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If the political part of this plan turns out to be a betrayal of the Palestinian narrative, it exposes Abdullah in a way that no other Arab leader is exposed.

The most effective way to revive a functional democracy is to do what we have always done; transfer decision-making from the unaccountable institutions: monarchs, priestly castes, military juntas, political or economic dictatorships, or modern corporations, and bring it back to the public arena.

The political class pushed us to this, all our lives we preserved the security of our country. These are our rights that we earned.

We believe that solving the technical components won't be difficult if there is veritable political will. If that is the case, the final deal can very likely be reached before the deadline.

This problem is one that has been given a permission slip by an entire administration and a political culture that turns a blind eye to how toxic this is, it is very easy to write off tweets or rants by a particular political leader, but what we have to recognize is that the rhetoric is now instituted in policies.

And we all know the answer to that question - it's Ayatollah Khamenei and the IRGC’s top command, i think it (prosecution of Ahmadinejad) is a political liability they just can’t afford at this time.

The absence of any real reforms at the economic level illustrates the lack of courage among the political parties, they know the need for urgent reforms but they cannot take any decision in that direction.

There is a lack of political vision in nearly all the countries, wherever there is no culture it is not a good thing.

Hadi informed political alliances ... that he will withdraw his resignation in the right time, and that could be very soon.

The man has no political interests nor does he hold any ideology.

To put Abdul Rahman in jail would mean a lot of chaos.It would send a bad signal to [the] Uzbek community because of the conflicting political loyalties.

There have been increasing demands for genuine political reforms including genuine participation, a powerful parliament, freedom of assembly, ... freedom of expression, transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption measures.

Some political parties, which have a distant desire to come to power in Bangladesh, are either directly or indirectly connected with this radicalization process.

There will be a preliminary exchange in the area of trade and the European Union tomorrow morning will present its points of view on the matter of political dialogue.

The ruling party in power is using proxy litigation to attack senior Congress persons out of political malice.

If we didn't have faith as the Free Syrian Army, then we wouldn't be here, we are here in Geneva for this political process.

In the scenario of a Prabowo presidency, he will have to reward his supporters and the political Islam side will take credit for his victory, having said that, he understands the concerns of the influence of Islam and will try to balance that with his own and his Christian family's opinions.

Nemtsov was a very colorful political figure.

This could mean a massive re-ordering of Yemen's political structure, and the conflict so far has already produced some strange bedfellows.

This is being rushed faster than any area we've ever seen in the American Arctic and almost any area in the United States. It's about meeting a political clock.

We concluded that the USPS practice of facilitating and directing carrier releases for the union’s political activity resulted in an institutional bias in favor of NALC’s endorsed political candidates, which the Hatch Act prohibits.

This is how a mafia boss talks, what have you done for us? Weve done so much for you. But theres not much reciprocity. I have a favor I want to ask you. And what is that favor? Of course, the favor is to investigate his political rival. A classic mafia-like shakedown a foreign leader.

You cannot send a U.N. envoy without political backing of the big players in the U.N. Security Council. De Mistura does not have the tools.

More important than winning the election, is governing the nation. That is the test of a political party -- the acid, final test.

Our neighbour in the east has built up its military capacity, also in areas close to us, they have shown that they are willing to use military force to achieve political ambitions.

My observation is that your political philosophical approach to a system failure is generally not to expand the size of the public sector, but to instead heavily regulate private sector actors and beat down their greed, was that the source of your initial hesitation on the question of getting rid of private insurance, or was it something else ?

To be seen as sort of ignoring this or dragging the feet and hoping that it sort of goes away, it would just be a bad political strategy.

The comedian capitalized on a broad rejection of the country's political elites and Mr Poroshenko's widespread unpopularity among the electorate, mr Zelenskiy's policy platform — beyond a focus on anti-corruption issues and a broad, pro-Western agenda — remains unclear.

We are ready to reach necessary political solutions for the country, but this is tied to the will and desire of the other side, the government, for peaceful solutions.

I don't mind if Erdogan uses Islam as a political propaganda tool. I actually appreciate that he brings it up. These are our values, we shouldn't forget them, lIES AND SLANDER.

