Top 6 Judith Joan Walker Inspiration Quotes

Profession: , Birthday: October 23, 2020

The way we’ve done things before is like we’re looking to alleviate our colonial guilt, we go in and hand out stuff and [say] ‘You aren’t doing what we think you should be doing, so try this.’.

There’s a perception it will fail or crash and burn, we are here to make this a sustainable business. It can be done in a different way.

Because we’re doing something good for the world, we should also do it for free -- that’s the strange perception of the world, if you’re doing something good for the world, you shouldn’t make money on it. Just like directors of NGOs or charities; they shouldn’t make money. But tomorrow if I designed an app that gave you funny eyebrows and it went crazy and everyone was sharing it and I made a billion dollars on an app that gave you a funny-looking face, everyone would pat me on the back and say congrats. But if you’re doing something incredible, people are dubious.

We can do well financially and have no downside whatsoever, that’s how the world should be.

No one says, ‘Give me a shitty, cheap product’ -- that’s not what they want. We don’t treat the less fortunate like they are a lower class.

Our customers -- I want to treat them as customers. Let’s stop treating poor people like they don’t know what they want.