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Even where the physical injury is no longer severe, the psychological trauma is really long-lasting, we've heard from a lot of women who experience and remember the trauma as a form of sexual abuse.

I got one in the head, one in the chest, i remember him saying, 'Don't tell anybody,'.

Remember you goal is gold. -Aaron Jhinkoo

One of the most important things for parents to remember is that while we can never prevent the spread, we can reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

I remember in particular one fire drill. I remember grabbing onto my students, running out, crying, they didn't see me [ crying ] because they're small, but my heart was racing.

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.

What the Greek government is doing is almost unprecedented for developed nations, i don't remember anytime in recent history where a developed nation literally shut down its banking system for an entire week.

It's important to remember that none of these emails had any classification markings at the time they were sent, and Secretary Clinton and her staff were responding to world events in real time without the benefit of months of analysis after the fact.

If you look back I cannot even remember how many times one has held one's head in disgust and said, 'This can't happen again,'.

It was basically a blur, brad Gobright screamed. I screamed. I went through some vegetation, and then all I remember is seeing Brad Gobright blue Gramicci shirt bounce over the edge.

When I realized it was my little boy, I collapsed and blacked out, i don't remember anything after that.

Remember that drinking a sugary beverage every once in a while will not directly cause adverse health effects, providing yourself permission to enjoy all beverages while being mindful with how it fits into your overall healthy eating pattern is the key to a healthy relationship with food.

I’m a kind person, I’m kind to everyone, but if you are unkind to me, then kindness is not what you’ll remember me for.

I also remember thinking, 'Are you kidding? Who could imagine that a major commuter railroad runs through this?'.

I heard the name Bernard. Bernard is a French name, the only thing I remember is (thinking), 'How can an American call himself Bernard? It's a French name!

I just remember thinking in that moment,' Wow, they're looking for people, this is a fire that needs fresh wood, and they're coming for me.'.

I remember when it was pitched that was a rumor that I had actually not heard, and other writers in the writers’ room had. It had to be explained to me.

As a boy, for years, we did not have a television. Our parents were pretty conservative, we were able to see on occasion ... a family-friendly movie at the theater. I remember being so enamored with these huge stories on screen.

I remember him saying, 'Don't tell anybody,' he just said, 'Don't say nothing.'.

We are never happy; we can only remember that we were so once.

You have to remember that whatever you put in the toilet for the next week is going to go directly into the river.

Now critics will bemoan lack of names and details on each case but we must remember that individuals themselves have no desire to be named.

Sunflowers were my sister's favorite flower, i got it on my left side because we're both lefties. It also helps me remember she was real. It's proof of her existence.

With the things you can't remember there's usually a reason you let yourself forget.

I can not remember in my career any time where an ambassador in a high counterintelligence environment like Kiev would have such an unsecure conversation with a sitting president. This just should not happen.

Professor Christine Fair should remember that she has Republican students in her classes, is she accusing them of hating women as well? I think Fair would be hard pressed to call herself unbiased in the classroom when she’s spewing hate like an immature teenager online.

One has to remember that Silicon Valley, even biotech, they are very impatient. But we saw with Theranos that [ public health ] is a little more complicated.

We are going to remember this for a long time.

Because it happened so fast, I got shot so.... fast dude, in my....stomach. I don't remember nothin'.

I can't remember well. But I think he said,' unbelievable last point. Congratulations'. Something like that.

Remember we have gone through hell and back over the past 60 or so days, what New Yorkers have done has been to save lives. But we have to stay vigilant. This is not over.

I can remember floating face down, and I thought I was going to die.

I've known that kid since Raquel Contreras was Raquel Contreras, I remember I used to carry Raquel Contreras in my arms... it's emotional. I'm trying not to break down at the moment.

I remember what her father was like, and I think she would be the same. He controlled the media and was extremely corrupt.

I don't really remember much of the fall, the only thing I really remember after that was waking up. I was still in my car and I could feel water rising over my knees. My head hurt and when I touched it, I found blood on my hands.

I held her in my arms, I do remember she sort of melted like butter and if she could've said anything to me it probably would've been, 'OK, I'm going to be OK,'.

It’s so what I want. I remember getting married to my first husband. I want that (with Hartung).

