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Zardari believes when the time to cobble together a government arrives they will need ... someone like him, and he will become the kingmaker.

The base case is Moody's downgrades the sovereign by one notch in Q2 2020 because of the need to continue to bail out Pemex as well as an erosion of savings used to meet fiscal targets.

If were going to make this a long series, and hopefully we will, were going to need to be stronger with the ball, simple as that.

I'm not satisfied, i think that we need to be doing things better, we need to be moving faster, we need to be in so many different ways, improved.

Whatever job I've had, I've excelled at, so I'm not worried, all I need is a foot in the door.

If this occurs, we believe that strong competition among insulin manufacturers will quickly push them to lower prices to net levels, which will greatly benefit patients who need this drug to survive.

To get justice from a judge, they need someone who follows the rules. The basic rule is the rule of law, the problem with this recall is it will reassure judges to follow the rule of public opinion as opposed to the rule of law.

The lessons suggest counter-terror officials need to be far more aggressive in disrupting mid-level recruiters, working within different Turkish communities.

We need an order by the president to the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation to start the job. That would be done after some preparations that we still need to do in the coming days. So it would soon start.

It's only a temporary measure for a larger problem, if we really are going to address the issue, we can't just look at the symptoms. We need to address the cause of the problems.

The absence of any real reforms at the economic level illustrates the lack of courage among the political parties, they know the need for urgent reforms but they cannot take any decision in that direction.

Today, there is no single inmate jailed for involvement with the ONLF. We have released all prisoners under this reform drive, i am not saying we never made mistakes. We did, and we apologize to our people. We need to turn hatred into coexistence and love.

I am determined to conduct elections this year, but I need the manpower to do it.

The immediate question that comes to mind is, ‘This is a really crazy drug, and how can we make sure we’re safe from people who use this drug?’ but the question we should be asking as a society is, ‘Why are people turning to drugs like this, and why is there this increasing need for stronger drugs?’ So we should be looking at this not as a law enforcement problem but as a public health problem.

There wasn't any deal, we learnt that there was no need to continue the fight in that area.

After such a long war in this country, there was a need to build such a place to record all these incidents.

Based on our road test, we are confident to process B20, we cannot avoid (going up to B20), we have to follow, but what we need is an improvement in specifications.

I am not sure it will be in 18 months' time. Of course we need to be hopeful for the future, but we need more time, a realistic timeframe ... is two to three years.

We are waiting, especially in Saudi Arabia, for the government budget for 2015 to see whether the government would maintain its current expenditure levels or if they would cut down significantly, we need a big event like that, otherwise we will remain volatile and negative.

We need a few days to breathe.

You need a place to visually display that information to the driver in a way that is effective and not distracting. So you need real estate.

Two of the investors from Greater China are basically saying,' You need to fly to Beijing to meet us before we can actually issue you the term sheet,' so I'm thinking, you know, should I just go and then just stay there until everything is over ?

The poor are being seen as irresponsible breeders ... who need to be permanently dealt with.

Clearly, there is need for caution, because diabetic people are prone to hypoglycemic episodes, and hypoglycemia can be fatal, people do not want to put them themselves at risk by fasting without consulting a doctor.

We actually have a handle on everything that we need. There are no significant novel discoveries we need to make for the system.

We need to change the way we understand and practice capitalism.

Peter said to me, 'You need to read this, my gut feeling is that she's telling the truth,'.

It's so rare, it's not something that we have to panic about, but our providers and colleagues need to think if they see something that's a little unusual and it's not getting better, with what they do initially.

What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization.

If some NGOs drop let's say 50 tons of flour in a certain city, the price of bread goes down for three days and then it goes up. This volatility is making people very tired, we need people to have the aid as soon as possible, and that is unfortunately not happening at the time being.

It's essential to demonstrate and more in a day like women's day because there are still a lot of gaps and problems in society that women face and need to overcome. We are in a patriarchal society.

ISIS can’t control Manbij again, but there are sleeper cells here. This is a big country and we liberated this city alongside the U.S., we still have threats, we still need their expertise.

Extremists mistrust law enforcement, and law enforcement has Islamophobic fears. Both sides need to realize the enemy is not as black-and-white as they perceive.

