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The market took their cues from China overnight, and the Berkshire deal is another factor driving investor sentiment today.

The market is looking at different things, we've got the headline, which is a little bit softer, and the average hourly earnings that are much better.

People are starting to realize that in the private market it's not always better, particularly with inflated valuations, atlassian is certainly going to bring that conversation to the forefront again.

Homeowners are feeling encouraged by market conditions, they're motivated to do bigger projects: the kitchen, the bathroom.

It’s being marketed to folks with amphetamine addiction, and they market it as the latest and greatest.

There a bit of market pressure on Turkey, all things (reports on central bank pressure) make you a little uncomfortable.

Oil is deeply oversold. The stock market is deeply oversold. The inability for the market to rally from deeply oversold conditions clearly tells you how weak the market is.

Again Sheikh Ali have both a demand shock and a supply shock at the same time, i don't see a real rebalancing of the market taking place this year.

You’re seeing overpayment, or outsized payments, for what is market performance or mediocre performance, directors can’t ignore the issue of pay inequality or rising executive pay.

There are still preliminary steps that can be taken to prepare for that day, when it happens, the United States will be in a very good position to reclaim a portion of the market we've lost.

The air strike at the central vegetable market in (Maarat al-Numan) was around noon. Another strike at the same time hit Kafr Nubl's own market.

Market failures are always sources of inspiration for enterprise, finding the overlap between global and local trends is where the sweet spot lies.

India is too huge a seed market for anyone to leave( of) one's own choice.

Clearly news about the FIFA officials is impacting sentiment and has pushed the market lower, but on generally weak volumes.

We will closely look at the market and customer trends to decide next steps while continuing full production.

China Southern Airlines is one of the most prestigious airlines in the Chinese domestic market and an important market player in the world.

We understand the dynamic of the market and we will do what is right for the business.

Some near-term caution toward stocks is warranted given the strong gains in the first half combined with a slowing global economy, renewed trade tensions and stalled corporate profits growth, moreover the lack of market participation outside of the large-cap S&P 500 highlights the challenge.

This is kind of an inflection point, it used to be, 'As long as AUM is up and as long as the market is up, you'll be fine.' But that's no longer true.

Buyers are still allowing prices to grow because demand remains strong, but supply at the top end of the market appears to have overshot demand and that is the softest area of the Manhattan market.

Airlines can launch any number of international flights as the market can support, travellers can thus look forward to more flights at more competitive prices.

There were in all three explosions. Two went off in the Bodo Market and a third exploded on a bridge near the military camp, the temporary count informs us that at least 25 people were killed in the bombings.

A durable bottom in stocks requires neutralizing the virus' negative economic and earnings impact, the virus has injected huge uncertainty around consumer spending, the job market and business sentiment.

To the extent that there may be episodes in which liquidity is compromised and the market is very thin, at that moment the foreign exchange commission may review that situation.

Social commerce is a market to monitor because Facebook has moved more sharply in a commerce direction recently with the launch of many commerce friendly features.

This is better than what the market was expecting, the probability of implementing the (delisting) decision for the market is still quite low.

I can't see a huge opportunity for positive surprises (from the Doha OPEC/non-OPEC meeting). A freeze doesn't change the market dynamic.

Yili, Mengniu and Unilever are the top three players in the Chinese ice cream market. Yili is the market leader, albeit with just a 10% volume share of the market.

After the LBO wave of 2006/07, investors started to pay close attention to CoC, we expect more IG bonds to include them as market conditions change.

It's difficult to judge whether investors are overreacting, or whether the market is near its bottom, this is already a small-scale stock market disaster. Any rebound, if there is any, could be just technical.

The feeling is that the FSB wants the spot forex market moved to traded venues, that is completely absent (from the review). I thought they would have explored this a bit more but they didn't.

I think they’ll happen more, we hope to continue to be a market participant.

Money is flowing into Hong Kong stocks because they're relatively cheap compared with bonds, but since the rally is driven by liquidity, not fundamental factors, I suspect the market will lose upward momentum before long.

This is a positive surprise. The market has built in the expectation of at least a one-notch cut, so it will price in the positive news.

For everyone its absolutely clear that this is a big market that will be back over time.

This is very important for the market to maintain its stability.

We are hoping for an issuance soon after the summer. This is very much work in progress and as you can imagine much depends on underlying assets and market conditions.

I believe that the Portuguese market will be one of the first globally to be able to use this (5G) technology.

In principle non-sanctioned companies can go to market to issue. After an extended absence of primary placements, there will be at least several new Eurobond issues from the summer.

The steel and aluminum that stays in the domestic market for sale will be affected and the (higher) prices will be passed on to the consumer.

A sizeable percentage of the market is factoring in some sort of quantitative-easing announcement, so there's a touch of trepidation, investors have bought the rumour so they could sell the news.

We don’t think of them as crashes. We think of them as a headache, we call them ‘divorce,’ we call them ‘the stock market is really down,’.

Corporate earnings have to get better for this market to go to the next level.

The market today witnessed a correction after the strong price rally and volume surges seen after the currency devaluation on March 14.

There's quite a lot of skepticism in the market as to whether this fiscal package can change anything.

The pay-TV market is highly concentrated... which indicates the urgency to generate competitive conditions.

The way the market is now is extremely disappointing.

We conclude that the global anti PD-1/PD-L1 market is worth an un-risk-adjusted $10 billion a year, materially less than the optimistic (in our view) $20-30 billion forecasts in the market today.

The combined global market opportunity is huge.

Whether it is Greece or Ukraine, the market is giving the policy makers the benefit of the doubt that some of these talks will materialize in real progress.

