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Don't forget that a tail is a tail; it isn't just a Little Bit Extra at the back.

It is not enough to offer a smorgasbord of courses. We must insure that students are not just eating at one end of the table.

In universities and intellectual circles, academics can guarantee themselves popularity-or, which is just as satisfying, unpopularity-by being opinionated rather than by being learned.

Keep things to yourself, don't share it. Life is kinda like a secret, don't share your secrets because we all know, we're just going to make things up about it.- A nobody

if one's only desires is to do harm to someone after they have done just about the same or maybe more to one another. karma shall strike in the oddest way & total truth will arise with proof for the one that desires the harm for that would mean they are the one who has caused more harm.

They are just literally hanging on to her words, hoping that she's alive when the contact comes through, that she hasn't been killed by a drone or a bomb or whatever.

Changing your password will just add one more roadblock to a potential hacker getting into your system.

Got a kid who fell in the pond. I just got him, i got a civilian who got him out. I'm still in the pond. Almost drowned.

No challenges hopefully, but I mean if there is a challenge, I mean I am also up for it, i’m in a really good place emotionally and mentally, so those are really good things – took sometime to focus on myself, mind body and soul, you know? Got all my stuff together and just got my artillery ready for 2018.

I just saw a black mushroom cloud go up, typically you dont see a mushroom cloud in the desert.

This is not the first administration to have enabled Saudi Arabia and given them wide berth, it's just that Bruce Riedel have a senior Saudi leadership that has been uncharacteristically risk-ready and frankly reckless.

I really can’t explain why the people wait in line for five or six hours, but it’s become this whole tailgating experience, people make mimosas and bloody marys. It’s bigger than the barbecue. I think it's just become a unique thing to the Austin community.

You just making up s***.

I'm a black Mormon, so there's no way I could be racist, i'm just passionate about black issues because nobody else seems to be.

The public just doesn’t hear often enough from conservative politicians and advocacy groups that are engaging in constructive debates on climate policy.

What did the best the last three days, meaning financials, energy and biotech, are pulling back the most today, so that certainly makes sense, and it just looks like profit-taking today.

Don’t let anybody pull you down, just remember, you’re the best.

The whole grounds on which Apple is standing on are just super important.

I walked in further, I noticed two over there. Three over there, i just couldn't believe it.

We get to support each other, most spellers have only one life, since it's just themselves, but me and Andrew get to have two lives.

I currently have a client who just yesterday reported such a behavior in her dog, Isis. Her toddler has a tendency to climb and tumble. As a response, the dog now stands behind her to brace her fall. The owner gave no such instruction. What emotion drives that innovation, if not feelings of empathy ? Empathy is found at the heart of social attachment.

If he had just departed without any explanation, that would have fueled unnecessary speculation.

It was so easy for me to just jump into where Jesse's at mentally, emotionally, because I lived and breathed everything Jesse Pinkman went through and then some, and so, honestly, it felt like a part of me had gone through that as well, all I had to do was just memorize these words and then play them out when they yelled' action.'.

I was terrified. Honestly, I was blacked out, it just came up to me and all I was thinking was, ‘ Oh my god it's actually happening. What do I do ? ’ Okay, boom. I just moved his head down to the right. But it was fun. I have a different appreciation for sharks now. I'm okay with'em.

I think a receptionist just said that to the guy from the Post and he sort of ran with it. I designed the space and Downton Abbey didn't have anything to do with it, however it's a great show!

It’s amazing to be here today, knowing Aaron lives on, it’s very emotional but all positive. Everything has just been so positive.

Technology permeates modern life and we thought it would be revealing to see how knowledgeable people were about some core concepts and history, policy makers, tech designers, and those orienting their organizations around digital life can profit from knowing just how 'technology literate' people are and where gaps in their knowledge might be. Just because people use these gadgets a lot doesn't necessarily mean they know everything about how they work and where they came from.

You don’t have to do it in a brisk way or elevate your heart rate, just increasing the number of steps will have a lot of impact.

I didn’t make any noise, i wasn’t rude. I didn’t curse at anybody. I was just sitting enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.

Virtually reality exercise is a really, really good at being able to distract you from the fact that you were exercising and letting you just enjoy the game.

It's super surreal and very overwhelming and kind of daunting stepping onto that set but luckily we'd just done a movie together and I think it helped a lot to have a partner in crime, besides the personalities being daunting because they're all such amazing actors, it's also daunting to step on and learn about how Aaron Taylor-Johnson're going to portray these characters when it's all second nature to them now.

Probably just take me to jail, what?

And we all know the answer to that question - it's Ayatollah Khamenei and the IRGC’s top command, i think it (prosecution of Ahmadinejad) is a political liability they just can’t afford at this time.

