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When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is going to happen. Always watch where you are going. Otherwise you may step on a piece of the Forest that was left out by mistake.

Three minutes thought would suffice to find this out but thought is irksome and three minutes is a long time.

If you don't have a sensation of apprehension when you set out to find a story and a swagger when you sit down to write it, you are in the wrong business.

The prevailing science says the vast majority of athletes can push their heart to the limit and come out stronger, they can do as much activity as they want and not end up with heart failure.

Today, people are making signs by hand and running out of the door. There is more diversity in the signs you see.

China is not just a manufacturing hub anymore, they have strong consumers and are starting to look more like the Aaron Clark economy. Xi can wait things out and take their chances because the Chinese economy is not cratering.

This is completely out of sequence because the Israeli-Palestinian issue is primarily driven by historical wounds and overlapping claims to land and sacred space.

It is almost like they are problems of different intensity burning at a different rate, in the grand scheme of things, Russia is a burned out case.

The base case is Moody's downgrades the sovereign by one notch in Q2 2020 because of the need to continue to bail out Pemex as well as an erosion of savings used to meet fiscal targets.

There is nothing in his (Trump's) track record to show that he has been out here and met with any technology leaders and knows this industry and knows about innovation.

As soon as they found out Aaron Hernandez -- a celebrity football player for New England Patriots -- was a friend of Odin Lloyd's, it was over.

The problem is the IRGC doesn't walk out there waving a flag and saying, 'Hey, I own 51.4 percent of this company; don't deal with me,' the banks are being asked to deal in a world where you have very sophisticated players who over the course of years of sanctions have become very good at hiding themselves.

I'd come out of the closet but the skeletons would get lonely.

I cant say it was worth it, but the picture is a dope picture, i cant argue with that. Im going to have that blown up one day in my house. I definitely got a nice picture out of it, but it hurts my pocket a little bit. I want that money.

My heart really goes out to the families.

One of the big tests of Dodd-Frank is whether or not the Federal Reserve can move from being a bank regulator to a financial company regulator. And the jury's still out on that.

Cannabis is quite expensive, so we knew we could help them out : giving them what we grew, and then they told friends who were vets, who told their friends who were vets, and it grew from there.

It was so easy for me to just jump into where Jesse's at mentally, emotionally, because I lived and breathed everything Jesse Pinkman went through and then some, and so, honestly, it felt like a part of me had gone through that as well, all I had to do was just memorize these words and then play them out when they yelled' action.'.

I was helping a woman, who was injured... then the hell with her I'm getting out of there.

My guess is they're not documented, so my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country.

The parties are reaching out to a new constituency that identifies with a liberal value structure.

In every shutdown prior, the Interior Department actually shuts down, and approving oil and gas drilling permits is not an essential government function, there's no reason these permits couldn't have waited until after the shutdown, but( Bernhardt) wanted to get them out the door anyway.

To have gotten out over 700 people out of that place, one would have to go in to understand and imagine what it took to get there.

We rolled out a new low dollar campaign to reach a wide variety of supporters and as part of that effort reached out to our network, just as Ms. Nixon’s campaign has dozens of contributions from her staff and their family members, as the latest filing and poll numbers show, Cynthia’s campaign is on life support, which is why her lines are getting increasingly more combative and desperate.

Why are we as pro-lifers calling for boycotts on products which give about one cent per sale to Planned Parenthood, then turning around to write them a check for almost a million dollars ? our governor is going to war to keep $ 3 million out of the hands of abortionists in Texas. Why are we fighting so hard and then writing them a check ? It’s just a building.

Im scared ! i just dont like needles. Im freaking out just with the pen.

If you're going to stand out as a foreigner, you might create more distrust as to what you are doing there and bring more risk on yourself, and aid workers are treated suspiciously anyway.

There are websites out there calling for the murder of Muslim leaders and the torching of Muslim religious sites, let's stop the double standards.

We faced a number of trials during the journey, we spent months trying to find a way into Europe ... we succeeded in finally making our way to Belgium. We were then able to obtain weapons and set up a safe house while we planned to carry out operations against the crusaders.

It is only when we lose things that we figure out how important, worthwile,useful and valuable they were to us.

This was a sophisticated attack ... so we reached out to our international partners.

We don’t see Pakistan anymore our destination, we will come out as a force to establish Islamic rule over the entire world, you will see the change within 10 years - if you stay alive.

This attack was carried out at a time when there were no civilians near the police.

We are estimating the cost and arranging logistics for the artificial rain. It may take over a week to carry out all the arrangements for the rain.

I hope they (refugees in our situation) find a solution, i have been there and I hope they can find a way out soon. I know what they are going through and it is very, very hard.

At night we heard the sound of firing just 100 meters (330 feet) away from my house. The next morning when the forces had left and we came out of the house we saw 13 people had been shot dead, even though I was a child, I still remember the bodies everywhere and how their clothes were covered in blood. All those scenes are still alive in my memory.

