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Jobs should be the priority for the new government.

These investments should translate into approval for around 400 gaming tables...reasonable considering the capital expenditure investment of between $2.5-4 billion being made by each of the operators.

Demand has been pretty decent and continued to grow, and it should continue at a decent clip. But will it be enough to soak up enough supply in the U.S. market? Probably not.

New information on COVID-19 indicates that the virus infects the human GI tract and is excreted into sewage. Our assessments indicate that there is a risk of waterborne transmission of the coronavirus, disinfection will kill the virus in water, but we should carefully examine our wastewater systems to ensure that there is minimal public exposure to untreated wastewater.

This person should recognize when you have rogue employees versus a systemic issue.

We believe that based on this final assessment the board of governors should close the so-called PMD issue.

Foreign powers should leave the region because Iran and other regional countries are capable of securing the regional security, ...Iran has repeatedly expressed its readiness to hold talks with its neighbors to resolve disputes.

Regardless of what actions the president did or didn't take ... understanding in far greater detail the aggression of a foreign adversary nation against our election's infrastructure should ideally help us avoid such circumstances in the future.

Everywhere in Egypt, every city or village, has different circumstances. A certain village might have a robbery problem and so the sermon should talk about thievery. Another place might have widespread murder and that is what should be discussed.

You should be able to do anything a human being can do (from my late father's wisdom).

You should not minimize what NATO did in Libya. This was a major factor yet there has been a silence over this.

We are still in a state of denial. We can’t believe it. It’s like a nightmare, one should not lose his heart by such kind of incidents.

All the thought which dominates the society is extremists' thoughts. We should confess that frankly.

The palace should decide whether they introduce new faces, or these nominees can drop their second nationalities.

He told us later that a gunman shouted in Pashto: 'No one should be left alive'.

This is a great responsibility that is on our shoulders, we should do it so as it rid ourselves, this country, of terrorism; not only ourself, but the entire world.

They tell them about Islam and what people should do and should not do.

Whereas the insufficiency of a love neither sustained nor supreme cannot be ignored, the same should not be taken as cause to avoid one’s total spiritual contractual engagement to this world.

The government should introduce water-efficient seed varieties in water-stressed areas and train farmers on using drip irrigation and sprinkle irrigation to save the scarce resource.

How should they answer?

The young generation of today should repeat the victory of Adwa by defeating current challenges and barriers.

It is very significant and we should be very respectful of that heritage and culture and value it, when you look at the artefacts they are very sophisticated.

It is said an eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent a sentence, to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him with the words, 'And this, too, shall pass away.' How much it expresses How chastening in the hour of pride How consoling in the depths of affliction

I've worked in Pakistan, I've worked for international organizations but I haven't seen the kind of irresponsibility and violation of codes as in Pakistan, we want Pakistani media to avoid promoting extremist views. There should be balance.

If Turkey thinks Iraq is busy with fighting Daesh and it can seize the opportunity to deploy troops then it should think twice before making such a mistake, we can target Turkish soldiers and coming days will prove it.

We suffered because of Daesh, and now the army comes and we should suffer because of them as well?

We should also examine the independence and freedom of scientific research, as the fact that the government demands a say in both organization and financing terms could represent excessive influence.

We take all instances of illegal behavior seriously. Anyone convicted of violating these laws should be punished appropriately, vigorous, ethical competition is the foundation of the generic drug and biosimilar industry. Competition allows our companies to drive enormous savings and pass them on to patients, taxpayers and health care payors.

No one should say that because this couple is Muslim that it led them to commit those acts.

No section of the community should be immune to this kind of activity or evidence collection more broadly, i reject the allegation ... that we are trying to intimidate journalists.

Its outrageous. Congress should get together and fix this.

She should definitely be arrested for all of the crime that she's done in that neighborhood. She makes millions of dollars, lives in Beverly Hills, how do you make millions of dollars by making what, 200, 250 a year. Where's she making all this money ? It's corruption to the max.

While SAM's long-term growth rate will inevitably decline, the company should grow its top line faster than the typical beverage company and also has quite a bit of room to increase its profitability over time.

House Intelligence Committee has, in a sense, hijacked what should have been an uncontroversial straightforward review of congressional transcripts to identify and redact any classified information, and attempted to expand it into an unsolicited after the fact review for information purportedly protected by executive privilege.

Nobody should be vetted with stupid, Islamophobic, hateful, bigoted questions before they meet with their representative, let's hold him accountable.

This is a nightmare. I can't believe this, i think those people should resign. The D.A. and the chief of that police department.

University Hospitals has admitted University Hospitals responsibility for the failures of University Hospitals tanks. That failure, it has said, should not have happened, the loss suffered by our clients is devastating. ... Those eggs and embryos represented the hopes for having children for hundreds of American families.

It is entirely in the hands of Iran, whether it wants to be a good neighbor or it prefers to remain in a hostile environment within the region, if it is a nation state, it should act like a responsible state. If not, it will be further isolated.

I think the organic label is very important, for produce, for fruits and vegetables. That should never disappear, we have many farms on our program that are [both] Certified Humane and Organic.

There should be no more obstacles.

The prime minister should also take responsibility for appointing him to the cabinet.

The budget should focus on trimming of unproductive schemes, paring of subsidy expenditure would help free up resources to boost infrastructure spending.

The GST rate has increased the incentive to bring in smuggled gold. The government should reduce import duty and make smuggling unviable.

I think the general message always should be that association studies do not actually imply causation.

He has pronounced that he is innocent and didn't do anything, he should have his day and due process. ... As of now, we're offering the ability to have due process.

