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People seldom refuse help, if one offers it in the right way.

People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.

It's clear that many more people are seeing climate as an urgent issue of the present and that it's harming them now, i also was struck to see the numbers of people who identify climate change as happening and the percent of those people, some 62%, who feel helpless about climate change. Almost the same percent are angry.

Today, people are making signs by hand and running out of the door. There is more diversity in the signs you see.

It’s a content game and you know just gotta keep pushing out content and never stop. There’s a lot of talented people still, but I don’t really look at it like a competition with everyone else, it’s kind of like golf – you’re playing for yourself. i’m happy, very healthy. I am looking forward to this year because I get to get back on tour – see all my fans on the East Coast, doing a lot of gigs on the East Coast. Last year, the singercame out as bisexual,but stated that his sexual orientation.

The White House guidelines come amid a tempestuous week in which protestors across the country descended on state capitals to express their anger over the effects the lockdown measures were having on the economy despite thousands of new cases of COVID-19 being reported every day. SOURCES BELIEVE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK ORIGINATED IN WUHAN LAB, AS PART OF CHINAS EFFORTS TO COMPETE WITH US On Wednesday, hundreds of cars, trucks and SUVs descended on Michigans state capital as part of a noisy protest against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmers social-distancing restrictions that critics saidy have gone too far. Similar protests unfolded in Virginia, Wyoming, Kentucky and Ohio over the last week with more planned in Maryland, Missouri, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York and New Hampshire. The federal government said Thursday that 5.2 million more Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, bringing the four-week total to about 22 million out of a work force of 159 million easily the worst stretch of U.S. job losses on record. The losses translate to about 1 in 7 workers. Those people that know theyre vulnerable, self-quarantine. And everybody else, let them go back to work.

I always told myself tough times don't last tough people do... Keep pushing

I'm very confident the industry will bounce back, once we are allowed to go back out there, I hope people are going to really enjoy being out, and they'll go to the movies more.

With all of the confusion around the mobilization efforts, you really don't know what to believe, with everyone on social isolation, many, many more people are at home, especially seniors.

I really can’t explain why the people wait in line for five or six hours, but it’s become this whole tailgating experience, people make mimosas and bloody marys. It’s bigger than the barbecue. I think it's just become a unique thing to the Austin community.

It's almost exclusively because of developments in China and in China's behavior and in the region around China that people are really starting to wonder where the process is going.

The price that KMG paid for its debt is what really got people excited -- that gave a significant kicker to many funds that were invested.

If there is another shock, people will identify that as a trend and there will be recession worries, even if the jobs number is good, we still think the Fed can use Brexit as an excuse to not raise rates.

I'm just going to be me and she'll be her and let people make their judgments. I have great respect for her, i'm looking forward to getting to the place, assuming I'm still around, that it gets down to a smaller number of people so we can have more of a discussion instead of one-minute assertions.

People are getting a little bit geared up for the Fed next week.

People are starting to realize that in the private market it's not always better, particularly with inflated valuations, atlassian is certainly going to bring that conversation to the forefront again.

Sometimes the things I say get me in trouble, and I don’t really give a f--k, that being said, I want to thank a few people for inspiring me to write this next song.

Urging people is not a mandate, unfortunately human psyche is unless you are told what to do, and there are some teeth in that telling, you won't do it.

Sales like this happen every day to all kinds of people and businesses.

Not having a great relationship with my brother Aaron, or what people think that relationship should be, didn't define me. I'm defined by the character I have.

The constant questions over the last six weeks have proven a great distraction that has made it too difficult for me to serve the people of the 18th District with the high standards that they deserve and which I have set for myself.

It's awesome, there's more people, it's more animated this year, people are more excited this year.

We have got an onsen, like a spa, in every hotel and in Kashiwa that spa was a public one and we had to wear skivvies or tights, and thats OK. We are in Japan. You have to embrace their way, their culture. And most people with tattoos were happy to cover up.

Amy knows more than a lot of people what it's like to battle stereotypes, she's a woman at a large corporation who worked her way from assistant to the chairman's office. No one in the world feels worse than she does right now.

People who would normally be going to work yesterday and today aren't, people who would put the thermostat at 66 when they went to work now keep it at 70, and you've got millions of people doing that.

Studies tell us at least half of young people who drink experience a blackout before they graduate college, what's really concerning is that, in a two-week period, about one in 10 college students who drink say there are parts of a night they don't remember.

When something like this happens, people (normally) save themselves first, he got attacked while saving his sister.

I will fight on, i am not scared, but another term for Modi will make it very difficult for many other people to live here.

Besides reaching people by word of mouth, I cannot do anything else to stop this as it would be too risky.

All the people that come here, they want to go to Italy.

A few days ago, I was in the bar, a couple people are around the bar drinking, and I had my beer, and they were like, ‘ Hey, what do you think about what’s happening ? Do you guys [ Syrian refugees ] deserve to be here ? ’ I was like, ‘ Are you serious right now ? ’.

