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Mike Pompeo has been very tough on Iran publicly and as secretary of state would manage the negotiations if there were any, but Mike Pompeo'd unlikely push back hard against those who were recommending a military strike. In the end, the biggest constraint against one is The President The President.

It's hard to see anyone who is looking for inflation protection for the next few years.

Putting water in my body is something that is supposed to be pure, it is a little hard for me to wrap my mind around it.

Why are we as pro-lifers calling for boycotts on products which give about one cent per sale to Planned Parenthood, then turning around to write them a check for almost a million dollars ? our governor is going to war to keep $ 3 million out of the hands of abortionists in Texas. Why are we fighting so hard and then writing them a check ? It’s just a building.

From our side it should have no effect because we will continue to work very hard to support the peace efforts in Syria, in Yemen, we will attend the next Syria talks and we're not going to boycott them because of Iran or anybody else for that matter.

There is no such thing as luck in life; it all boils down to pure hard work.

It's hard for people to dismiss someone who has a career in corrections and who had a hands-on-job with executing people, it doesn't matter what your politics or faith is, that's a voice who gets to be heard.

Egyptians, in history and today, have NEVER been white. BRING BACK GEOGRAPHY!! It's Africa! dear Hollywood, Egypt is in Africa. Northern to be exact. Why is that so hard to grasp? Stop gentrifying African countries.

The pain of losing a pregnancy is hard enough, but we’re only as sick as our secrets and having to keep quiet about something so painful, to me, is an unnecessary source of added pain, i felt a sense of shame.

There's no neat division of tribes. Families will back both sides to ensure they have somebody on the winning side, it makes it very hard for the Saudis to figure out who to empower with money and arms.

For me, it was a mix of fear and awe, she wants a straight answer from people and I think that's what people so desperately want. ... It's that genuine real talk that I think is very hard to find on Capitol Hill.

Because the oil and gas sector has been so hard hit, we've seen lots of people attempting to transfer their skills across to renewable energy.

It was pretty incredible and really hard to describe, it almost looked like a load of muscles contracting. It was clear the creature, which Dickinson later discovered was alion's mane jellyfish— the largest species of jellyfish in the world— wasn't dead. It's alive, Dickinson's son confirmed. The family stared at the jellyfish, and sure enough, it continued to move.

You need very little time [ to synthesize vitamin D in skin ] but it's hard to standardize that, depending what time of day it is, where you are in the world and UV index changes, we can't say,' after three minutes and 30 seconds, you'll get exactly enough D and be safe.'.

The hardest part, honestly, wasn't taking the steps - it was stopping, because at that point, you're focusing so hard on getting yourself to walk that to instantly stop, that was actually difficult to do.

We have to believe that( we can win gold in Rio) and we do believe that, we work so hard as a team, we've had a lot of good trips this year for bonding, we are in the sport to win. We don't want to be making up the numbers, we want to be challenging to be the best.

To yank the bill out of committee and rush it to the floor unilaterally with no input from the Democrats who have worked very hard on this issue makes it clear that Republicans are looking to score cheap political points instead of producing the bipartisan outcome that is Israel's best interest, that action, in the blink of an eye, undermines a tremendous amount of bipartisan effort to move the process forward in a way that kept Democrats and Republicans together.

For his hard work and his success in leading NetJets through a very tumultuous economic period, Jordan has earned our sincerest thanks and best wishes for his next endeavors.

It was hard for me to believe that he was a legendary tank gunner in World War II because he was so gentle and calm.

This is going to be a partisan resolution by Mitch McConnell, and I'm sure it will be drafted with the House Intelligence lawyers to give the President every advantage, i will say this, though. It's going to be hard for Senate GOP to ignore information that comes into the public record and say we're not going to consider that, even though Senate GOP's directly relevant, even though Senate GOP's directly incriminating.

You have to push yourself so hard to beat the class of players that is out here right now, so I ca n’t believe I won back-to-back weeks. To win a world championship event is huge. I ’m going to push hard the next few weeks.

For 22 years, I had a courtside seat to watch David in action, he was a mentor and one of my dearest friends. We spent countless hours in the office, at arenas and on planes wherever the game would take us. Like every NBA legend, David had extraordinary talents, but with him it was always about the fundamentals preparation, attention to detail, and hard work.

It is very hard for the mind to disengage itself from a subject on which it has been long employed. The thoughts will be rising of themselves from time to time, though we have given them no encouragement, as the tossings and fluctuations of the sea continue several hours after the winds are laid.

Ultimate truth is very simple and easy to assimilate, but evil hands try hard to veil it with clouds of suspicions, they often hide in media markets.

We've confiscated all the hard disks of closed circuit cameras in this temple for police to find evidence of wrongdoing.

I will take responsibility for not pushing hard enough, but I will not take responsibility for causing this problem. It was not EPA at the helm when this happened, say whatever you want about being in the dark about the warning signs.