A lot of people [ are ] thinking about what they should do, and alternatives to this.

Ideally we think there should be a one-share, one-vote capital structure.

We should look to the mind, and not to the outward appearance.

The brands going to Iran should be ready to face resistance from conservatives or even get shut down and expelled from Iran.

Burundians, the government, civil society, opposition should seat together and put in place acceptable conditions for a democratic election.

Not for those suspended for doping. Maria should rebuild her career in a different way, beginning with smaller events, she wouldn't have a chance for (a wild card) from my hands (if I was a tournament director).

We are the fish country... We are unlikely to become leaders but we should be at least serious, second (biggest) players in the Asia-Pacific region.

They have it in mind but don't give it the attention they should given how important and significant it is.

Theoretically a weak currency should help export competitiveness, but given that we produce things with imported raw materials, a weak rupiah actually increased costs and that affected exports.

The international community should see this is not just a matter of economy but sovereignty, south China Sea is only the name, but 200 nautical miles in the exclusive economic zone is under our borders.

An executive order is made by the president or governor in furtherance of existing laws, what [Wike] should have done was to have arrested the [hotel owners], taken them to court and the court would have prosecuted them.

It should be implemented to make sure of a final result to this situation. We have to think strategically.

In our quest for wisdom, we should care lest we lose our humanity along the way

Ahmed Mohamed gets treated as if Ahmed Mohamed was a terrorist in this situation. That's conduct that should be unacceptable to every single American in this country.

The government of Iran should not silence critical or dissenting voices under the guise of vague and unsubstantiated national security concerns.

The millions who put their hope in The AKP should not worry.

I should have been born rich to be able to buy myself a new kidney.

Babies can use their sophisticated prior knowledge of the world to guide what they should learn about in the future, when their expectations are violated, this might signal a special opportunity for them to learn.

Everything should be as per the laws concerned. The government should fulfill all these conditions before setting up the plant.

It should surprise no one that the president has both the facts and law wrong.

We are doing whatever we can to persuade the Taliban and the Haqqani leadership, whoever we can contact, we believe the Afghan government should also make ... a similar kind of effort.

Akhlaq should not have butchered a cow, he should not have forgotten that India belongs to Hindus first.

There are two fundamental problems that currently exist which would be exacerbated should the government not take the right steps, with less than 15 higher institutions (both public and private), Lagos is a far cry from meeting its higher education demands.

This government should be ashamed of itself, how can they run this country if they can't even manage petrol distribution in the capital?

We live in a stable world led by dollar settlement. How should we respond if such a foundation collapses and if (China's move) gives rise to a struggle for currency supremacy? japan should work in close coordination with the United States.

I think physicians should continue to do their due diligence in counseling patients about the importance of adherence to CPAP.

We are happy to talk... But right now I don't think the governments should do anything. I think the governments should really commit to their Open Sky policies.

He should be called the traitor of the noble Haramayn and the Islamic nation and against all the teachings they are killing children in Yemen with American weapons and replicating the crimes of the Zionist entity.

With interest rates still close to historic lows, you have to ask yourself where or why you should invest in bonds ?

These scholars are influenced by their own bias, by their own politics and their views should be taken with that in mind. They simply do not give objective assessments of the constitutional history.

Harvard University’s procurement decisions should not and will not be driven by individuals’ views of highly contested matters of political controversy, if this policy is not currently known or understood in some parts of the University, that will be rectified now.

That number should really increase after we win on the appeal that the city filed. People right now are not applying because they are chilled by the fact that the city is not complying with the court ruling.

We should not passively watch Antarctica being turned into a theme park.

I was nervous and kind of heartbroken because I feel like I should be able to support the troops that have died for us.

The devices can help control excessive motion in the foot, the shoe should be the correct size for the child and not too flimsy from toe to heel.

Since mankind's dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We've seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.”

If you want to be a publicly traded company, you should act like a public company.

The terminology is confusing for all parties, an individual woman should be asking the type of changes going on.

The impact of a Greek exit should not be underestimated.

To know oneself, one should assert oneself.

Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.

We should assume that we have failed and we should work on a consensus government that could make reforms.

The state did not help the Lebanese people when they were alive, it should at least have mercy on them when dead.

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.

Should Guo, well-known abroad, be found to be at the center of a graft investigation, this would be a strong signal to the world that China is serious about its anti-corruption campaign.

The solution should be regulating bags, not prohibiting them.

If the Prince of Peace should come to earth, one of the first things he would do would be to put psychiatrists in their place.

I can't imagine I would do it again. I just can't, they should find somebody who wants to do it.

Facebook should be doing everything they can to make sure it is taken down and not shared across its platforms. This is about dignity and respect and they can not be allowed to continue with this hands-off approach.

If he really cares about his people, he should protect them.

This is not, even for a second, a kind of romantic look at the favela as a kind of a pre-civilized, paradisic state of living, not at all. I mean, the favela is a disaster. But there are forces there that we should be able to channel through design.

The ruling should be an impetus for German policymakers to regulate the digital estate.

The applicant has asked us to amend both permits to reflect a December 2019 start date, and it should be coming out in the coming weeks.

Russia's commitment to a ceasefire should not be taken for granted by the other ceasefire agreement signatories.

The current recommendations from the US Preventive Services Task Force say that the decision of whether or not to screen for prostate cancer in men ages 55 to 69 should be an individual one, made only after a discussion of the benefits and harms with their doctor, men age 70 and above should not be screened for prostate cancer, as the harms outweigh the benefits for this age group.