Violence has forced us out of our homes but here misery and poverty have made our life even more difficult, such a life is not worth living.

It was lovely and sunny. The park was full, people now when they go out with their families feel safer.

Usaamah Rahim’s death was an unfortunate incident that well could have been avoided if Usaamah Rahim death were more appropriately handled by law enforcement officials, there could have been some intelligence for them that came out of keeping Usaamah Rahim alive, but they did n’t want to.

It's true that Yassine carried out this terrorist attack, he was killed; his head, his body, we don't have it back.

The ruling party in power is using proxy litigation to attack senior Congress persons out of political malice.

We have installed air purifiers all around the house and in our cars, the elders in the family are avoiding going out unless absolutely necessary.

There's nothing out of the ordinary the defendant was doing, he was young, a bit desperate and wanted to settle down. Is there anything wrong with this?

Great necessities call out great virtues.

I believe that if I am out there explaining what these allegations are to the people of my district and to the people of other districts, and why they are so deeply concerned that the people will understand why Their GOP opponents had to take a stand.

The protesters are crying out in local Hausa language: 'Charlie is Satan - let hell engulf those supporting Charlie'.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

I went out the next morning just to inspect, i swear to God, cats were eating the corpses.

Daesh fighters are becoming more hostile and suspicious. They prevent us from leaving houses. Everyone who goes out against orders is caught and investigated, we feel we’re living inside a sealed casket.

We've stopped ISIS more than 20 times. We went out with more than 50 cars and kicked them back, we told them they aren't allowed in our territory. We didn't shoot one bullet because if there was one bullet shot, there would be a (tribal) war.

The agreement does not specify a geographical area, which means in theory it applies to both, but out of experience, Israel will not allow it to work in Gaza.

They're almost completely out of food. They're eating grass, tragic.

They (the Kurds) drove us to the frontline and said go to Daesh, we got out of the car, they gave us each a bottle of water, and we went.

We aim to distract the soldiers from shooting and wounding or killing our people. Israeli soldiers will be worried those fire-kites may fall on their heads or torch bushes around them, these kites also torch bushes and trees and not only cause them losses, but keep them busy trying to put out fires.

Unless they get those elements out of the army, all the villages that have not been liberated will become Daesh.

The site we are talking about is 2,000 square meters and 10 meters deep and requires hundreds of workers and millions of dollars to carry out proper excavation to extract pieces and read the texts written on them.

We were about one kilometer from the main gate of Es Sider oil port, but we had to withdraw about two kilometers after Haftar's planes carried out air strikes, which killed two of our members and wounded three.

I was hiding on a tree top since that Saturday night until this morning at 3 a.m., women in a nearby house brought us water and food ... We snuck out and on our way, we saw lots of dead soldiers and 10 bodies of women.

Today the FCA has finally accepted that this allegation against me was utterly wrong, now that the FCA has accepted that I did not deliberately mislead it, I have decided not to prolong what has been a drawn out and burdensome process and have settled with the FCA, on the basis that there is no prohibition on my working in the regulated sector.

I'm not going to rule in or rule out anyone being subject to further charges. We haven't made a decision, one way or the other.

We have to get the fighting out of the villages, we have to close the border, we have to reach the areas where the movement of fighters is taking place.

I can’t say I agree with their actions, but I can say what they did was out of the norm.

What we’re really doing at the Mars Desert Research Station is what we call an operational simulation more than a technical engineering simulation, but we find out how you would run a mission on Mars, so for example what we’ve discovered by running it a number of ways is the mission has got to be led from the front, that is, the commander of the mission is the commander of the crew. We don’t even call our mission control mission control anymore we call it mission support - they are there to support the crew - this has got to be led from the front.

Right from the get-go, it didn't feel right. But we it let it go, once we found out more about the script, we felt it was totally disrespectful to elders and Native women.

Funny is funny, if you can make light of anything, that's what life is about to me, you have to make light of everything no matter what is bad out here, if you can't laugh at it, it's going to kill you.

Praying for the people in my area, hope everybody’s getting out safe like we are, and thanks for the prayers and thoughts. And good luck to the firefighters, we need you!

Just woke up to the tragic news of Ben's passing, The Heart goes out to Ben Unwin family.

Everyone is under the impression that the EPA is spending money to ‘clean the environment.’ But, it turns out EPA is running a $160 million PR Machine, $715 million police agency, a near $1 billion employment agency for seniors, and a $1.2 billion in-house law firm, the EPA wasting $160 million on public relations dwarfs our recent exposure of their high-end furniture purchases ($92 million).

I counted over 30 huge movies coming out this year.

There's no neat division of tribes. Families will back both sides to ensure they have somebody on the winning side, it makes it very hard for the Saudis to figure out who to empower with money and arms.

Don't miss out on life just to stay alive.