To have gotten out over 700 people out of that place, one would have to go in to understand and imagine what it took to get there.

If they act against Ahmadinejad not only are there more documents he might reveal, as he’s often threatened to do, but eventually people will start to ask, 'Who was behind him?' and we all know the answer to that question - it's Ayatollah Khamenei and the IRGC’s top command.

It's the utmost kind of manic harm for the future of those people enamoured with this game, searching for Pokemon through the streets ... like drunkards.

I’ve looked into all-inclusive packages and stuff like that, and they’re always catering to people who eat and drink a lot, for someone who doesn’t drink, what’s the point? I’m paying for something I’m not using.

I am heartbroken to hear somebody to talk like that about people who are working their tails off every day, quite literally putting food on his table, for him to place the blame on my constituents versus the employers who knew for weeks what was going on and yet did not take the proper precautions to protect the folks who show up there every day, work hard every single day, it is unfathomable to me and again shows the disconnect between this administration and what is really happening on the ground.

Pro-choice advocates contend that abortion is an essential and time-sensitive medical service.While people everywhere are trying to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, politicians like Gov. Abbott continue this perverse obsession with banning abortion, those who are caring for their families, forced to work essential jobs, and doing what they can to stay healthy need access to health care right now. Instead, these politicians are forcing patients to travel hundreds of miles putting themselves and their families at risk. Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser praised the stayorder. We are pleased that the Court recognized the urgency and necessity of Governor Abbotts order. All elective surgeries and procedures, including abortions, must cease during this national crisis, Dannenfelser said in a statement provided to Fox News. At a time when millions of Americans are making heroic sacrifices to protect the vulnerable, and legitimate health care workers risk their own lives to care for COVID-19 patients with crucial protective equipment in short supply, the abortion industry led by Planned Parenthood demands special treatment anddiverts scarce resources.

People just assume that ifyour desk is messy, your head is messy.

We promise to restructure the Yemen military to ensure that it serves the people of Yemen.

The Nour Party is a party like any other, it is exercising its right and the competition is open to all parties. People compete against each other and we have nothing to do with it at all.

The project offered many solutions that differed to other previous projects, for example the idea of the ground sensor is very effective and new in this field. The system works on directing the people by voice commands and vibration commands.

I fired him over it yesterday after I watched the news, he told me he charged the people $2 a hot dog. He lied to me.

We do not reject a military council in principle, but we reject these people because they are from Bashir's regime.

Knowledge is a three-level ladder. When people reach the first level, they feel arrogant; when they reach the second level, they become humble; when they reach the last level, they know that they know nothing.

People say Italy is not good for migrants, so we want to leave.

The remedy for the people is to create happiness for them, create an environment for tourism, a time for them to tour, a time for them to chat and forget the past.

He is inspiring to young people in the community, he is very supportive and good with the kids. He is such a lovely guy.

You can't imagine how many people were there, white, black, all around, cheering for them. There is still division, but it's better than it was before.

first casualties of every are the weak people like women, children and elderly and the last people who speak about are the UN, EU and USA

There are no longer any people who had contact with a person infected by the Ebola virus.

Everyone is missing his family, his country, and this is very hard, (It's) so difficult for people far away from their country, from their neighbors, from their relatives.

The immediate question that comes to mind is, ‘This is a really crazy drug, and how can we make sure we’re safe from people who use this drug?’ but the question we should be asking as a society is, ‘Why are people turning to drugs like this, and why is there this increasing need for stronger drugs?’ So we should be looking at this not as a law enforcement problem but as a public health problem.

People have heard about Daish brutalities, and therefore are frightened.

As soon as people die we must bury them as soon as possible, we are all here to help them in washing the body, putting them in the grave.

I had no idea my picture had been taken, i was surprised these people came to me and they had my picture on their cell phones. I asked them what do you want?

Right now, clashes are under way between the Taliban and security forces in the city, close to the governor's compound and police headquarters, the city is closed and very little movement can be seen. People are terrified.

They looked at India as one of the markets they need to be in, but India is a very different kind of market, they thought if they bring the car at a good price, people will buy. It is not just about the initial price, it is also fuel efficiency and the whole cost of ownership.

People are most terrified of the air strikes, people had felt tangibly the benefits of the truce.

People are more assured.

This place can show how vicious a war can be, we are the middle-aged generation that has been through this war, but the kids who are growing up now are a new generation for whom all this is just a memory. So these scenes can show them what kind of painful life their people were living in the past and what sacrifices they had to make. This can be a good lesson for them to safeguard the opportunities they have now.

I was hit in the head by flying glass and many people have suffered injuries.

The government must call the Loya Jirga on time and if it doesn't happen, the people will look for alternatives.

