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So do yourself and all men across the world a favor. Not only REFUSE to see the movie, but spread the word to as many men as possible. Not all of them have the keen eye we do here at (Return of Kings.) And most will be taken in by fire tornadoes and explosions. Because if they sheepishly attend and Fury Road is a blockbuster, then you, me, and all the other men (and real women) in the world will never be able to see a real action movie ever again that doesn't contain some damn political lecture or moray about feminism, SJW-ing, and socialism.

One of the positions was sizeable, so the market reacted negatively to that, it's kind of a knee-jerk reaction, where you have some of the fast money reacting, but no one really for the long haul is going to make a dramatic move.

Urging people is not a mandate, unfortunately human psyche is unless you are told what to do, and there are some teeth in that telling, you won't do it.

There has to be some larger disincentives to prevent this kind of lawless behavior.

Absolutely. There’s no scenario in which I wouldn’t want my entire family at a wedding, that’s something all of our family wants and hopes for at some point.

I think there's obviously some modest intrigue because, you know, most members offices are cream walls.

We live up in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, and I don't think he's seen a vending machine before so he saw the Oreos, and some biscuits and a few other things.

Walled City revealed the community inside -- that no matter the challenges, they would find some intelligent way to solve it.

Some of the outrageous events surrounding this sloppy process certainly do not typify the level of quality that Texans expect from our judicial system, ken Paxton, like all Americans, deserves to have his say in a court of law, rather than be judged in a court of public opinion that is presided over by liberal interest groups.

Some parents have come to the school and been unsure it was the right move for their disabled children. Before the training, we might have agreed and sent them home, but now the teachers have the right tools and tell the parents :' We will take care of them, we know how to do so'.

We need an order by the president to the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation to start the job. That would be done after some preparations that we still need to do in the coming days. So it would soon start.

Unfortunately, some in Lebanon have a wide imagination.

We even gave some non-Muslims our religious attire to wear in the bus so that they would not be identified easily. We stuck together tightly, the militants threatened to shoot us but we still refused and protected our brothers and sisters. Finally they gave up and left but warned that they would be back.

The problem is, right now it's not available. And taking tenofovir tablets instead of the gel doesn't have the same benefit, you see some protection with tablets, but the levels of protection are much lower.

There are military helicopters in the sky and government forces everywhere, dead Taliban are on the streets, but there are still (militants) in some government buildings fighting Afghan forces.

We grab our helmets, IDs, a ladder, some small tools and we are good to go.

I wasn't a rebel. I wasn't some fighter in a car, i was just a pen seller and the whole world saw me.

While in the stream he once again pointed his revolver at us and fearing that he may shoot directly at us, I threw a stone at him, some of us did thrash him... because he had given us a tough time. But later we handed him over to the army personnel.

The Taliban are putting all their efforts in, we have received some reinforcements and we will get more soon.

Some people find that their properties have been listed on platforms online and they don't know how that happened.

There is fierce fighting ongoing at Spin Ghar park, which is some half a kilometer (550 yards) away from the governor’s compound.

The lawmakers, Sheikh Dahir and Ismail Mumin, died in the fighting. Several of their bodyguards were also killed. Some bodyguards escaped into the jungle and are still missing.

The organization has its own presence, some individuals who support Gaddafi joined to take revenge. But we can't say it's an organization based on Gaddafi's followers.

But the steps by the finance ministry and the delays in awarding some projects mean the government is reprioritising spending.

These attacks are not stray incidents, they are well planned and strings are being pulled in some quarters eager to control the future of Bangladesh.

Bundles will come back. Consumers simply won't be able to pay for buying all these channels, players that own infrastructure will prevail because either they will incorporate streaming services and unify them and provide a better viewing experience, or have to continue to offer some of their own in combination.

I was walking past the mental hospital the other day, and all the patients were shouting, ’13….13….13.’ The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a little gap in the planks, so I looked through to see what was going on. Some idiot poked me in the eye with a stick! Then they all started shouting, ’14….14….14.’

Life is same for everyone. The difference is only that some are living by heart and some for only sake of living

We had him watch the virtual arm move, he attempted to move his arm in the same way, and that elicited some patterns of cortical activity -- some patterns of electrical neural activity.

It upsets me that most parents today are so overly protective of their kids, probably stunting their growth and confidence. And I am appalled that police are treating parents, who trust their kids and give them some room, like criminals.

Wisdom doesn't automatically come with old age. Nothing does - except wrinkles. It's true, some wines improve with age. But only if the grapes were good in the first place.

His biggest fear is that at some point he may have executed someone who was innocent.

The President feels very strongly on this -- this is his legacy. And he's using every weapon in the arsenal he's got, but some of the arrows in his quiver might land in the wrong place.

I will prepare and some day my chance will come.

If some NGOs drop let's say 50 tons of flour in a certain city, the price of bread goes down for three days and then it goes up. This volatility is making people very tired, we need people to have the aid as soon as possible, and that is unfortunately not happening at the time being.