The media owes it to the blood of our soldiers to question what is going on, to tell all sides of the story, otherwise we are just not doing our job.

We rolled out a new low dollar campaign to reach a wide variety of supporters and as part of that effort reached out to our network, just as Ms. Nixon’s campaign has dozens of contributions from her staff and their family members, as the latest filing and poll numbers show, Cynthia’s campaign is on life support, which is why her lines are getting increasingly more combative and desperate.

By the time I walked outside it was fully involved in flames. You could just hear this squealing noise. That just added to the heart-wrenching of all of this.

Why are we as pro-lifers calling for boycotts on products which give about one cent per sale to Planned Parenthood, then turning around to write them a check for almost a million dollars ? our governor is going to war to keep $ 3 million out of the hands of abortionists in Texas. Why are we fighting so hard and then writing them a check ? It’s just a building.

People just assume that ifyour desk is messy, your head is messy.

Im scared ! i just dont like needles. Im freaking out just with the pen.

Having gratitude is a beautiful emotion but it can't just stop there, there was a time and place for it, but we've moved on beyond that as a society and women have to embrace their power.

On the first day, there were still Hezbollah flags there. Then somebody told them simply just to change to Syrian flags rather than withdrawing to trick everybody.

You will not go to an area and start from scratch ... you know you have gold there. It's just about how much, the tax and royalty system can be applied in countries that don't have any information about their lands ... but EMRA has a century of work, reports, and maps.

It's only a temporary measure for a larger problem, if we really are going to address the issue, we can't just look at the symptoms. We need to address the cause of the problems.

We were trying to just get them ready for high school, teach them social skills. That's what makes them a good team now -- they know how to work together, now they are champions.

It would be pointless to dismiss workers just to hire them back a year later, with the risk of not getting them all back and with the damage it would do the community, the company will shoulder the losses until the start of the new project.

Unless we help the Libyans to have a state structure, to have a security apparatus which is able to control these terrorist organizations, it will be just an illusion to think that we can have security and stability in the Sahel.

We went and covered up the tourists that died -- God rest their souls -- and waited, terrified, in complete chaos. We were scared that -- God forbid -- there might be a second shooter. It was all just a mess.

I chased him, he sat in his car and with the shotgun in my hands, I threw it through his window like an arrow. He just swore at me and took off.

Afghanistan is simply not ready to take all the returnees back, it's not just basic security, it's about work and prospects for the future.

Nine children of mine are missing; I just collected body parts, i don't know whether it's my children or someone else.

I wasn't a rebel. I wasn't some fighter in a car, i was just a pen seller and the whole world saw me.

I not once said anything to these guys. I was just walking, i ’m not sure if I was disrespected for my skin color or my World Peace sign. I was shocked.

They looked at India as one of the markets they need to be in, but India is a very different kind of market, they thought if they bring the car at a good price, people will buy. It is not just about the initial price, it is also fuel efficiency and the whole cost of ownership.

This is a big mistake from the American president because the Palestinians have a just case and the U.S. knows what Israel did to the Palestinian people.

At night we heard the sound of firing just 100 meters (330 feet) away from my house. The next morning when the forces had left and we came out of the house we saw 13 people had been shot dead, even though I was a child, I still remember the bodies everywhere and how their clothes were covered in blood. All those scenes are still alive in my memory.

The United Nations did not play the role of mediator, it was biased towards the east, they cannot bring peace to Libya – they just add fuel to the fire.

( MBS) was just trying to familiarize my father with him as part of his efforts to introduce himself with the public and influential figures, sheikh Salman is not someone who can be controlled.

I created the petition just to gather DC Fans and express their anger just for fun. I didn't mean it to be taken that serious.

I'm just so terribly sad. I had to leave here without the body of my dead brother.

It was just an out-of-body experience.

This is President Trump laying the groundwork for 2020, to make sure his supporters will call into question the results of the election if he doesn't win, he's using this situation to further himself. He doesn't care about having one more senator in Washington, he just wants people to start getting the idea that election results aren't real.

Two of the investors from Greater China are basically saying,' You need to fly to Beijing to meet us before we can actually issue you the term sheet,' so I'm thinking, you know, should I just go and then just stay there until everything is over ?

There is a lot of downside priced into the stocks but overall I'd still say I'm not really positive on the group just yet.

Got just enough room/ to be a friend of yours./ Oh I hope you got room/ to be a friend of mine.

Then we had him use our algorithm to control the virtual arm on the screen just using his brain signals, very early on he could hit the target with 95 to 100% accuracy.