I promise to tell the truth and to be able to represent the information and the hard analysis from the intelligence community professionals as accurately and as forthcoming as I possibly can, and I am more than willing to speak truth to power.

European stocks are still probably the best choice in a limited range of options, there's not much incentive to hold bonds, and the U.S. is at the tail-end of a bull run, so it's hard to justify putting your money there. Nevertheless, in Europe, I still have some concerns about the domestic European economic recovery.

It's so hard to catch everybody, with this, we can stop them from driving in the first place, and we can catch a broader group of people who are getting behind the wheel because they think they're not impaired.

We're working as hard as we can because Michigan is very, very significant in terms of the primary process, we hope to repeat the victory we had in 2016.

I've been hit pretty hard over the last three weeks.

Given the crisis, of course, this is big money, hard to find, but I think this is our priority.

The president is very committed to getting it done and he intends to work as long and hard as he needs to ultimately get it passed.

It's most attractive for single candidates but even those with families are considering it now because of the draw of a stable job with prospects, in Argentina companies are cutting jobs because with inflation so high, it's hard to operate.

People have a hard time ignoring a person who speaks their mind let alone forgive them for doing something they could never do

We always work hard to get democracy in this country and then we lose it.

I was horrified, and for me there is no tolerance for anything like that, it was a very hard decision to sever the relationship, but I had to do it in the best interest of my horses and what I believe is morally right, not just politically right.

Pipeline passes through several well dug-in PKK cells and rural strongholds, even though Turkish military outposts and patrols protect key sections of the pipeline, it is hard to prevent sabotage when the overall security situation turns more conflictual.

We encourage at least 20 minutes per meal, i understand that can be hard for a lot of people to implement, but start small. Turn off the TV, put away the cell phone, focus on meaningful conversations, chew slowly and pause between bites. That could be the start to your mindful eating journey.

Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.

A lack of resources, legal documents and language skills all combine to make it very hard for refugees to get back into education.

The lack of diversity in today’s Oscar nominations is appalling, and while it is good that 'Selma' was nominated for Best Picture, it’s ironic that they nominated a story about the racial shutout around voting while there is a racial shutout around the Oscar nominations, with all of the talent in 'Selma' and other Black movies this year, it is hard to believe that we have less diversity in the nominations today than in recent history.

The interior minister must be hard of hearing because he has heard ‘firmness, firmness,’.

Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You cannot get there by bus, only by hard work, risking and by not quite knowing what you are doing. What you will discover will be wonderful; yourself.

It is very hard to do justice to this magnificent novel in two hours or less.

Who knows why we live, and struggle, and die... Wise men write many books, in words too hard to understand. But this, the purpose of our lives, the end of all our struggle, is beyond all human wisdom.

It's hard to say that that is necessarily going to occur, but certainly the conditions are there, you'd think that it has just about run out of puff by now because the sun is moving rapidly south, but it does appear that the environment at the present time is highly conducive to these circulations.

Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.

May '68 was all about having an actual revolution against capitalism. Now it's much more diffuse... and it's hard to have another May '68 if you don't have one clearly identified common enemy.

I believe in a clean sport and hard work and so do my athletes, apparently that is not interesting enough for some.

Since horses are so hard to sex morphologically unless fairly well-preserved, whole skeletons are found, we know very little about the varying roles of male and female horses in the past.

The pendulum was all the way to left, where before, the pioneer patients with celiac disease really had a hard time to survive, now. the pendulum is all the way to the right, where this is a fashionable diet.

It is hard to overstate the importance of Rome, from Mount Aventine, there are no more than half a dozen major works by Turner left in private hands and this work must rank as one of the very finest.

Even Google is having a hard time sustaining Even Google service, online distribution is good, but Even Google's not going to replace stores. Even Google will be challenging for them to sign up subscribers.

This was a hard decision but we talk about it, coaching staff, trainers, and we tried to battle through it, but it's stayed the same, i have to get ready for the rest of the year, get healthy, and I think we have a good chance to have success and I want to be a part of it.

The pandemic showed that the leaders in the Islamic Republic always want to skirt responsibility, and there was plenty of blame-shifting on this occasion, the regime is desperate for hard cash; it has looked to any and all sources possible.

It was hard to spread the word and get people to support it, we don't have 6,000 Facebook friends.

If there’s somebody who is a hard worker when he goes to Washington, it’s Paul Ryan.

It is hard to estimate when the pace of infection will come down.

No rock so hard but that a little wave may beat admission in a thousand years.

With the dollar gaining ground and staying at a high level, it is hard to think of potential overseas transactions at this point.

noting is to hard without a gaurd !

For the moment we aren't seeing any improvement in quality. We hope the recent rains will change that ... But it might not be until July, August or September. It's hard to know.

At the Chateau Marmont, he pitched a couple of things that made it in. Like wearing glasses that had no lens, and the part in the game night scene where he lists all of these Chinese dignitaries, that was all his idea. And when he says,' I don't have a problem, Sasha. What's your problem ?' and starts air-fighting. It's hard to describe just how shockingly funny he is.

