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if one's only desires is to do harm to someone after they have done just about the same or maybe more to one another. karma shall strike in the oddest way & total truth will arise with proof for the one that desires the harm for that would mean they are the one who has caused more harm.

It is a long war and you we have just seen maybe a very significant turn and escalation in that war, we haven't yet found a way -- and I think it's going to be extremely difficult to hermetically seal the nation, abroad or here at home, against these kinds of attacks.

I understand the inclination for that to be the hype, but I think it maybe could be a letdown -- it is so tough with 10 candidates on the stage for spotlight to be on those two candidates.

I don't eat beef or pork, but I thought maybe it's the chicken or fish.

For two years I squatted at a friend's to save rent and sent all my earnings - maybe $350 a month - to my sick wife and children in Turkey, since the coronavirus lockdown there's no work. I can offer my family nothing.

It's a natural emotion for most people to feel like, OK, maybe if I had a couple of extra detectives on this case it would have been solved, there are times when I'm jealous of cases that get solved. You think selfishly sometimes.

Many people have what I call the Gaddafi virus. People who have power, don't want to give it up, it's impossible that the GNC will vote. We are dealing with a very difficult situation. Maybe we can get support of independents for the deal without the GNC.

A traditional development economist might a few years ago have looked at how to invest a million dollars in supporting small and medium-scale enterprise( in) the capital city, maybe one or two other cities in the country, today if we want to deal with the phenomenon of exclusion, of potential radicalization, we will look at who will have the greatest added benefit.

The takeaway will be, for those who can relate to him, will be healing, to relate to a vet who has gone through similar things that Chris has gone through, and maybe not feel so alone.

Cruz is very well-organized. I think he came into this campaign with a strong investment in social media and on-the-ground troops, and I think that pays off especially in caucus states and smaller states, donald Trump maybe is a lot of things, in his campaign as well, but his campaign will not be written about in the record books as having the most organized effort in America.

It's confusing, frustrating, i'll go and figure it out for an at-bat or two, and then it's gone, where in the past I've been able to figure it out and maybe hold onto it for a while.

If the only way that we can do our oversight is through an impeachment proceeding, then maybe we have to go down that road.

If the President is worried about National Security Council hiring any former administration people, maybe he should work on being a better employer.

The energy walking up the chute to No. 10 is some of the most you'll feel, if you're in the hunt, you know what you're walking into. And they'll remind you if you try to block it out. But that's the beauty of the place. It's really maybe the greatest stadium there is in golf.

I thought, 'Wouldn't it be hilarious if we rented out a sleep-away camp and invited our friends,' we could play all the activities like we did as kids ... and maybe party at night.

Maybe Koch can take it into its own system, but refiners there are not too keen on the grade. Basrah Heavy is much better.

Hopefully people hear our story and it motivates them to do the right thing, by doing that, maybe it won't affect them or it won't affect their family but maybe they help another family not endure the pain and agony that me and my sister and our kids and the rest of our family are enduring right now.

And realize that maybe they came into your life, not to be there forever, but to teach you something that will make you ready when forever finds you.

I haven't seen a party which would vote via blockchain, if you removed the politician and made it just a bitcoin machine, then maybe it would work but you can't do that.

Maybe we are now looking at 200 GW by 2030, making it the leading nuclear country by capacity, but there is still potential for nuclear to take an even greater share.

Maybe now they have started again.

Maybe some of the men would not have come to fight if they'd known it would be like this, we feel tricked because they said the international community was behind us but our colleagues are dying and we don't know when it will end.

The story that (Aylan's father) told is untrue. I don't know what made him lie, maybe fear, he was the driver from the very beginning until the boat sank.

I was at a buffet and the staff encouraged me to try Russian food. I liked it. I did not even know what they ate in Russia, in Canada we have Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern food, but I've never seen Russian. Maybe I will look for a Russian restaurant - hopefully I can find one!

It's safer than a flying drone. People actually do not like low flying drones, especially when they are flying over their backyard and it's a buzzing, flying machine. If it's doing a delivery for you maybe it's okay, but of it's doing a delivery for somebody else, you know, people don't like that. People don't like other machines flying over their backyard where their children are playing. So there's huge social acceptance problems with the robots, with the robots that are flying. But not so much for the robots that are land-based, and safe, and look cute.

