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Those statements were knowingly false, james and others relied on those statements to his detriment. Penn State knew hazing was taking place and took a 'Well, that's what goes on here' kind of attitude, so when they said there was zero tolerance for hazing, that was a false statement and (Vivenzio) says he wouldn't have rushed if he'd known about hazing.

I don’t think that’s the place of any Harvard employee to tell students the right way to think about the Syrian refugee crisis.

This place ain't s*** to me, i'll run this place and keep running s***. Prison ain't s*** to me.

We're going to have to be efficient against them, they're a great defense, they've got Pro Bowlers all over the place and they're well-coached.

For the first time I can say congratulations to the leader and congratulations to the Iraqi people, congratulations on winning first place in Baghdad, and God willing we will be the first in Iraq.

Having gratitude is a beautiful emotion but it can't just stop there, there was a time and place for it, but we've moved on beyond that as a society and women have to embrace their power.

Everywhere in Egypt, every city or village, has different circumstances. A certain village might have a robbery problem and so the sermon should talk about thievery. Another place might have widespread murder and that is what should be discussed.

I never count myself out, everything worked the way I wanted ... getting third or first, second is the same – we're all going the same place and we all accomplished the same goals we wanted.

We decided to leave, there was no other option. We couldn't keep paying 1,500, this is our home and we have no other place to go.

After such a long war in this country, there was a need to build such a place to record all these incidents.

You need a place to visually display that information to the driver in a way that is effective and not distracting. So you need real estate.

The suicide bombing took place at the entrance of Bodo. Two women bombers wanted to get to the market place but they were stopped by vigilantes.

When I was young, I liked Steve McQueen, Burt Lancaster and Clint Eastwood, i think the movie theater was the first place I enjoyed, and it was cheap for a kid ... Later on, when I would go to the movies the theaters began just giving Arabic movie posters to me.

I go to the front line against ISIS, and I give locations for the warplanes to bomb, we have developed communication devices using satellites that can target from any place on the front line whether we see it or not.

About nine to 10 miscreants with masks stormed the (bauls') meeting place and tied up them to a tree, beat them and set fire to their shelter.

Truces are the first step to surrender and take place only in the interests of the regime.

I dare say the place is of historical value.

It was a very difficult discussion and we understand the significant downsides of losing what amounts to a privilege. The conversation took place prior to the declaration of a national emergency, it was part of the consulting that went on.

These activities - these prayers services - are taking place in an effort to accord these people the utmost respect considering the circumstances under which they were cremated and they parted with their families, we think it is only but proper that we now accord them - the over 3,000 people cremated - respect in a more dignified way.

I fell in love with acting and was slowly taking a few parts, i knew LA was the place to act. So I just packed up and moved.

It is likely that the largest effects will be for novices and especially those that are suffering deficits in cognition, but, continued benefits may take place if the game continues to engage the player at a high level as they continue to improve.

If Jon Ossoff comes in first place in the ruby-red district of Georgia's sixth ... it will make clear that this is the first domino to fall, we have Tom Perriello running in Virginia in June in a very competitive primary, we have Rob Quist running in a competitive special election in Montana.

I was at the gym yesterday while the shooting was taking place and all the TVs were showing that footage and all I could keep thinking to myself is 'God, I hope they don't have any Eastern descent, not just Middle Eastern, anything we'd associate with a Muslim', we're all worried. We're all concerned.

For them it's a very important revenue and income. It's an economic driver to have a World Heritage site, if the attributes that attract tourists there in the first place are damaged by climate change, that could be a big blow to the tourism economies.

It's about minus 20 degrees today and not much breeze, so we thought the igloo would be a good place to do it.

Over 3.1 billion travelers pass through airports each year, with the average traveler spending 150 minutes of airport 'dwell time' between arriving at the terminal to the doors of the plane closing at the gate, we want to help them quickly find things to do on the site while they're waiting to catch a flight, or book an airport hotel when they need a place to stay.

I think she was embarrassed at how the place looked, but I also think she was embarrassed that she didn't pay much in rent.

We dont need the whistleblower, who wasnt on the call, to tell us what took place during the call. We have the best evidence of that.

The act last year was a start, and it puts in place good rules. But a law is only as good as its enforcement.

There was a huge bilateral jump for all the airlines. It will take a bit of time for that growth to take place because we just started.

Because of the bomb blasts and explosions that have taken place here, the local Sri Lankan people have attacked our houses, right now we don't know where we will go.

The UNHCR is making final preparations for a huge airlift of humanitarian aid into Yemen's Sanaa, to take place over the next days if today's proposed ceasefire comes into effect and holds.