Bob needs to understand that Disney CEO Bob Iger is an employee just the same as the people scrubbing gum off the sidewalk are employees, and they're entitled to the same dignity and human rights that Disney CEO Bob Iger is.

To vote for Hillary just because she is a woman is just as bad as not.

In Biblical times, a man could have as many wives as he could afford. Just like today.

The Nigerians that were attacked were completely innocent, they just happened to be black ... I have spoken to the leaders of the Nigerian community in India and a lot of them are indoors, they are scared, they were worried about a mob that was gathering overnight.

The initial reaction was fear. Why was Officer Allen chosen? That speaks volumes as it relates to how vulnerable are we. ... We look like we're prepared for anything, but the reality is, we're just like you. We go to the same schools in this community. We attend the same churches. We eat at the same restaurants. We are just like you.

If you look at the size of the opportunity, not just in RA but also in lupus and other possible inflammatory indications, you have to begin to think in the billions( of dollars) in terms of the sales opportunity.

I had been in the Navy just a short while.

When I was young, I liked Steve McQueen, Burt Lancaster and Clint Eastwood, i think the movie theater was the first place I enjoyed, and it was cheap for a kid ... Later on, when I would go to the movies the theaters began just giving Arabic movie posters to me.

Just a few months ago, the entire country was seen as dangerous and suspect. Now the President and the Secretary of State claim that North Korea is no longer North Korea and that North Korean officials can trust Kim Jong Un, north Korea hasn't changed -- the Trump administration has changed, and this is the ghost of strategies past returning to haunt current diplomatic efforts.

Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.

We have no option. This water is dangerous as you can see, just check.

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.

With malice toward none, with charity for all, ...let us strive on to finish the work we are in, ...to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.

When we started with the revolution, it was not about wanting Assad to leave. We just wanted changes, we wanted a chance to speak freely and we waited for the changes to happen, but those changes did not happen. And the protests moved from peaceful to military.

I went out the next morning just to inspect, i swear to God, cats were eating the corpses.

Most people just sit at home ... we're stuck here and stuck in the camp, there's very little water, and little fuel. We chiefly rely on aid from UNRWA. It's not much but it's our best hope - every 20 days we get a parcel which is just about enough for a family.

This constant redefinition of terms to push aside legal restraints has come to the point we all feared it would. ' It's not an assassination, it's a targeted killing.' Or,' It's not war, it's just the way we're doing business these days,'.

If Abu Hurriya is sincere, he would be willing to do just that -- be supervised and work for ongoing trust.

There are some families that have been buried under the rubble and no one is able to retrieve their bodies, the regime is just burning and destroying ... and then trying to advance on several fronts.

It's always just (enough for) food and water. There are no savings because of the high prices.

Know that the lions of the caliphate are in your cities they are in Paris, they are in France. They are in all European capitals. They just await one order to do what they have to do.

He once told me that he wanted to make a concert, the date of the concert is not fixed yet, but he told me just to wait.

It is a solution just to pay the debt, not to foster economic development for Puerto Rico.

If you’re negative, it’s bad, so I try to stay positive no matter what happens, everybody has challenges, you’ve got to overcome and just do your thing still, don’t give up.

Vision Gran Turismo is really for us an exciting project to not just tailor our design work to a group of 450 exclusive customers, but really design something for the millions and tailor something for our fans of the brand.

In the short term, Widodo will have to accommodate the opinions and interests of the Muslim-majority because, if the majority feels insecure, it is difficult to protect minorities, this is just being pro-people. It doesn't mean Indonesia will turn into Saudi Arabia or that the country will go straight to amputating a hand for theft.

My country made it possible for me to become a ballet dancer and I want to pass that on too, that is where the idea for my company, to found the school, came from - to establish a platform, to create this pathway, but not just for Cuba, for the world.

I can tell you that for two-and-a-half years he's been just an excellent secretary of labor, he's done a fantastic job, i do hear that there were a lot of people involved in that decision. Not just him.

It just didn't make any sense to let him get away.

It just means people are going to be screened. cBP officers facilitate lawful trade and travel and process more than 1 million travelers a day at U.S. Ports of Entry.

It just sort of lifts the place, a situation like that, it is positive, it's a good result, I think everyone would have been all smiles. ... Police officers like good stories.

There are lots of people who aren't calling for a strike that are missing. June 11 is part of what is going on but this is bigger than just that.

In the last superhero movie that I played, I was not happy with (it), i just thought it was not up to what it should have been.

It wasn’t like I was looking to do a Super Bowl commercial, but I just thought the concept of this was just too funny to see what people’s reaction would be like, i just sat back and watched the whole thing unfold.

I was just worn out, just worn out.