One of the mummies had a trace of an arrow in the head, it proves he died in a conflict. Maybe that explains three mummies in one big sarcophagus.

To be able to study what we felt and what we're going through - maybe this will help people down the line.

I always have and I will continue to support the college. And I hope that once things calm down maybe they’ll reconsider and lift that ban off of me.

We are hoping that we will have something by end of the year, maybe the first quarter of next year, where will we know from Voltron what it costs, at which point, a lot of banks who might be sitting on the sidelines will be able to make a decision, clearly we are hoping that through this technology, the unit cost of doing a transaction comes down, along with other benefits, such as speed.

They can put pressure on his family, put pressure on his friends, maybe they have a line to him. Maybe they know who his cousins are who are going to Syria who can identify him. However, if you publicly tell everybody who he is, his real identity, then maybe he'll go to ground and he'll disappear.

My mother doesn't like it here. She doesn't want to live here anymore. She wants to move back to the Middle East, maybe Lebanon or back to Syria.

I tried to save the child, and I thought maybe I lose my life, but I am just alone.

We've already paid for it ... As part of the forestry permit, we have paid about $5 million (and) a big component of that fee is to pay for reforestation, in six and a half years, the whole focus of this area will be to replant. And in a decade, maybe a bit more than that, it will look like a forest again.

It isn't necessarily 100% effective but it certainly is very effective indeed in that maybe 85 to 95% of the worms will be killed.

The intent of the new law is obviously to discourage teachers from having firearms to protect themselves and their students, Gottlieb said. But the law allows the school districts locally to make these decisions on their own. And maybe this new law will help convince school districts that they actually should make this decision on their own.

If businesses hadn't spent nine months trying to gut this thing, maybe I'd feel differently, but you know, things changed.

Maybe that had an influence on (Sanders).

Maybe this world is another planet's hell.

Maybe I'd sell it if I could buy a modern diesel car at that price.

We're big admirers of Vettel, he just doesn't like Formula E. Maybe one day we can convince him to come to Formula E.

Maybe the universe is tricking us.

There are people that are scared of some foods and there are those that want an adventure, let's say you happen eat a grasshopper or worms or a cricket. You have to be open -- there are 60 million people that like this food. So maybe it is good.

You kind of see more of these situations, or extremes, i don't know if maybe it was going on before and there was no coverage, or if it's happening with greater frequency.

They've got me off one of my chemo drugs, which was killing me. And I won't know till tomorrow( when) I go in for some tests, and then maybe another week or so before I find out where things stand.

If it's from scratch and they don't have any roads down, they would need to be very advanced with not only their detailed planning but also tendering to find the correct contractors to build the place, in a crash program for the civil engineering you could maybe manage in six to nine months but that's pretty magic.

There are different options, political ones, economic ones, russia delivers coal to the Ukrainian energy sector. We could, and maybe in this situation we need to, take a decision about halting deliveries of coal by our commercial organizations which deliver coal to Ukrainian power stations.

Maybe they thought, ‘Well, let’s prove that we’re going to stray from the books. We’re going to do something else, and he will be our first example of that.’ So maybe that could have been the case. Or maybe I just screwed up. Maybe I said the wrong thing to the wrong person.

I was very impatient. In a way, also was maybe paying attention to it too much, to the Grand Slams, i was just playing better tennis at the other tournaments. At Madrid, Rome, other Masters, the World Tour Finals.

What is happening today maybe gives a message that we can expect a very productive 2016, i don't want to be over-optimistic, because many times up to now we have been disappointed but there is all around a cautious optimism.

It’s those smaller human kindnesses that if they can be easier and gentler for the experience, why not? maybe it takes somebody who’s going through it to realize the issue, and not the health care provider watching from the outside.

I think the most important thing is to acknowledge and sit with the idea that something is making us uncomfortable, i think what we don't do is acknowledge that the thing that we're describing is the anxiety, maybe the depression, maybe the residuals of trauma exposure. That's the part that we're not acknowledging because everyone doesn't have that language. And that's OK.

Who could imagine he would commit such a horror? maybe he was changed where he studied, maybe it was something on the internet. But we just don't have any answers.