I was [ a ] very indoctrinated Muslim, all of my teachings... at the Madrassas, in the Mosque were basically similar to those kinds of ideology... meaning that you always aspire to have a caliphate. You have one authority, one political and religious authority.

The president's political capital is dwindling and there's a possibility the (autonomy law) will not be passed on time, the next president, whoever is elected next year, is bound to implement the peace agreement.

There are no grounds for impeachment, and I will vigorously defend Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and my administration from this political attack.

This is clearly just another effort by opponents of the President to use the court system to advance a political agenda.

I hear talk here and there that there are political tensions, it's not true. Ivory Coast wants to move forward.

An empty stomach is not a good political advisor.

The president and her foreign minister took the criminal decision to fabricate Iran's innocence to sate Argentina's commercial, political and geopolitical interests.

The problem that has entered and infiltrated Tijuana is the political doctrine of Donald Trump. And the political doctrine of Donald Trump is to divide, to divide between races, cause disturbances, cause problems, tension, hate, and it's sad that some here from Tijuana have taken Trump's bait.

The armed forces have no interest in being a protagonist in domestic politics, the solution to the political problem lies within political institutions.

At least two-thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religous or political ideas.

Kaczynski's immediate goal will be to find enough lawmakers in the parliament to secure a majority capable of amending the constitution, the changes will probably be in the direction of Viktor Orban's Hungary, where the system of institutional checks on political power has been weakened.

An impeachment is a traumatic affair that affects the political and business arenas at a time when Brazil is struggling to regain its credibility abroad, what matters now is saving our country. We need to find a solution above personal interests.

This is no way to treat a 70-year-old senior lawyer and Parliamentarian, i am outraged by the political interference in Begum Khaleda Zia's case on political grounds by two governments, and I expect a full explanation from the Indian Government. I have the visa they granted me a few days ago.

It could get swept up into the larger debate of our positioning outside of Europe and get polluted by the wider political debate.

I probably carry more scar tissue on my derrire than any other candidate-that's political scar tissue.

The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between political parties either - but right through every human heart.

It is improper for the President of Alexander Vindman to demand a foreign government investigate a Alexander Vindman citizen and political opponent.

There is not enough political will, if we now abandon the mandatory pensions system, then the situation accumulation of the resources will be uncertain.

Party of Progress will stay as a political structure because... the party is not a paper, but people and ideas.

Scarcely any political question arises in the United States that is not resolved, sooner or later, into a judicial question.

At some point, we have to decide to cut the Gordian Knot, take collective action, and ignore the political consequences.

I'm going to pray to God...to illuminate the Archbishop of Arequipa so he doesn't use the pulpit for political commentary.

There are 55 political parties in Azerbaijan and they all take part in rallies, pickets and elections and they practice with full freedom, some European organizations are running a campaign that claims there are political prisoners in Azerbaijan, that there is no independent press, but this is all groundless.

The Iraqi government, parliament and current political activists in the country are undesirable for the Americans ... and they are plotting to remove them from Iraqi politics.

Private passions grow tired and wear themselves out political passions, never.

We condemn this outrageous behavior by the state, this abuse of the state apparatus to promote the political agenda of a candidate contesting for elective office.

I became a lot more political after the election results came in.

Political dialogue won't work if Hadi is overrun and captured, and Aden falls, which could happen very quickly, all sides recognize that there really isn't any alternative but to reach an agreement on power-sharing.

I was disturbed by the implication that foreign governments were being approached to procure negative information on political opponents.

' Leave no stone unturned' Taylor : context : This is the first instance of Taylor witnessing a member of the irregular channel to Ukraine pushing the Ukrainians to help President Trump pursue President Trump domestic political agenda. The.

Once the contracts are entered into, all risk is borne by EDF, except in the case of a narrow and extremely unlikely range of circumstances such as a political shutdown or a change in law.

There is no political agenda at all, we simply want to live in dignity.

I don't think Abadi can do the reforms he promised, the political blocs won't let him.

This is the burden of the church, that they have a lot property and a lot of political pressure from all sides.

They report directly to President Putin. Not every transaction that they do is political. But when Vladimir Putin wants to perform a political transaction, they will definitely do it, russia doesn't have a lot of tools to exercise political influence, and energy is the most efficient one.