And remember this if you ever think you're too small to be effective -- you've never been in bed with a mosquito.

I hadn't even dreamed of getting another Academy Award, and there I was unhappy in my private life and miserable, i remember Clifford Odets drove me three times around the Biltmore, where the Oscars were given out, because I was so full of tears.

We admired Silberman’s work because it is powered by a strongly argued set of beliefs: That we should stop drawing sharp lines between what we assume to be 'normal' and 'abnormal', and that we should remember how much the differently wired human brain has, can and will contribute to our world, he has injected a hopeful note into a conversation that's normally dominated by despair.

I can't remember an occasion where a company has called a special meeting to address a governance issue. That's a sign of how far we have come.

There are now people literally around the world who are going to join us in eating ice cream to honor, cheer on and remember all the childhood warriors they know.

Life will always be forever But remember you will not So be remembered forever

Mitch is a strong conservative. Those who criticize his leadership must remember he has a tough job, the positions he takes as leader, which might be of concern to some conservatives, often reflect where the center of gravity is in our conference - and not reflect where he is.

They should have a specific museum for those monuments and statues - a museum that portrays the history of slave-owners, the history of the transatlantic slave trade is very cruel, it's not a good thing. However, we have to remember what happened in the past so we don't repeat what happened.

What was meant to be a weekend to remember for 14 friends turned into a living nightmare.

My optimistic side tells me that we'll be able to renew to a certain extent, but it's going to be different, remember now, because this( disease) is not going to disappear.

Today, the world comes to the World Trade Center to remember what and who we lost and also to remember what we found: courage, strength, faith.

They will remember what we do, yet, even as this tragedy unfolds, some of the countries most able to help are shutting their gates to people seeking asylum. Borders are closing, pushbacks are increasing, and hostility is rising. Avenues for legitimate escape are fading away.

The original thoughts are like the rare and precious jewels, but remember there has always been a big market with a large number of buyers, sellers and suppliers of the imitation jewellery.

When you have mothers who are educated, you will almost certainly have future generations who are educated, i wish for the day when people will remember Afghanistan, not for war, but for its standard of education.

It is well, when judging a friend, to remember that he is judging you with the same godlike and superior imapartiality.

I remember one situation with Wozniacki, she was running and put all the balls in, it was the longest point I've ever seen. It will be interesting.

I can't remember somebody possibly injecting me unknowingly, to the best of my knowledge, there has never been an occasion where I have either been deeply asleep or have been unconscious to a point where somebody could have injected me without my knowledge.

Whenever you’re in nature, be respectful. Don’t touch things. Don’t poke things. You’re just there to observe, be smart when you’re in the water and just remember the sharks aren’t there to bother you so just make sure you don’t bother them.

There's one character that I remember, one kind person that I remember and then I see that image and there doesn't seem to be a correlation between the two, i feel like a prisoner, only not in a cage, in London...

Obviously, after that, my life took a pretty big detour, as a result of my injuries, I was pretty significantly medicated about 45 minutes after being shot. I remember immediately being drawn to that feeling, because it took the emotion away.

Let's remember 20 years ago we didn't have the same databases we have today, the same rules, we didn't have biometric design. It was before 9/11.

Remember If There Will Be Peace In The World Then There Will Be No Need Of Weapons.

In order to experience everyday spirituality, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending some time in a human body.

I remember him talking about somebody that he knew through business, who trafficked in very young women. And he made a joke about that, like it was something to joke about.

Although in the early stages of grief we can feel overwhelmed by sadness, at that time, it is important to remember that we would not have become the person that we are without having experienced knowing them.

To be honest I cant really remember what just happened, it was a pretty surreal moment. Definitely the biggest goal of my career, obviously.

You have to remember that when Cristiano Ronaldo was at Sporting Lisbon, Mendes wasn't doing any big deals.

I was just very sad. I remember I was laying in bed and the first thing I tweeted was — someone said this stupid f --- ing comment that said, ‘ Was it Disney or were Bella Thorne just molested ?'.

It's important to remember that this isn't a news program.

I just want to make sure that people come here to honor and remember my son, no violence. We live here.

That's the way life goes, those guys are so strong, so young, so eager. We all remember when we felt like that.

I’ll always remember him for the grace and good humor he showed each of his fellow candidates as we lined up backstage waiting … for the event to begin.