We used to blame Maliki for everything. Now we cry and hope for the return of those days, before, there was some kind of security, some kind of state. It is incomparable to the current situation.

ISIS fighters are really sex-mad. ... Some of them have two and three wives, and even with that they are trying to find slaves from Yazidi girls.

We will continue with Turkey for sure. They are not a replacement. This should have happened a long time ago — we discovered some amazing products and the quality is superior to what we would get from there.

I have staff who still smuggle from different areas over the border for me, and when I ran away I collected many antiques, and some I’m waiting to arrive here.

There are some families that have been buried under the rubble and no one is able to retrieve their bodies, the regime is just burning and destroying ... and then trying to advance on several fronts.

I know some ISIS supporters personally, they are quick to declare that other people are infidels.

Early entry into force is a positive sign, but there are also some concerns that need to be addressed.

I think it has been used by some people in a derogatory manner, but I'm actually proud of the work I did.

We have discovered some anomalies and then we have directed Boeing to mitigate those anomalies, the 737 MAX is not going to fly until it passes the most thorough and intense look.

Some people's families are in the delicatessen business, my family was in the picture business.

I'm chuffed to bits to be joining the most delicious show on television. I can't wait to break bread with Noel, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood and meet the brilliant bakers, and bearing in mind my love of cake, I've already ordered some much larger trousers in anticipation.

It was a huge blessing, it allowed me to have some sort of closure. ... I was able to say what I needed to say, knowing it was the end, and even though I couldn't see him and I couldn't hold his hand, having that connection over the phone was incredibly valuable.

It is uncertain what constrained our cemetery, forcing such an overuse of each square meter of soil, it was never clear whether the cemetery was circumscribed so that all burials were forced into a particular plot or whether the burials were clustered around some feature in the landscape. In either case, if this measured density was extrapolated across just the excavated areas, the number of burials would top 1200 persons.

The term' tech addiction' is itself empty, tech itself is only the vehicle for hundreds of different experiences, some of which undoubtedly become addictive for some people. They vary considerably, so I prefer not to use a single label to describe them, though most are delivered on screens.

This could mean a massive re-ordering of Yemen's political structure, and the conflict so far has already produced some strange bedfellows.

Suboxone is an opioid medication, it can be misused. Some use it intravenously, they inject it, and they have lost control over the medication and are truly addicted. But that's really a small portion of patients. All the evidence shows that this is small.

It's an explicit loophole, coal is a big lever for them. They're wise from the Chinese standpoint to keep some leeway (so) they're not branded as sanctions violators if a train goes from China to North Korea (carrying resources).

If all else fails and my child is sitting in a classroom with some psycho coming through that door, I want my child behind that teacher, and I want that teacher equipped to do something to help themselves, which is also going to help my child.

People got concerned. There was unfortunately a lack of clarity and some mixed messaging that caused some anxiety among people here, the government had not yet announced how they would deal with basic needs.

What makes a good recruit is somebody who is already disenfranchised, someone who is anti-establishment, who holds some kind of resentment.

This is a big issue and if you are going to overturn an election, you are going to demoralize young Democrats across the country, this isn't some bill that can be butchered behind closed doors.

It is a safer environment to take on some of those more hot-button issues and deflate them, in the course of everyday speechwriting, there are opportunities to deliver lines here and there, but not opportunities for extended riffs and humor of this kind.

There are some units down, but not all are down.

Generally I would say that the recent reaction from clients is similar to other periods of market stress, most people are sticking to their plan and some have looked to use cash sitting on the sidelines to buy the dip.

Theres a sense that some conservatives have been wanting to leave for a long time, theyre tired of fighting about it.

Sports brings people together â ? ? black, white, or any different, for those three hours, you can have beers, nachos and some Boog's( barbecue) and forget about our daily lives.

When I saw him accompanying the President, I did not feel what some people felt, i thought it was totally appropriate for the general to make James Mattis ' comments. If General Milley thought that was the right thing to do, I totally support that.

In these countries there is some risk but not high risk.

New York law already has a statute that limits some state prosecutions based on the same conduct as a prior federal prosecution.

Running water is something we take for granted and it doesn't exist in a third of hospitals in these countries, instead of water just being there, some hospitals truck in water or collect it in rain barrels, with no guarantee of its cleanliness.

In addition to the health hazards of vaping nicotine, other forms of nicotine ingestion like swallowing can be deadly, the high concentration of nicotine in some e-liquids if swallowed or absorbed into the body through other means is toxic, especially for infants and toddlers, who may be the siblings of older children who might be purchasing e-liquids and not aware of such hazards.

Some people are trying to score ideological points by discouraging the use of important equipment and tools that save lives and protect American first responders.

Some Easter Island statues are at risk of being lost to the sea because of coastal erosion, many of the world's most important coral reefs, including in the islands of New Caledonia in the western Pacific, have suffered unprecedented coral bleaching linked to climate change this year. Climate change could eventually even cause some World Heritage sites to lose their status.