This is a highly publicized case and in a highly polarized political environment in which the president himself has shone a spotlight on the jury.

I'm asking you to join us on this campaign. It's a homegrown one, i don't have a political machine. I don't come from money. But what I do have is this : I have grit.

When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.

Jemaah Islamiyah believe deeply Jemaah Islamiyah have to be ready... once the political situation becomes more amenable to make a push for an Islamic state.

Nothing will stop the EU beyond mass political pressure.

They tried to sneak it through, they are trying to go around parents. It’s a political agenda.

It's not good that the church has so much weight in political decisions, it's also inappropriate that in a country that is supposedly secular, we spend so much money on such a visit.

It's unfortunate that the prime minister and chancellor (finance minister) put themselves at the front and center of the Remain campaign so the collateral political damage is really quite immense.

You can't use the military as a political weapon.

The thing that has characterized Australia is a partnership between all sectors involved, community, research and the government - and having bipartisan political support.

We've made progress, and our analysis shows that with further action following the Paris negotiations we can keep warming below 2C, the current barriers are political and social and, we believe, can be overcome.

At a time when student loan debt is over $1 trillion it is irresponsible for Prescott College to offer this privilege at the expense of other students, while the dollar amount seems small per student, the fee does send a message to potential donors to Prescott College that the administration is less concerned with sound financial management than it is with making a political statement.

Libya is closer and easier to reach for some African fighters than Syria, and the political disarray there opens space for fighters to enter and operate.

While it serves the political needs of the Trump administration, we will lose a lot of traction with respect to U.S. influence globally.

I just don't believe in political parties, parties crush our political system.

We must not risk the loss of mutual capability or weakening of collective effort across Europe, i don't do politics but it is of course political arrangements, laws and treaties that permit or constrain what we can do together as agencies protecting our countries and Europe.

But by bringing in the AgBank chairman, they are really not bringing anybody with a fresh market perspective but a political insider.

It’s a gross oversimplification to suggest that the Russian government is all-in for Donald Trump, it's in Russia's interest ... to portray the United States as riven with popular discontent, xenophobia and high-level political corruption.

There has to be a political solution (on Iran) and that is what we are working on.

I am interested in feminist writing and theory, the novel…and the ethical and political implications of writing and reading fiction, while I specialize in 20th- and 21st-century French literature, I have a soft spot for literature from the 18th and 19th centuries, despite the myriad ways it has of killing off its women.

The junta is using the law as a tool for political purposes, what we did was to highlight graft and we will continue to do this as is our right - our purpose was not political.

Victory is a political fiction.

Fidesz' parliamentary faction is considering drawing up a bill and practically making a proposal to close the southern border with certain legal means, in practice this would mean that we'd pass a law saying that those entering Hungary from a safe country, from a safe transit country, cannot apply for political asylum here.

I must say that acting was good training for the political life that lay ahead of us.

Transcend political correctness and strive for human righteousness.

What we've seen is the AA shifting from a preparatory phase of political and military infiltration into northern Rakhine state that began in 2015, they've now taken it to a much higher level, operating at platoon and even company strength across almost all the townships in the north of the state, and that's new.

We have been bullied, our community has been bullied relentlessly to give up our power, this was motivated by the fact that we are growing in influence and political power.

The U.S.'s economic leadership is influencing expectations across the world, and the U.S. is really becoming stronger, asia is a region where there is not massive uncertainty related to political risk. This is a region that grows with the world.

Pakistan's bottom line is strong political representation in the Kabul government, there is also a concern for the long-term solidity of this representation __ maybe embedding some form of permanent power for clerics in the constitution or some de facto Taliban-controlled paramilitary force.

The political agreement over the post-bailout era must be concluded definitely in December. We're working feverishly for that.

Remaining political prisoners must be released and human rights protected for all, no matter what their ethnicity or religion.

A person who lacks own oratory skill but has got clout in the political circle can still be easily hired as a trainer by the top institution or corporate organization to teach the communication skill to the people.

The political costs for lowering these subsidies will be lower (now that oil prices have dropped), this money should be freed up for rural infrastructure, public services and irrigation projects.

The best political community is formed by citizens of the middle class.

I won't call it political gymnastics, but it certainly could be called parliamentary contortionism.