When you see his face, it’s kind of hard to say no.

Separation is the best solution for everyone and for peace, the Jewish community is working hard for peace. I work with non-Jews. I love them and they love me.

This is really good news for the victims of these dreadful crimes and is also testament to the hard work we have done recently to encourage victims to come forward.

Its hard to learn names when there are just so many people coming.

That is one of the places where the star wattage can make a difference, lady Gaga is a music superstar and I would imagine Bette Midler hard core fans will be tuning in for Bette Midler.

Because it's on a slope and in a narrow space, it creates and compresses a lot of energy into one space, if the street was much wider, it'd be hard to have such an energy.

It was getting really hard to breathe. He is truly my guardian angel.

The entire industry is working hard right now to adapt their businesses, keep connecting books with readers, and find innovative ways to be of service to their communities right now.

Its hard to catch these things.

No matter how hard President Obama tries to set Hillary Clinton up to run for his third term, his tax and spend agenda continues to fail America’s shrinking middle class.

I hate the two per country rule, I think it’s really hard because I think all five of us could make the all around final, it is heart-breaking.

It was so hard to give her up.

We are really sorry. We are very sad, he was a very kind person. He was a hard worker.

I wanted to cry it broke my heart, it was hard enough to go through the first time and to know he’ll probably have to go through it again it was scary.

What I can tell you is we have deep sympathy for the family and the tragic loss of their child six weeks after leaving the facility, we care about every person entrusted to us, especially vulnerable populations for which our partners rightfully have very high standards that we work hard to meet each day.

… I'd caution celebrities to think hard about whom they choose to endorse, knowing that their views, once public, will have an out-sized impact, in an ideal world, celebrities would only endorse after careful study of the candidate and what his or her policies would actually mean for America.

To see that it is down 7 percent makes me think, that's probably going to mean the whole birds for Thanksgiving are going to be extremely hard to come by.

Having a hard childhood (and) being picked on because of my burns, I found comfort in the beautiful amazing photos of this beautiful stranger, this nurse, holding me, and you can feel the compassion and love she had for me.

Such a meeting was hard to schedule.

Bill Taylor's somebody who's been willing to take hard jobs.

Professor Christine Fair should remember that she has Republican students in her classes, is she accusing them of hating women as well? I think Fair would be hard pressed to call herself unbiased in the classroom when she’s spewing hate like an immature teenager online.

Nick Kyrgios can compete hard against( the Big Three) because there's no blow to Nick Kyrgios ego to lose, but if Nick Kyrgios is playing someone ranked a little lower, and Nick Kyrgios's obviously trying Nick Kyrgios hardest and Nick Kyrgios's losing or Nick Kyrgios possibly could lose, then Nick Kyrgios just goes in the tank and Nick Kyrgios's got that excuse for Nick Kyrgios ego.

All of them are good but this one might be the best for sure, i've been working hard on my game and been working hard on me, and so it means a great deal to have some success right out of the gate. It gives me a lot of confidence, too.

It was fine, when I was watching I wanted to encourage the girls as much as I can and when I was competing just contribute to Team USA as best as I could, team USA's just so special to have this bond with these girls and we all put in so much hard work so when the outcome is great you feel you accomplished something.

It’s hard to know with any degree of certainty where the money went.

In an outbreak your really have to interpret fatality rates with a very skeptical eye, because often it's only the very severe cases that are coming to people's attention, it's very hard to say those numbers represent anything like the true burden of infection.

We’re still searching, we’re looking for the smoking gun, the hard evidence that will enable us to tell people that this is the Tomb of the Maccabees.

He can survive. The question is what quality of life he will have, it's hard to see him pushing forward with anything big.

It is the people's facility, owned by the people, it has been provided for us to be able to come together and unite and make a hard stand against this overreach - this taking of the people's land and resources.

It's hard to say exactly how long this (coalition) will last, but it's not viable, it will be short-lived, laden with difficulty and will end in a unity deal with Herzog.

My heart is full tonight, while there are still ballots left to count, we have beaten the odds every step of the way, we have done it on the merits, we have done it with ideas, and we have done it with hard work.

. . .you said good friends are hard to come by I laughed and bought you a beer 'cause it's too corny to cry well sentiment given and sentiment lost you shook it off with a smirk and a toss and you were only joking.

We’ve been trying to get this data for a long time, it’s hard because it’s private. We know that it's substantial.

The truth is the vast majority of employees continue to show up and do the heroic work of delivering for customers every day, like all businesses grappling with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are working hard to keep employees safe while serving communities and the most vulnerable.

Some of the boats belong to Korean People's Army fishery stations, possibly operating to catch sailfin sandfish, kim Jong Un is pushing hard to produce more fish. So these boats must have been stranded after overworking.

I could die today but if I do, at least, I'll look back with a lot of pride that when that opportunity came I took it and I worked hard towards it.