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We continue to coordinate with the state AGs on both of the matters that have been made public.

By understanding these competitive dynamics, we can understand how the market leaders have monopoly power, how they exercise that monopoly power and whether the source of that power is for merit-based competition or the source of that power is exclusionary.

Some have suggested changing the antitrust laws, creating new agencies or even regulating the conduct of some firms ... it bears repeating that our existent framework is flexible enough to detect harm in any industry and emerging ones.

Although privacy fits primarily within the realm of consumer protection law, it would be a grave mistake to believe that privacy concerns can never play a role in antitrust analysis.

There's nothing wrong with these companies individually announcing higher emission standards if they want to.

Those are some of the questions that are being raised ... whether those were nascent competitors that may or may not have been wise to approve, whether the intention of the incumbent was to purchase some of those competitors, I don't know. I'm not privy to the facts of each of those investigations.

I think it's safe to say more than a dozen or so state attorneys general that have expressed an interest in the subject matter.

We are now one step closer to strengthening competition for high-quality 5G networks that will benefit American consumers nationwide.

Acquisitions of nascent competitors can be pro-competitive in certain instances and anti-competitive in others, i will note the potential for mischief if the purpose and effect of an acquisition is to block potential competitors, protect a monopoly, or otherwise harm competition.

Another important parallel for modern observers is that consumers actually enjoyed lower prices during the height of Standard Oil's dominance.

The government's successful monopolization case against Microsoft may very well have paved the way for companies like Google, Yahoo and Apple to enter with their own desktop and mobile products.

There have been many changes in the music industry, ... and the needs of music creators and music users have continued to evolve.

If the case is there for us to challenge a transaction or suggest changes, we will do that.

I have not made up my mind, the investigation continues. We've requested some data from the companies that will be forthcoming. We don't have a set number of meetings or a time line.

I understand that some journalists and observers have recently expressed concern that the antitrust division no longer believes that vertical mergers can be efficient and beneficial to competition and consumers, rest assured these concerns are misplaced.

I understand that some journalists and observers have recently expressed concern that the antitrust division no longer believes that vertical mergers can be efficient and beneficial to competition and consumers.

We will see what the investigation shows. (Disney) didn't propose to acquire Fox Sports 1 and 2. They didn't acquire Fox Broadcasting and say, you know what, we will combine this with ABC and don't worry about it we'll have an arbitrator decide if prices for advertisers go up or competition for content creators goes down, they had good advice and carved out surgically ... a transaction that might be doable. But again, who knows where that transaction leads.