Again Sheikh Ali have both a demand shock and a supply shock at the same time, i don't see a real rebalancing of the market taking place this year.

There are times when fear is good. It must keep its watchful place at the heart's controls. There is advantage in the wisdom won from pain.

They are building the confidence to live independently. Step by step everything is going to be all right, my message for Afghan women is to stand up for yourselves, set goals and achieve them, and help to make Afghanistan a happy place to live.

Burundians, the government, civil society, opposition should seat together and put in place acceptable conditions for a democratic election.

It's horrible that they are stuck here, thousands of them with just five portable toilets and no place to spend a night, there are infants here, for crying out loud!

They told us that here (in Piraeus) there are no services, no shower, nothing. (But we are) afraid to move to a place we don't know. We heard it's like a prison there, it's far away from everything, but we understand that here it's a port. This place is for tourists, not us.

What they are asking for is that they go back to their place of origin, we are not asking the government to build luxurious homes, we don't want that, we just want our properties back.

Since we can't take our families to resorts outside Gaza, we bring them here, it's a place where you see only beauty, you can enjoy a drink or lunch by the sea.

Hell is a place forged in the mind and is fueled by fear.

Anyone who chooses to divide their attention while navigating a busy sidewalk, street or other public place increases their risk of accident or injury.

Ted Striker It was a rough place - the seediest dive on the wharf. Populated with every reject and cutthroat from Bombay to Calcutta. It's worse than Detroit.

One of the charms of Yo-Kai Watch is how, since it takes place in modern times, it's easy to take the things we see day-to-day in our lives and put them in the game, from popular singers to the latest devices to whatever comedic bits are 'in' right now, Yo-Kai Watch is packed with all kinds of parody content.

We already have plans in place and we are already meeting those (World Cup) plan requirements since two years ago.

To permit the president to self-pardon would place the president above the law and beyond justice.

The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.

He is liable for amisdemeanorif it can be established that he willfully exposed himself to a sexual partner while he was afflicted with HIV, in other words, it is a crime to intentionally place another person at risk of contracting your contagious disease.

We've already had Korea, China and Japan place restrictions on new Thai flights. Singapore, Australia and the EU ordered enhanced inspections, whether this will prompt them to call for further inspections or create further restrictions on Thai airlines remains to be seen, but there's nothing to stop them from doing that. It's within each country's power to do that.

Do not wait for the last judgment. It takes place every day.

How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of goodwill In such a place even I would be an ardent patriot.

Therefore search and see if there is not some place where you may invest your humanity.

Water is prioritized for drinking first, then agriculture and livestock, and then all other activities related to man, and I'd say that in last place for mining.

The Canadian (coach) came over to me and said, 'he has already bothered my swimmers,' the South African (coach) said he bothered the swimmers when they were swimming. Chile, Argentina, everyone came to tell me what do to. If he's doing that to everyone then he's a dangerous guy, he has no place in sport.

The last place you want to be is outside or in a car on the road, we’re warning people to stay indoors and be weather conscious.

This was a very proactive investigation. We had a joint task force in place along with SFPD to apprehend the suspect.

I don't expect the ECB's CSPP to have a big direct impact on most US issuers. Many don't have the infrastructure in place to create eligible European SPVs, at this stage with no concrete criteria known around eligibility it's not worth the time and investment to create something that might not qualify. I expect there to be only a handful of US names that can be bought by the ECB when all is said and done.

We can confirm that seismic surveys will not take place until December 2019.

Right now, for the United States, confusion in the minds of allies or potential allies like the Iraqis, is not a good thing because they don't have the same amount of political space when they engage in their sort of strategic calculations, if they make a couple of bad mistakes, they'll be in a very bad place in terms of instability.

I'm truly sorry. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I'm no hooligan.

I am not confident than an offensive on Aleppo will take place in the foreseeable future, as for Raqqa, in this case I would also like to refrain from any certain forecasts regarding its liberation.

All signs testify to the fact that the destruction of the structure of the airplane took place in the air and at a great altitude.

I saw a mother prepare a place to sleep on the floor for her two kids. We are abandoned to our fate here.

Every business has to reach a critical mass before needing the appropriate systems and staff in place to maintain control.

As scholars of Japan and of Japan's place in the world, our collective responsibility rests on fostering open discussions ... and in leaving an honest record of its past for current and future generations.

This area is highly symbolic. This surely cannot be Romulus' tomb, but it is a place of memory, a cenotaph.

La Ruana is the only place where we have two leaders with influence.

[ Wakanda is ] a place free from racism, sexism and homophobia it's a place of advanced technology, we wanted to talk about the film, but we also wanted to answer the bigger question' How can we make a place like Wakanda real ?'.