Tailings dams are amongst some of the largest engineered structures in the world and we have seen the catastrophic consequences earlier this year in Brazil when they collapse, we note that many companies already operate to a very high standard as evidenced by some of the disclosures, but this is not universal across the sector and dams are continuing to fail, putting lives and the environment at risk.

Some of the language that was used within the assignment I felt that some of the kids might not even understand what it even means.

I think there's been a missed opportunity here for the US, we never fully committed or backed the inter Korean peace process, there would have been some real benefits for us if we did so but essentially what happened is the North Koreans split negotiations into two separate tracks and kind of played us off each other.

Some players unfortunately did not play a sufficient number of matches, but from the beginning we have tried to make sure it would not have any impact on their efficiency.

We’ll have some fun, shovel out and go back to school, it’s all in a day’s work, and it’s one very exciting day for our school.

We are lucky that the kind member of the public found and rescued her, whilst the dog is still quite poorly she has been showing some encouraging signs by eating so, hopefully, she will be on the mend.

There's been some surveys conducted among dog meat farmers that showed that given some incentive to go into another line of work they would chose to do so..

His main message is going to be some combination of trying to arrest the panic in fixed income markets without being seen as pandering to trump.

In enterprise, the video battle has been raging for some time between a few of the most well-known technology companies, now what we're seeing is a spillover as video calls become more necessary and more prominent for consumers. It's risky to join this fray right now.

The transcripts also reveal why Michael Flynn was properly the subject of a counterintelligence investigation and how the DOJ's effort to dismiss the case against Michael Flynn is so transparently political and destructive to the interests of justice, as a result of lying to both the FBI and the Vice President, Michael Flynn posed a severe counterintelligence risk because the Russians knew the real contents of Flynn's communications and that Michael Flynn lied about them to the some of the most senior officials in the U.S. government.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Judging continues, and we look forward to announcing our incredibly talented nominees later this Spring, we are working on some interesting alternative ideas for how to best recognize the honorees later this year and will share more details in the weeks ahead.

People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.

I'd like to at some point, but we're not working on it yet, it's a function of resources.

Obviously it changed some games around this year, we saw one of the playoff games with a missed extra point early in the game kind of make a difference in the outcome.

The underlying crime [domestic violence] in and of itself should’ve been enough, but for some reason, the military hasn’t been reporting bad conduct discharges.

After exhausting his ?ammunition he detonated the explosives concealed under his kaftan, killing himself. But no one from the crowd was affected because they were some distance away, we had just started a class when we heard gunshots coming from the direction of the gates and we instantly realized we were under attack, which made us to rush out of the class.

The government also needs to extend the National Health Insurance Scheme so it goes to the grassroots, only government workers and some private workers are entitled to it.

The aircraft specifications have been revised to give it a better range... some of the (interior) specifications on both aircraft have been changed to reduce the weight of the aircraft, we are looking at them for some of our current routes and some new routes.

Some of our protesters have been coming here for years. We've got a little old lady who knits little booties and puts them in the bush outside, they'll often be outside with big placards of fetuses post-abortion. It's very visually grim.

Perhaps this can provide a healing in some sense but ultimately a re-evaluation of our child-rearing processes, i'm hoping that it will create a dialogue and a collective therapy for those that are still suffering, and a healing because many of the Nigerian farmers don't actually go back for the children that were fostered.

We've had several visits in the past two days, they are just trying now to push you to sell or make some movement.

They don't have a young generation and although there's some recruitment, they're not popular, people supported them because they were the only religious option, now there will be lots.

They must be of some value for the temple to keep them, but for what is beyond me.

If some things are not done or a lot of things are not done, can it get worse ? Yes, it can absolutely can get rapidly worse so it is important that everybody gets with it.

Right now we have 900,000 or so people that are badged in some level of access to airports across the nation, they are recurrently vetted – I mean, on a daily basis – against terrorist databases for any information that may indicate that they are people that we need to be concerned about.

European stocks are still probably the best choice in a limited range of options, there's not much incentive to hold bonds, and the U.S. is at the tail-end of a bull run, so it's hard to justify putting your money there. Nevertheless, in Europe, I still have some concerns about the domestic European economic recovery.

We do not make trouble, but we have no fear of trouble, china will not bear the consequences, nor will it allow any infringement on its sovereignty and security interest, or stay indifferent to some countries creating chaos in the South China Sea.

Last year we were able to sort ourselves out with some diesel. But this year, no way.

There are clear signs that some of them took part in unacceptable violence in Marseille.

It’s going to be a little bit more tricky for some applicants.

As their behavior looks like mental illness, some of these people end up admitted in psychiatric hospitals, while others are imprisoned or placed in state psychiatric hospitals after being diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.

We have heard anecdotally that some banks now have a lawyer present at every meeting ... and that as a result decision-making is becoming increasingly bureaucratic, this is good for the protection of the individuals but not so good for the competitiveness of the City.