Nearly 17,000 Syrian men want to join, but the training is very slow, we need it to be faster -- 30 days instead of 45 days. More trainees -- for example, our training in Jordan did 85 -- we should have been 500 there and another 500 in Turkey.

I told the judge that you need to give the maximum punishment for these murderers and not to be lenient with them, my wife and I are having nightmares in the middle of the night when we think about what has happened to our son.

The (Popular) Mobilisation will continue to hold its ground in every area. The armed forces still need the Popular Mobilisation.

We are keen to see all building materials reach people who need them and those whose houses were destroyed. It is in our interest that the circumstances that produced the war do not return.

Jemaah Islamiyah must be peaceful up to a certain point, otherwise how will Jemaah Islamiyah win public support ? if the Indonesian government can understand our message through words then we don't need to carry out( attacks like) the Bali bombing. When asked why Jemaah Islamiyah was sending Jemaah Islamiyah to Syria, Abu Rusydan said Jemaah Islamiyah was.

Aviators are back, the need for speed. We’re going to have big, fast machines, it’s going to be a competition film, like the first one…but a progression for Maverick.

Early entry into force is a positive sign, but there are also some concerns that need to be addressed.

You need different producers, more capacities with shorter lead times.

They let CNN see [the tape] before me. I need to see the tape, as an attorney and a citizen, if there's any doubt that the killing was justified, we would demand that the D.A. reconvene the grand jury.

They are the answer to everything, [My character Olivia] really prepared me for motherhood, because as a cop, you are in charge of any emergency and you need to stay calm, take control. It’s the same thing with being a parent.

They have got an endowment, right? they can use their endowed funds – they don’t need public funds – to fund studies.

We’re really concerned that this could catch people off guard, we need people to listen to weather warnings in their area.

I think it's ridiculous. I think that national parks need protection whether they want to argue about other things in Washington or not.

It doesn’t include just simple suturing or simple burn care or splinting of fractures, which doesn’t need a formal operation.

UCS believes conversations about the mounting threats to the Great Barrier Reef and other World Heritage sites need to happen and should be done publicly.

The clock is ticking on irreversible climate change, investors need to adopt an emergency footing otherwise the window to secure the change we need will be gone.

Over 3.1 billion travelers pass through airports each year, with the average traveler spending 150 minutes of airport 'dwell time' between arriving at the terminal to the doors of the plane closing at the gate, we want to help them quickly find things to do on the site while they're waiting to catch a flight, or book an airport hotel when they need a place to stay.

We need people to not have to rely on debt to finance education, and we need more options that are cheaper.

Having our workforce, particularly our moderators, work from home, is creating all sort of challenges that we need to work through.

We certainly recognize the risk and are only doing this in the most extreme circumstances we feel that we need to.

All video vendors ultimately have security issues they need to resolve, short term fixes without the right motivation can be just damage control. There's really no rest if a vendor wants to retain its customer's trust and preserve its own reputation.

There is no need for the Fed to raise rates now. The economy simply is not strong enough and that's what today's data tells us.

Now there's been more obstruction of Congress that goes beyond Ukraine. There's also the obstruction of justice that Mueller wrote about so extensively. And there are other violations of the Constitution that we will need to consider, i'm not at this point, Jake, prepared to say what I will recommend.

The question for the future is how SVX can manage that secondary market, changes in value of shares and so on, we need to look at the technological, regulatory and even moral implications of a secondary market in impact investments. That will take a few years.

What we need to do then is obviously hit Iran in a proportionate way, show them that those breaches have consequences. Otherwise, we're just asking for larger breaches.

Somebody earning $300,000 is still considering a 401(k) strategy, it's more about the tax benefit - not that they need to save more money.

It's a relatively early phase in this litigation as a whole and we just need to see more trials to understand Bayer's liability.

We need more research into understanding the inflammation that occurs in the urinary tract infection and how it might impact the fetus.

Every child needs to have space for them to create, i decided we need to be the ones to put paintbrushes in the hands of kids.

I can't describe how I felt, I was so happy, now we need to find everybody else.

There's a perception that to be an athlete you need to be a specific weight and a specific size.

