we understood this was a really big game. They're playing for something over there. It's not a coincidence they just won the previous five before this. They're probably going to go ahead and win their next five. It's fun to play teams at this stage that are fighting for something.

It’s really quite amazing when you think that freedom of the press, not only a cornerstone of the Constitution but very much something the United States defended over the years, is now itself under attack from the president himself, it’s a sort of stunning turnaround, ultimately the sequences are a dangerous one. You have incitement, fear, self-censorship, banning and then violence.

He's going to take questions for 3 minutes, talk about events of the day - I'm sure Donald Trump is going to say something stupid, so the material's already written.

In order to say something otherwise, they just have to lie.

We’re preparing Walmart Museum [ the door ] for shipping because you ca n’t just ship Walmart Museum on one of our trucks, we’ve got thousands of trucks but this is not something you just put on a truck that’s shipping packaged product. It has to be shipped from an art shipper.

A negative number is scary for the market, it was something of a one-two punch between the trade-deficit report and higher interest rates that began overseas.

There is a lot of talk, there is a lot of dialogue and there are a lot of rumors in the garage, yeah, I think it is obvious that some people think something is going on, and is NASCAR reacting to that ? Or do they feel uncomfortable with what is going on ?

Last weekend it was mostly Japanese and German tourists on board because it had been featured on Japanese and German television recently, project Redsands've always had ideas to turn it into some type of accommodation and while this latest proposal seems a bit extreme -- I'm not sure it will turn out exactly as proposed -- it's always been something Project Redsands've had on the cards.