If Gou runs for the election, the market may draw parallels to the rally in the U.S. stock market after U.S. President Trump won in 2016.

We're looking at a flattish kind of market today that is looking to grasp a positive theme and the banks haven't delivered this morning.

When you are a neutral market facilitator you cannot be a market party.

The elephant species is in the hands of the Chinese President, once the President decides to close down the legal market of ivory and elephant in China, the poaching of elephants will end.

We're already in a bear market in Europe and fears over Brexit are adding further pressure and uncertainty to markets.

If Facebook has a dominant market position, then the consent that the user gives for his data to be used is no longer voluntary, that's because he has no alternative - he has to use Facebook if he wants to use a social network.

While we do not anticipate another major market collapse like we have seen in the past 15 years.

There is a malaise in the market as investors re-adjust their expectations of a Fed hike.

Its investment in Renesas has been a relative success story, but make no mistake ... LCD is a market that doesn't have that underlying stability that Renesas has in automotive semiconductors.

The death of the market maker model is overplayed. It is not one or the other, clearly the pricing of risk was too low and it has returned to more sustainable levels ... The market maker model is becoming more selective, people (in banks) are looking more ruthlessly at businesses.

What they are doing is transitioning from, effectively, a niche player into a full portfolio player, and the challenge then is to gain market share.

Our hope would be that there is further upside there, particularly in Europe, where the market seems to be extraordinarily strong, that may be the case.

The market is disappointed by a very small crude oil inventory draw. ... The only sign of strength in the market is the continued modest decline of gasoline inventories.

There are a number of market participants who look at increasing global risk and just connect a dotted line to lower aerospace orders.

This is a big-bang move, it's meant to address some real issues and also prevailing market sentiment over the past two days.

This is based on relief over the direction of interest rates and some buying on what was seen as overdone weakness in the early sessions of the new year, market volatility is going to remain elevated.

The market is starting to price in anything that is the reverse of the Fed tightening, that has implications for obviously oil, but also currencies that continue to weaken relative to the dollar, which is mainly the commodity oriented currencies and emerging markets.

But by bringing in the AgBank chairman, they are really not bringing anybody with a fresh market perspective but a political insider.

We had a couple of strong days as a result of the Fed, the market is getting sucked into a fear trade.

The market had expected a sharper drop.

The market is forward looking, and it is becoming increasingly evident that supply and demand are coming into balance - notwithstanding the still extremely downbeat forecasts being published by agencies like the EIA and IEA.

This is a critical problem to the functioning of markets, without secondary market liquidity, primary issuance will be impaired. We're in a fragile state now.

The market is trying to assess whether we'll see a supply disruption, if any, iran has already seen their exports cut to minimal volumes; they have little to lose in the way of crude oil exports.

It's all about product market fit.

While the overall market both in (domestic) A-shares, and to a lesser extent in Hong Kong can be expensive, there are plenty of individual stocks which are reasonably priced.

In the (United States) and in (Britain)... we see a market with increased supply particularly of cheap heroin and we already see some impact in terms of deaths. We see heroin-related deaths are going up.

The underlying assets remain very attractive and generate substantial cash flow. As long as you have a reputable sponsor behind you, there's less risk than the market thinks.

Nonetheless, markets are still incredibly nervous and some sharp market moves are likely over the next 24 hours.

Market competition in the first half of the year was quite intense and it is expected that sector losses will widen further.

Pakistan's production is around 6.5 million tonnes annually - out of which 3.5 million tonnes we export, prices have come down as the international market has come down.

Following interest expressed by several parties, Exxon Mobil has decided to open a data room to test the market interest for the upstream portfolio in Norway.

China has reached saturation - its phone market is essentially driven by replacement, with fewer first-time buyers.

This might reduce the market participation of Deutsche Bank in fixed income and FX trading and create more room for other banks to grow in Asia.

The A-share market in general is likely to remain volatile at best and dangerous at worst.

It's hard for me to project market share in a segment of the market (when) we're not sure when it's going to happen.

I think the market is taking the fact that she's noncommittal on policy as a shift towards the hawks - at least the hawks won't be as suppressed under Lagarde as they were under (former chief Mario) Draghi, this explains the selloff we're getting in Bunds now.

In contrast with the crude market which is shrinking, the product market is becoming more global.

If this product comes to market the company should be fully responsible for any problems that may occur.

Asia is that market nowadays.

There's a lot of interest in hedging scrap and rebar ... what's preventing us is a lack of liquidity in (existing) contracts so having a market maker would be lovely to see.

Is the race for speed helping or hurting market function?

In this case, there are three players with equal market share of about a third. In such a case nobody is willing to pay extra for additional spectrum ... They are comfortable with the current status quo.

Initial reports indicate that One Touch radically improves checkout conversion for merchants and time to checkout for consumers beyond anything else available in the market today.

Job interview is so bogus often in a private organization that it is conducted to merely collect market and competitors’ information with no intention to select the candidate for the vacant position.

Yes, the market is getting more and more difficult. We do have to look for opportunity.

It is extremely difficult to effectively hedge these long-term contracts, especially in a new market like LNG.

We are very close to exporting to the U.S., where this market is well-established, and I think the European market is especially responsive to the benefits which we add to the product, which is no sulphur-added and vegan-friendly.

The labour market has become overheated, this will eventually lead to rising inflationary pressures. This will call for tighter monetary policy despite current low inflation.

At these valuations, the market is desperate for a catalyst to move higher.

The old India was economically fragmented. The new India will create one tax, one market and for one nation.