With one kiss, one can be pleased, so stop wasting time and please me already.Give me that kiss I need and want...Thank Youu x3 :)

We don't need shark fins for ourselves, but sharks need their fins, i stopped consuming shark fin soup four years ago after learning what sharks had to go through before a bowl of shark fin soup is served.

The early rock art of Sulawesi may contribute invaluable insight into the rise of human spirituality and the spread of artistic beliefs and practices that shaped our modern minds, it would be a tragedy if these exceptionally old artworks should disappear in our own lifetime, but it is happening. We need to understand why this globally significant rock art is deteriorating -- now.

We need them to invest and not just rely on the philanthropy of private donors.

Right now we have 900,000 or so people that are badged in some level of access to airports across the nation, they are recurrently vetted – I mean, on a daily basis – against terrorist databases for any information that may indicate that they are people that we need to be concerned about.

You need to do a lot of intelligence digging to figure out that actually there's some bigger picture here.

We need to come to terms with our past so we can move forward in a positive way, so this is the beginning. Specifically with this, it's a beginning of a new relationship with the Sam Cooke.Cooke family.

People in this country make choices about where to put their money, and business leaders need to pay attention.

Shutdowns are a blunt instrument for interrupting the spread of disinformation online, citizens are denied access to communication tools at a time when they need them the most to dispel rumors, check in with family, or avoid dangerous areas.

Democrats need to develop a message that incorporates the critical economicsecurity issues along with a message that acknowledges the impact of the rise in racism in the country on younger voters and have actual solutions on how they plan todeal with that, but any message that fails to incorporate those two things willland on deaf ears.

To turn our backs on people that need help is un-American.

If I'd been stuck with the old system, I would have need a much bigger fleet (to deal with the extra output).

In critical moments even the very powerful have need of the weakest.

Let's not be duped by a messaging campaign that has been waged for years by the insurance companies to have you [ believe ] you need to defend them, you need to defend yourself.

It is about people understanding the threat levels, gaining up-to-date information and using it within their communities, the hardest job is to initially convince them that all of us need to change the way we react to weather.

Brazil is going through a political crisis, and the situation has still to sort itself out, i think we just need to resolve the politics, and then people's attention will turn to sport.

Courage is of no value unless accompanied by justice; yet if all men became just, there would be no need for courage.

The oil price needs to be a little bit higher and higher for a reasonable period of time, 3-6 months, before you begin to see more drilling and production activity in areas where there is no power and therefore they need our services.

In Africa, six out of 10 women depend on the land for their livelihoods, they must have access to the means of production - the land itself. If we are going to have development across the globe, women need equal access to the land.

We have not had people on the ground, we need to develop relationships with the people in Cuba so we know who to do business with and who actually makes the deals.

We need to get rid of militias and terrorist groups, we assure the residents of Tripoli that the campaign to liberate Tripoli will be limited and not violate any freedoms but restore security and fight terrorism.

People have to be alert, houses need structures that can withstand quakes.

Education can't just be about the Holocaust and the Third Reich. Schools also need to talk about the Middle East conflict, antisemitism based on religious argumentation and conspiracy theories.

We need to face those claims and... respond to the expectations of the masses, how to live religiously in the 21st century.

In our dire need to comprehend the divine, we created it, named it, clothed it, inundated it with details so trivial and punished others who disagree with it.

We need new faces not this group of corrupt politicians currently in Baghdad.

We said that pledges made in the peace process need to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Some of the things need to be sharpened before the standards are finalized.

The use of these gases is very serious... because it damages the airways, it damages the exact airways that our bodies need to fend off this virus.

The mind is a Rascal! It stops us from being the Soul. We need to be Conscious of the Truth, and we must take Control.

Just like a conductor is requried to orchestrate a band, to Realize God, we need a spiritual Master to hold our hand.

We need the institutional ability to adapt to this rapid pace of change and to keep ... ahead.

We need to remain optimistic, the signal we get is that the Taliban have not said 'yes' to the talks but have also not said 'no'.

We will look at what was their design and what was their intention. we need to know precisely how this was done.

Definitely coming off that second to last bend, I was just like, 'I need to go for it,' i felt comfortable, I wasn't worried.

We don't only order airplanes at an air show. There are all kinds of manufacturers. There are cabin products, there are people with seats, with entertainment systems, we don't need engines, we have already ordered them.