There's no end to the aerial observation and the bombardment, people are busy digging shelters. No one has any intention of leaving. We will die in our land rather than be evicted.

We came here to celebrate Eid because this day is for happiness and all the people want to see happiness. The Afghan people hope to have peace in the country.

These are people who don't let their children go to school.

We are very peaceful people. My father had followers all over the world and he welcomed people here from wherever they came from and whatever religion they were.

They tell them about Islam and what people should do and should not do.

As people of one God and of this world, we must stand up and in unison.

Some people find that their properties have been listed on platforms online and they don't know how that happened.

People are coming to the border and want to cross into Syria with the hope that they can sneak their relatives back into Turkey, we are trying to save our relatives, our families.

I want to assure my people that the accomplishments are protected and there will be no compromise.

It was lovely and sunny. The park was full, people now when they go out with their families feel safer.

To do secret bargaining with someone there has to be trust. Even Erdogan’s party doesn’t trust him, what are we going to do? Sacrifice everything so that Erdogan can be president. The people would kill us.

We are for peace, any hour they announce they stop the military operations and people can live in security, trust me there will be none of us left in Lebanon.

It's a natural emotion for most people to feel like, OK, maybe if I had a couple of extra detectives on this case it would have been solved, there are times when I'm jealous of cases that get solved. You think selfishly sometimes.

It’s nice to see that our policies and what we espouse are resonating with people running for governor, the landscape is really shifting, and people are noticing it across the state.

There are people with critical injuries who are being treated in homes. Security forces have shelled a neighborhood, and hit residential buildings.

I have received reports from people who found information (on) the Internet that my son was one of the terrorists, i previously told the government that the son is missing. I sought their help to find the whereabouts of my son.

My elder brother said he had seen militants shifting bodies of the slain fighters to upper Tirah from Sandasa and nearby villages, local militants of Lashkar-e-Islam told them 20 people were killed.

People keep telling him, 'You have big shoes to fill,' they said the same thing when I came in.

I've rebuilt my life a few times but this time I'm not getting it, people don't realize how tough it is to come from nothing when you don't have any family or any friends.

This is President Trump laying the groundwork for 2020, to make sure his supporters will call into question the results of the election if he doesn't win, he's using this situation to further himself. He doesn't care about having one more senator in Washington, he just wants people to start getting the idea that election results aren't real.

This tattoo represents for me that you have to look at people as individuals, however, unfortunately there are still a lot of people out there who are judging people.

The army tortured people in our state for years and I am glad the government has finally canceled their license to torture young men and women.

It’s a shame the city lost its appeal, people who know me don’t even believe this.

Clearly, there is need for caution, because diabetic people are prone to hypoglycemic episodes, and hypoglycemia can be fatal, people do not want to put them themselves at risk by fasting without consulting a doctor.

The richest people in the world build networks and invest in people; everyone else looks for work and invests in survival.

All the 18 people on board the mini-bus are dead and burnt. A remotely controlled bomb along the road exploded.

Bob needs to understand that Disney CEO Bob Iger is an employee just the same as the people scrubbing gum off the sidewalk are employees, and they're entitled to the same dignity and human rights that Disney CEO Bob Iger is.

We had always [all] our lives been told -- it wasn't true -- that Nan released that book for smear purposes, that Harding had mumps and was sterile, i said OK, and I'd repeat that answer -- I remember -- when people were asking.

We actually feel super optimistic because, I think, one, a lot of people support Ivanka, even across both political parties, and then I think a lot of other people feel like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know Ivanka had a shoe line.’ ‘Oh, I didn’t know she had a handbag line.’ And they’re buying it.

We have a lot in common, we all were working to flip seats to be elected in places where voters may not typically vote for people like us or with our backgrounds.

It is advice that we feel we have to issue, we have to inform the people about what's going on.

A few Ethiopians were injured. There are a few people who lost their lives.

[Sex] was to draw people in the movie, i have a poster from the 50s, The First Kiss. [Back] then it wasn't a problem for actresses to kiss on camera, now we don't want it. We can't make posters like this in Arabic.

I ’m aiming for all of the people who don’t normally vote.

It's hard for people to dismiss someone who has a career in corrections and who had a hands-on-job with executing people, it doesn't matter what your politics or faith is, that's a voice who gets to be heard.

We will reach a point where people who are buying rice can't afford to buy rice. They will look at other alternatives to get energy and get food on their table, that in the long term is not in the interest of we, the farmers.

Common looking people are the best in the world: that is the reason the Lord makes so many of them.

Society expects man to be a passive social animal who believes like the People of the Field in "Jurgen" that "to do what you always have done" and "what is expected of you" are the twin rules of life. This, is course, is not true. The wanton crucifixion of impulses, the unnecessary blocking and frustration of the drives and urges, are an evil that reflects itself in sophistication, ennui and boredom, dissatisfaction, melancholy, fatigue, anxiety and neurosis.