I told him everything I thought would happen in Iraq, i said that if you want to manage risk, then the last place you want to be is in Baghdad or southern Iraq.

The Trump campaign has a significant advantage because of our early and ongoing investment in data and technological infrastructure, even if Joe Biden had the money, he couldn't buy the kind of infrastructure our campaign has put in place over the last five years.

The best place to learn is #MedTwitter.

It takes a very long time to learn that a courtroom is the last place in the world for learning the truth.

The blast was felt by officers 10-15 meters (32-49 foot) away -- this was not a casual act, the attack required planning and the attack place was chosen. They waited until officers exited their vehicles (to set off the bomb).

The system should not place wealthy donors with private companies at an advantage compared with ordinary taxpayers who pay out of post-tax income.

Essentially, we want the public to be given more control over the way they are approached by charities and for further safeguards to be put in place when it comes to fundraising requests of the elderly and vulnerable, the collective experience of being approached by many charities simultaneously compounds things further.

One thing I've learned over the years is people love to watch people, lKF's a great people-watching place because you can see from the straight nice people to the crazies.

Tom is trying to find his place in the world, the difficult question for Tom is, to be his own man, will he have to leave Downton?

They tell me it will take another day or two to get through. That's absolutely all I know. I have a gag order in place for anything from the grand jury.

The rules of engagement should be coming from the bottom up and not the other way around, to protect them against the scores of non-state combatants and enemies, gitmo is seen as this place of recruitment for jihadists and there are those trying to make us believe that Leavenworth is the same.

Happiness isn't the easiest thing to find, but one place you're guaranteed to find it is in a friend's smile.

There's just something magical about this place with the clear dark water below and the soft wispy cypress needles above, the cypress trees are usually covered with bromeliads, spiky air plants that gather water from dew and rain and simply use their host trees for support. On a windy day, the cypress trees clatter just a little bit as they brush up against each other.

My son is a hero -- truly a hero, it's good that he saved young children when someone came to kill them. He cared for them and saved them and put them in a place where they can be safe.

DoD has assessed this support will not negatively impact readiness or critical operations, and we stand ready for their arrival, hHS is responsible for all care of the evacuees, and DoD personnel will not be directly in contact with the evacuees and evacuees will not have access to any base location other than their assigned housing. Should routine monitoring of the evacuees identify ill individuals, HHS has procedures in place to transport them to a local civilian hospital.

I was one of 17 people who died in that school on that day. In six minutes, the shooter used an AR-15 to kill 14 students and three staff members, these weapons have no place in the hands of private citizens. These weapons should be banned. Brett Kavanaugh does not agree.

This is a dangerous bill for South Carolina women ..., made even more extreme by removing exceptions for victims of rape and incest, the reality is that abortion later in pregnancy is extremely rare and often takes place in complex and difficult situations where a woman and her doctor need every medical option available.

The vast majority of commanders complete their assigned tours with distinction, when they fall short, we hold our leaders accountable, which reflects the importance we place on the public's trust and confidence in our military leaders.

The natural place for recruitment( of false witnesses) is inside the jails.

We don't have mechanisms in place to mitigate the breach of ceasefire by the Taliban.

Companies should have clear policies and procedures in place to prevent the spread of illness.

They were in good hands, but I don’t think they were safe, my kids are in a better place … they’re in heaven now. They don’t have no worries no more.

We need to make sure that organizations like WhatsApp, and there are plenty of others like that, don’t provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other, we need to make sure that our intelligence services do have the ability to go into situations like encrypted WhatsApp.

The still-secret pictures are the best evidence of the serious abuses that took place in military detention centers, the government's selective disclosure risks misleading the public about the true extent of the abuse.

This disturbing crime is an outrage that goes against everything we stand for as a nation of immigrants, xenophobia and racism have no place in America, and we as a nation need to stand up to these hate crimes -- starting with the President.

This specific place is significant, the Ring was used to divide people during the civil war, and this is the connecting point.

India is the place to be.

It is the duty of the United Nations, is to make every international border a garden, a place of art and cultural festival.

We’re asking to continue excavating, this is a place with a lot of riddles.

Due to the prevailing security situation and as no system is set in place for handling dead bodies, the LRCS conduct these activities as an auxiliary to the authorities, their role is limited to the collection and transfer of dead bodies to the competent authorities.

Being in a military family is a vulnerable place to be, so I would say being cautious isn't a bad thing, but we're not people who live in fear. If they think they can have control over us by frightening us, they're wrong.

She wasn't able to attend mainstream school anymore and the school that we ended up putting her in was an end-of-the-road school … in my mind, it was not a place where she belonged.