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In universities and intellectual circles, academics can guarantee themselves popularity-or, which is just as satisfying, unpopularity-by being opinionated rather than by being learned.

I'm not wanting to die, i'm very much alive, yet I'm suffering. And I would rather have it not be a surprise.

They spread a lot of misinformation, this might be an attempt to delay, rather than speed up, work on a Paris accord.

Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge.

This is in no way a repatriation, rather it is propaganda.

Please, God, don't let me die. I'd rather not die today on this beautiful day.

She would rather light candles than curse the darkness and her glow has warmed the world.

I would far rather be ignorant than wise in the foreboding of evil.

The path less taken disinterests me while the path frequently taken appalls me. I'd rather find a path never taken before

Today we are not building a new alliance but rather rediscovering historic and brotherly ties.

Babies preferentially explored the object if it did something surprising rather than a new toy.

What is our purpose here on earth? Why are we given this human birth? Why are we here, is happiness the goal? Or rather to realize that we are the soul?

True Prayer is not just Talking to God But rather Listening to Him.

Some of them were nice, and some were rather abrasive.

I see my body as an instrument, rather than an ornament.

The highest destiny of the individual is to serve rather than to rule.

People and things do not upset us, rather we upset ourselves by believing that they can upset us.

We are living now, not in the delicious intoxication induced by the early successes of science, but in a rather grisly morning-after, when it has become apparent that what triumphant science has done hitherto is to improve the means for achieving unimproved or actually deteriorated ends.

I would rather be remembered by a song than by a victory.

I prefer the wicked rather than the foolish. The wicked sometimes rest.

I would rather die standing up to live life on my knees.

Corporate leaders are better off having a very clear, principled view that customers can either agree or disagree with rather than having ambiguity and lack of clarity as to what the company stands for.

Be better, rather than bitter.

Around 70 percent of women orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal penetration.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

The course presents an overall framework of impeachment, removal, or criminal investigation of a president and rather than focusing on President Trump, reviews all 19 impeachments in U.S. history. The one-unit, weekend class is not a requirement for graduation and is not paid for by state funds.

If a vessel is unloading oil we can say what type of oil and how much. We can quantify what vessels do rather than what they say.

It's totally different from Macri's supposed model, which is obviously not a model at all but rather a big-business trick typical of people belonging to his class.

To die for an idea is to set a rather high price upon conjecture.

The difficult part in an argument is not to defend one's opinion, but rather to know it.

The market is being driven by oil, technicals and on pure emotion rather than tangible fundamentals, notwithstanding the recent rally, we're starting to enter a period that's going to give us greater volatility, choppiness and erratic behavior.

Anna has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, a rather rare genetic condition, affecting one in 50,000. The main problems she faces are hypotonia, meaning she has very little strength, she has growth problems, intellectual disability, her communication is very, very basic, and once in a while she has epileptic seizures. So one of the problems she faces is how to interact with her surroundings, so the chair could primarily help her do that. The fact that she has to push a button in order to do something, allows her to interact.

Boris is a 'merry England conservative' who feel instinctively disrespectful of the rather solemn-minded people running the show.

He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts -- for support rather than for illumination.

The world’s third largest economic bloc is actually doing rather well, a number of drivers are supportive.

Our approach is not to simply exclude one company or one actor, but rather we have requirements of the competitors for this 5G technology.

The remedies will obviously have some impact, but they are reasoned, rather than draconian, and the conclusion of the investigation should allow for increased regulatory stability.

Enough is enough with your divisive thoughts. there is rather a climate of control than dialogue.

I'd rather stand for freedom than stand alone.

I'd rather be on the single pill a day with very little toxicities than risk something as draconian as a transplant.

Communism is not a creation of the masses to overthrow the Banking establishment, but rather a creation of the Banking establishment to overthrow and enslave the people.

Do not be like servants who serve their masters expecting to receive a reward be rather like servants who serve their master unconditionally, with no thought of reward.

For the purpose and the people, rather than the profit.

They have communicated their development to investors rather poorly and we gave them some feisty feedback for it.

A crafty wolf does not mind to find the support from the cunning foxes and rather enjoys only.

Ask the experienced rather than the learned.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

My assumption, predicated on my own genetics, is that I am likely to be get Alzheimer's. In this regard, I'd rather hit it head on.

I’d rather live with a good question than a bad answer.

I will rather keep quiet than degrading mental acumen by engaging in discussion with mindless creatures!

I would rather be in another state, but just getting out of this neighborhood would be fine.

However, we are rather niche players in commodities and do not aim to rival global trading houses such as Vitol or Glencore. Our priority is to support Russian clients locally and improve Russian export competitiveness on global markets.