You can have 360 (degree) video streams all round the world, operators can send feeds, for instance, from sporting events, from museums, restaurants, and so forth, users could connect to those VR streams and as they connect to them they can engage users within that space, and they can engage users who maybe don't have to have off-the-shelf phones. So a user may have got a phone from an operator that supports standard based video calling. You'd see a user net VR space and you'd be able to click on them and actually initiate a video call with that user overlaid on a 360 stream.

Generally, just for the flowers to come into the country, they have to go through a process with the [U.S.] Department of Agriculture, maybe once in a while I’ll see a bug but it could have come in from outside. Nothing has ever been harmful, so I don’t think that justifies it.

There's no water, no gas, no electricity. They say it could be back tonight or maybe tomorrow.

[Tom] doesn’t eat nightshades, because they’re not anti-inflammatory, so no tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, or eggplants. Tomatoes trickle in every now and then, but just maybe once a month. I’m very cautious about tomatoes. They cause inflammation.

The demographics in Georgia are continuing to evolve and with the growth of Atlanta we're bringing more progressives into our state and so I think, from a national level, folks are seeing that maybe there's a turn and shift potentially in Georgia in the future, i'm not sure I buy that completely, but it is true that the demographics are shifting.

Generally a child with a therapist will be attentive with that therapist maybe 12-15 percent of the time of the session. Typically children are engaged with Milo 80 percent of the time…. So, we are seeing a lot more attention being paid to Milo.

Unfortunately the main consequence of this is that Ukraine could become toxic, maybe not as toxic as Russia became during the Mueller investigation, but toxic.

Shannen and I talk a lot on Twitter via [direct message]. And I spoke to her maybe two or three days ago, and we decided that we're going to get together. That date has not been set yet, but yes.

There were some snapchats, saying we ought to do this again. This is great. They were out on the dance floor, celebrating his birthday in the big city. Why would he ditch his cousins after that? maybe he got jumped.

I just hope whoever did find the money, if it has been found, that they see this and maybe find it in their heart to return it.

Maybe put aside the hard work and the times it was so stressful and think about this. This is the best part.

Sometimes, surgery is a blessing, and it can help remove cancer and do great things, but it doesn't come cost-free, and it doesn't come complication-free, there is going to be time that's needed to heal and recover, and if you're not willing to give yourself that time, maybe you should weigh that into your decision if it was lumpectomy versus mastectomy, but I think, do the homework. Don't rush into something so quickly. Take the time, get that extra opinion, meet with one more plastic surgeon.

I thought I was going to lose him, or that maybe he'd lose his other leg.

I was already in labor for maybe seven hours, I was like, I cant do this for very long and as soon as I said that, I felt her move down. He said, Should I call 911 ? And I said, I dont think theres time.

Maybe later. Maybe next time. I'm trying to make 59 one day, yeah, that's my goal.

I was thinking about what I'm going to do next, i knew I wanted to maybe do some baking experiments at home, but I also knew that just yesterday they're calling for volunteers for the NHS. So I thought 'that's a great thing that I could do with my time.'.

What is legitimate enough to make a stand? when is it enough to put yourself and other people’s lives on the line? Is it justified? Maybe in the end we’ll look at each other and say, ‘What are we doing?’.

Syria is gone. Syria is dying. The funeral will be declared in due time. This Bashar Assad, he will be remembered in history textbooks as the one who lost Syria, until now he has lost 75 percent of Syria ... He is, practically, governor of 20 percent of Syria. And his future, if I may predict it, is shrinking all of the time. And maybe we will have him as the president of 'Alawistan'.

Total excavator sales in China are off maybe 80 percent from the peak but appeared to have maybe at least leveled out in 2016 versus 2015.

I think having a president that maybe is humble and is able to admit that here... wouldn't be a bad thing, you're on the committee that oversees border security.

The [Justice Department] is on 'high alert' right now, so maybe even a smaller deal is harder than in the past.

Maybe we will find this out now that people have started removing measures, one at a time, and then maybe we will get some kind of information on what, in addition to what we did, we could do without adopting a total lockdown.

The detrimental side is that they damage someone’s vehicle and they’re actually maybe - maybe getting $20 to $30 of fuel.