I think you have to say that risk is still high, the underlying newsflow out of China has been a lot better, in Italy it has improved ... but that's not the case in the UK and certainly not the case in the U.S.

It was peaceful and it didn't interrupt the music, after the protest, they left Powell Hall marching two-by-two down the stairs and out the door.

When his team was scheduled to serve, we never worried about whether Ralph would be there with his team to help. He was a humble man and was willing to help at any capacity; helping people to their seats, moms with their baby carriages or the elderly in and out of our elevator.

Theyre running around from room to room, the hospitals are packed, and if were not sending food, a lot of them are not eating, basically anywhere that we get a note from a nurse or a doctor telling us that theyre in need, we figure out a way to get them on the schedule and then we deliver to that hospital.

Bourdain's Parts Unknown on the Philippines was wonderful - watched it flying out of Manila and it made me cry, the man had such empathy and insight.

I saw you and you barely recognized me, i was visiting my sister and he was out there.

Sen. McConnell is leading his members into a box canyon, they staked out an unsustainable position, and they won't be able to hold it.

Instead of kicking them out of the stadium, they need to fine them 10 grand, 20 grand, 30 grand. Something that really hurts somebody. Make them pay in full. And if they don't, take it out of their check, that's how you hurt somebody. You suspend them from the stadium, what does that mean? It's a slap on the wrist.

If there is( a) party out there that would like to acquire it in full, we would be in support of that, assuming that it is at a full and fair price.

I tend to think that I'm a special breed of agent because I don’t have any protection, i’m putting myself out there and trying to sell to two people instead of just one.

We helped adjust for stressed and freaked out firefighters, policemen anyone who needed help, he was just an amazing, amazing, generous person.

It's confusing, frustrating, i'll go and figure it out for an at-bat or two, and then it's gone, where in the past I've been able to figure it out and maybe hold onto it for a while.

In many cases, our data was sent to third-party contractors years ago, the way we looked at data management 10 years ago seems antiquated today, yet that old data is still out there being managed by third parties, using legacy systems.

By our estimates, the average 2015 oversupply is only 0.7-1.0 million bpd, intentional efforts to build or sell out government stockpiles that are not available to the market, nor included in demand figures, could help tighten the balance beyond headline implied stock changes.

People are no longer out of their minds with valuations and expectations.

We’re trying to figure out what people find interesting, people find opposing views interesting.

Though the President Obama administration sporadically tried to restart negotiations, there was never discussion of a presidential summit. The Obama administration would have been very much out of keeping with policy. Past administrations would not have considered a presidential summit before a major accomplishment had been made, and more likely at the end of a disarmament process, the president( Donald Trump) has invented this idea out of thin air for reasons passing understanding. If he's trying to argue that Kim Jong Un likes Kim Jong more, I for one can't understand why he would take pride in that.

We’ll have some fun, shovel out and go back to school, it’s all in a day’s work, and it’s one very exciting day for our school.

We definitely want to own that space, i think we're still in the early innings in the ETF market, and there's a ton of white space out there.

Ive dodged dozens of lures coming back at me, but I never even saw this one, my buddies faces had horrified looks when I looked up at them with chunks of teeth and blood falling out of my mouth. Still had an hour of the float left. Since it wasnt really hurting me, we stopped and fished a few holes before loading up.

Pixels, it was just a misunderstanding and once the movie is out will be cleared up.

As we close out of the year, it's been a tale of two tapes, with narrow leadership holding up the major indices, while the vast majority of the market continues to underperform, the big story today as investors wrap up the year is that after all that's said and done, it's a flat year for the S&P 500.

I'm not sure the Chief Justice is fully aware of just how rare it is, how extraordinary it is, for the House members to be able to command the attention of senators sitting silently for hours, or even for minutes, for that matter, of course, it doesn't hurt that the morning starts out every day with the sergeant at arms warning you that, if you don't, you will be imprisoned.

Fun to kind of keep the momentum going and get the most out of the round, if I had complaints about last season, I didnt get the most out of my good rounds or my good weeks. Today felt like I kind of got the most out of myself.

A person who can acquire no property, can have no other interest but to eat as much, and to labour as little as possible. Whatever work he does beyond what is sufficient to purchase his own maintenance can be squeezed out of him by violence only, and not by any interest of his own.

Our thoughts and support go out to Maria and her family and we wish them all the best knowing that Maria will tackle this with the same fierce dedication she is known for, we are grateful for Maria’s many contributions to E! over the past three years.

My speed was great, i was around the hole, I hit 17 greens or something like that, so I gave myself a lot of opportunities and I came out with a 61.

I thought, 'Wouldn't it be hilarious if we rented out a sleep-away camp and invited our friends,' we could play all the activities like we did as kids ... and maybe party at night.

Flying into Saba is extraordinary, you approach the mountainous island towering out of the sea, to see an impossibly tiny runway appear perched on a cliff.