I expect the normalization of monetary policy — that is, interest rates — to begin sometime this year, i expect normalization to proceed gradually, the implication being an environment of rather low rates for quite some time.

Iman's death came rather sooner than we had expected, but we knew that she was starting to suffer significant pain.

The cheering news is that the central bank has come to realise that we need a flexible exchange rate regime rather than the fixed regime.

Opportunity rarely knocks on your door. Knock rather on opportunity's door if you ardently wish to enter.

It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world. The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.

The Gambia will never be a party to the so called Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union as it is designed to continue the same exploitation and impoverishment of the African continent, we will rather die then be colonized twice.

Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific, values.

The market was hoping for production cuts rather than a production halt at January levels.

In that event, huge pumps were used to spray the advancing lava with seawater -- but this effort did not stop the flow, rather it redirected the flow and prevented it from inundating the harbor.

If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.

To take the measure of oneself by reference to one's colleagues leads to envy or complacency rather than constructive self-examination.

In a crisis our citizens expect faultless collaboration at all times, it's no time for competition between forces, but rather for unity, pooling resources and cooperating in our common interest.

I would rather be in Iowa today.

Do not fear death so much but rather the inadequate life.

Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.

He was ash white and then he started to turn blue, just in a snap second it started to go downhill rather quickly.

The point of the letter was to show whether it is possible, rather than if it is desirable.

We've been rather lucky that we've got a week or two to get our acts together and stop locusts before summer sowing gathers momentum.

We are going to protect those with pre-existing conditions, but we will do it by lowering premiums, and not by giving crumby coverage, but rather by having adequate coverage.

If human beings are perceived as potentials rather than problems, as possessing strengths instead of weaknesses, as unlimited rather that dull and unresponsive, then they thrive and grow to their capabilities.

I rather doubt we will.

Don't look at Monday as a day to endure; rather look at Monday as the start of new opportunities.

I'd pay them every time they stay outside D.C., rather than in D.C..

...At this moment Britain is working alongside the Trump administration and our French and German allies to ensure that they are, i am sure of one thing: every available alternative is worse. The wisest course would be to improve the handcuffs rather than break them.

It seems that gun control laws is the major topic of conversation rather than focusing on the bigger issue of 17 innocent lives being taken at the hands of another human.

It now seems likely that the present stimulus programme could be extended beyond September 2016 and the spectre of negative rates could well be imminent, as we have come to expect from the head of the ECB, Draghi is leaning towards pro-action rather than reaction.

Rather than shift from one platform to another, we wanted to take a pause.

All that snow is going to melt sooner rather than later, and it'll all flow into the Missouri River basin.

The tech task force's focus has turned primarily to actual investigations, rather than what you might think of as' lead generation,'.

China has been part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Our government has spent more than we could afford; borrowed money and called it revenue, rather than responsibly budgeting the money we had, we implemented programs we couldn’t afford.

Good thing that Switzerland is associated with Heidi rather than banks, cheese or chocolate.

It is rather a character that the inhabitants of Ath adore... when one get a kiss from 'the Savage', we have good luck all the year ahead.

Criticism is no threat to your self-esteem or identity, but rather informs you.

With the stronger-than-anticipated employment report, there's discussion the Fed might move earlier rather than later ... so we've seen the financial sector do well and the interest rate-sensitive utilities sector do poorly.

We think the Russian and Bulgarian partners must continue on a legal basis, otherwise we would violate the contract, which was signed with Bulgaria rather than with the EU as a partner in 2006.

To know a man, observe how he wins his object, rather than how he loses it; for when we fail, our pride supports; when we succeed; it betrays us.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... it has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival.

We wanted to respect the idea that a meadow was here, rather than obliterating the meadow and planting a large trophy home, we wanted to take the idea of peeling the meadow up and kind of tuck the house underneath it.

It's trying to kill multiple birds with one stone, rather than take a holistic view of the structural problems with the grid itself.

The prostitute is not, as feminists claim, the victim of men but rather their conqueror, an outlaw who controls the sexual channel between nature and culture.

If anything, it will continue behind the scenes rather than in public.

Melania Trump is, to my imagination, emerging as rather a Mona Lisa of first ladies. Because it is by her appearance and her posture that she seems to signal a strong impression; it's a centered quality. It's an independent quality.

I am in favor of foreign investments, but this does not mean standing aside when they destroy value rather than creating it, especially when there's a strategic interest at stake.

The German growth picture seems to be more mixed than buoyant sentiment indicators have been suggesting, today's data have created uncertainty, rather than clarity.

To be honest I see protectionism around the world rising rather than more liberalization.

If the parties are told if you make this agreement, this report gets shelved forever, then this is an actual incentive, but ... it's all very wishy washy and no one is clear. The way it's been used so far has been rather clumsy.

I would much rather have men ask why I have no statue, than why I have one.