That was my first bit of hope, like, 'Oh, I can maybe get out,'.

The idea of no longer being guaranteed that protagonist's role really weighed upon me, maybe I would have stopped feeling as comfortable within myself.

Psychology can explain why somebody would turn rage inward on themselves about the fact that maybe they weren't going to keep doing their job and they're upset about that and so they're suicidal, but there is no mental illness that explains why somebody then feels entitled to also take that rage and turn it outward on 149 other people who had nothing to do with the person's problems.

The biggest partner in these discussions is the central bank and we have daily communication with them and whatever we plan is in full coordination under their approval, we won't need, and we have not involved, police and in no way the military. They don't have to play any role. But if we were asked to carry bigger amounts of money then maybe we would ask for a police escort, especially if it is to remote areas.

If I was a kitten Maybe I wouldn’t be so smitten It’s as though I’ve been bitten From the poem Smitten

One possibility is maybe there's some resistance to the antibiotics that they are using, it is difficult to prevent a disease when it is not known how infection is acquired.

They're going to argue exactly that, this was a normal stop, or maybe he just fell down on his own while the vehicle was moving, or maybe it was a combination of forces of Mr. Gray falling down or losing his balance at the same time the vehicle was stopping.

If Benoit Garbe were to ask young consumers in more sophisticated cities when they last had Pizza Hut, Benoit Garbe'll likely get a' maybe 10 years ago' or' with my grandparents' kind of response.

We're in a market where bad news maybe good news.

The government would need to put up billions of dollars to generate something there, Just putting a bigger rail line in, and maybe a road, isn't really going to change all that much.

We're seeing a lot more [ buyout ] activity right now because there is so much uncertainty, voluntary programs can be a good first step if you're looking at reducing headcounts. It maybe saves positions of some people who would like to have a future with the company, and offers choices for those considering making a life change. It can be a valuable program for both employers and employees.

Once she leaves Japan, the next person she'll see will be in San Francisco, unless maybe someone in a fishing vessel stops by to say' Hi' in the middle of the ocean.

One of the interesting areas that we plan to explore in partnership with large companies is actually using our platform technology to include other drugs that previously maybe haven't been suitable for topical or transdermal delivery - or drugs which may have not got through the regulatory filings because, for instance, they might have caused stomach irritation or other side effects when taken orally.

It's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning. And I like the idea that we get to tell a bigger story, maybe with a sort of wider vista.

Maybe I'm projecting, but I think everyone is pretty lonely right now. I am certainly a lot lonelier right now than I would usually be.

What's going to come out of China is a short-term concern for the market, so maybe the 5-percent decline we've seen is not quite enough, but what's most important is the payroll numbers coming out today highlight that the economy in the U.S. has not in any way derailed.

The RIN prices have been relatively low and relatively calm since last spring so that would tell me that there should be less economic harm in the refining industry right now than there was a year ago, there's more than just the price of RINs for economic harm but just by that factor alone, I'd think maybe there would be fewer refinery exemptions because of that.

Maybe it's not too much to ask for more transparency talking about search engines.

There are suburban Republicans who are maybe dissatisfied with the President's personality but there's people, like in this part of the district, who are very supportive of the President.

We arrived here a week before our first match, which I think everyone considered to be pretty early, i was taking the match very seriously today. But when you have a child, maybe that becomes your priority for a period of time. Maybe I could have got on the practice courts sooner.

I still play probably 10 or 15 nights a year in public… I don’t practice much tennis I play maybe one or two times a month but I still get to watch it, i run a foundation in Austin and that picks up a lot of my time.

When they experience the robot and the voice butlers, they say 'Wow!'. When they enter into the lobby they say 'Wow!', it's such a different lobby. It's empty - but maybe it's the kind of empty of the future.

I wanted to make money for him, $100, maybe $120, selling lemonade and popsicles.

A lot of investors seem to be indicating that this might be the low point for ANZ and that had a positive impact on the index and the view that the worse maybe over for financials.

Trump proposes amnesty. We voted for Trump and got Jeb! 100 miles of border wall in exchange for amnestying millions of illegals. So if we grant citizenship to a BILLION foreigners, maybe we can finally get a full border wall.