First of all, I don’t remember that happening, but I am sure it did, and then I heard that there was a documentary or something and she [was asked] ‘what do you think of Ben Stiller?’ And she said ‘lucky’ or something… So then the beef started.

This is the best way to remember and honor my grandmother.

Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.

He admitted that he did remember filing out the form ... and indicating falsely that he was not a user of illegal drugs, he knew that if he answered truthfully, he would not have received the firearm that he was buying.

I will always remember his immense imagination, his ability to conceive new trends for every season, his inexhaustible energy, the virtuosity of his drawings, his carefully guarded independence, his encyclopedic culture and his unique wit and eloquence.

I'm old enough to remember the war in Vietnam, i am very fearful of the United States continuing to do what it has done in past -- the United States overthrew a democratically elected government in Chile, and in Brazil, and in Guatemala.

I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the paper I wrote it down on.

Remember that identity is one of the two thematic poles around which all stories are constructed.

Remember that the repeal of the individual mandate doesn't kick in until January 1, 2019.

Bin Laden also suggests launching a massive Syrian-based army in order to defend Jerusalem from the Jewish people, as Bin Laden put it. We must remember that the road to liberating Palestine today is much closer than the one that existed before the blessed Syrian revolution, thus, the Muslim Ummah must focus its attention on the jihad in Syria.

We want them to take pride in their time in the military and remember what that was like.

The teachers are so nice, they have the pictures Micaela did... they remember her name right when she walks in the door, micaela is crying to come back and play here.

It brought tears to my eyes, for whatever reason, I don't remember it with that kind of clarity.

Then she said: 'But you're going to have to brush up and be more groomed and neater,' then she said: 'Get the smoking right. I smoked in a very particular way. Remember that -- this is a big note -- the cigarette holder was as much a weapon for expression as it was for smoking.'.

I rode for two days to get here to remember my heroes.

When Bob Hurst are having beer with a Goldman partner, and Bob Hurst roll Bob Hurst eyes when he waxes lyrically about the partnership, Bob Hurst have to remember that this is key, Bob Hurst are expected to drop everything as a Goldman employee when there is a deal on deck.

We need to remember that smile, that personality and that one-of-a-kind sense of humor.

Remember without self, there can be no selfless acts. Take care, nurture and challenge your self so you can expand the act of selfless action.

Unfortunately, the last memory I have on the way back is approaching and passing the platforms in North Philadelphia, the next thing that I remember is when I came to my senses, I was standing up in the locomotive cab after the accident.

I remember there was a loud bang on the backside of the control panel, everyone just kind of stopped at one point in time and looked around.

I remember it to this day, like I was still sitting there.

I didn’t want to contend with how that made me feel, or it becoming part of my narrative. I became depressed. I was blaming myself and I was miserable—because I was saying, ‘This is nothing; this guy reached around and he copped a feel.’ That summer wore on—and I can’t remember what I went on to work on next.

I think Martha, Owen's widow, she's a very obtuse, square-headed person. I think she's done more to erase my brother Owen's memory than she ever did to remember him.

The surprise is in the corn acreage numbers, i remember saying after the March report that we would not see that many corn acres.

We’re back in the studio as of now. it’s just kind of in our blood, I would say. At this point 24 years later, we just kind of turn on and hit that switch and become a Backstreet Boy, and you remember the moves.

I remember one such house fire .?.?. conducting a search on my hands and knees, when I felt something warm, squishy and furry on the floor of a closet, i instinctively tucked it in my coat. When I got outside, I saw two small eyes staring up at me, and I returned the 3-week-old and very scared puppy to its grateful owners.

People used to be content with passively watching or seeing, but these days they realize how fulfilling it is to actually participate, and they are hungry for more direct and visceral ways to remember their journeys.

Standing in front of the houses where the victims lived, loved, ate, and slept gave me the shivers, a few years ago Stolpersteine were placed in front of my high school to remember the Jewish students.

...Unfortunately, it is a family that was destroyed over a crime, and we have to remember those victims as well as those officers and initial responders.

We had him in for a pre-draft interview in '98, and he had a notebook full of questions for us, including one about the Indiana tax code, i remember thinking, 'Who interviewed who here?'.