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Religion holds the solution to all problems of human relationship, whether they are between parents and children or nation and nation. Sooner or later, man has always had to decide whether he worships his own power or the power of God.

You've had a pretty good recovery here now, and it seems like risk-reward certainly isn't as attractive.

He is going to be hammered -- and he already is on the campaign trail by Republicans who argue, 'See, Mr. President, you identified this as a JV organization, you are risk averse. What if this had been an American aircraft?

It's conceivable that they had something like that in mind. They may be rewarding President Ma for policies that he has pursued, that in general have tended to favor closer relations between Taiwan and the mainland.

In the instances we were able to observe them, they had very specific organizations and projects in mind that they were pursuing, and the broad spectrum of industry verticals they targeted indicated they were more of a surgical tool used to take specific things from specific organizations, rather than the smash and grab, take everything type.

Aaron was not a killer, while he was a very flawed human being, he had many good qualities to him. And I think his legacy and the storyline have to deal with Aaron should be looked at a little bit differently.

This is going to be Buttigieg's turn in the spotlight, and he had better be prepared for the worst, biden and Warren have been hurt in the past debates by not being ready for the attacks.

The imaginary friends I had as a kid dropped me because their friends thought I didn't exist.

If he had just departed without any explanation, that would have fueled unnecessary speculation.

On those drugs, it wasn't the quality of life that I wanted, with medical cannabis, I had such great success. I could regulate Aaron Newsom and my hypervigilance, and I was able to get off those other pills.

He had an unbelievable night, he carried us on offense. His route running ability was incredible.

We didn’t leave anything uncovered, and again, the casinos, with their support, let us track down a lot of information of who may have had contact with that person. And it was very helpful to us.

She hadn't completed her ballot yet so they were able to cancel her out. They moved her to another machine, she was able to vote and go on her way, that machine was taken off line and it had a total of 29 votes cast on it.

We have got an onsen, like a spa, in every hotel and in Kashiwa that spa was a public one and we had to wear skivvies or tights, and thats OK. We are in Japan. You have to embrace their way, their culture. And most people with tattoos were happy to cover up.

A woman lost her life and Ms. Liverpool took responsibility, she led an exemplary life until she had these illnesses and issues.

We drank the Kool-Aid. We thought once we got married, we had to buy a house in the suburb.

A few days ago, I was in the bar, a couple people are around the bar drinking, and I had my beer, and they were like, ‘ Hey, what do you think about what’s happening ? Do you guys [ Syrian refugees ] deserve to be here ? ’ I was like, ‘ Are you serious right now ? ’.

It makes perfect sense that the schools that got high intervention which included nutrition education had better results.

If the army had not been ready, the terrorists would have been able to raise their flag over Ben Guerdan and gotten a symbolic victory.

We've had a mixed bag of results in trying to get women to use tenofovir gel for HIV protection, the main concern has been many of these young individuals who are at highest risk for herpes and HIV don't actually consider themselves at risk. They don't appreciate their risk. It's the same for alcohol consumption, dangerous driving or smoking or any of these things.

There are no longer any people who had contact with a person infected by the Ebola virus.

The population in Mali were terrified of giving us information but we used what we had learnt from Flintlock: we helped them and gave them medical assistance, slowly but surely, we won them over.

Usama had good relations with my late father, thus we don’t support the American narrative, declaring him a terrorist, he did jihad, to implement Sharia around the world. So, for us he is an Islamist warrior. We title our library after his name with audacity.

I had no idea my picture had been taken, i was surprised these people came to me and they had my picture on their cell phones. I asked them what do you want?

There was foam on their mouths, there were convulsions. They had all been on the floor, my kids, Ahmad and Aya, and my wife... they were all martyred.

They were going to visit a checkpost that had been attacked by Taliban overnight ... when their car was blown up.

While in the stream he once again pointed his revolver at us and fearing that he may shoot directly at us, I threw a stone at him, some of us did thrash him... because he had given us a tough time. But later we handed him over to the army personnel.

My family had no problem in the past as we cultivated crops on the land to meet our food demand. But now we are facing trouble.

People are most terrified of the air strikes, people had felt tangibly the benefits of the truce.

They (the investigators) are focusing on whether my client had influenced (his nephew) and if he had motivated him. There is no basis to this as both do not adhere to any religious ideology.

Life was much better in Iran but since the financial crisis, it was difficult to survive so we had to come back despite all the hardship here, i was the lucky one and found a job while thousands of others are jobless.

We are very peaceful people. My father had followers all over the world and he welcomed people here from wherever they came from and whatever religion they were.

We can go on for ever talking about disunity within the GCC. Yes of course there are differences of opinions, but to make too much of that diversity is to neglect completely the unity that also prevails, especially over Iran, this is a time when the GCC are standing up to Iran and saying 'we've had enough of Iranian expansionism and we're going to be more determined to confront it.'.

Then I saw children falling down who were crying and screaming. I also fell down. I learned later that I have got a bullet, all the children had bullet wounds. All the children were bleeding.

I'm just so terribly sad. I had to leave here without the body of my dead brother.

My elder brother said he had seen militants shifting bodies of the slain fighters to upper Tirah from Sandasa and nearby villages, local militants of Lashkar-e-Islam told them 20 people were killed.

I got the role because the producer thought I looked tired, but I looked tired because I had been jogging earlier that day.

Then we had him use our algorithm to control the virtual arm on the screen just using his brain signals, very early on he could hit the target with 95 to 100% accuracy.

We had always [all] our lives been told -- it wasn't true -- that Nan released that book for smear purposes, that Harding had mumps and was sterile, i said OK, and I'd repeat that answer -- I remember -- when people were asking.

We actually feel super optimistic because, I think, one, a lot of people support Ivanka, even across both political parties, and then I think a lot of other people feel like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know Ivanka had a shoe line.’ ‘Oh, I didn’t know she had a handbag line.’ And they’re buying it.

Spent most of the day in Abby's room watching movies. We had a good time abbie wasn't feeling the greatest today.

I believe that if I am out there explaining what these allegations are to the people of my district and to the people of other districts, and why they are so deeply concerned that the people will understand why Their GOP opponents had to take a stand.

It was quite a violent explosion, if the explosion had been a few feet further [the ship] wouldn’t have stayed afloat. No water got up into the forward compartments— it was a very clean break.

I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me seemed insufficient for the day.

Being married at such a young age, I had commitment issues, which I didn't realize.

We told them this small boat would n’t be able to carry us, that it would take us to hell but not Greece, the Turkish smugglers were shouting and wanted to force us to board the boat,( then) we had a fight and left.

The army is making progress with heavy Russian aerial bombing. The raids are not stopping we have had over 40 raids in the last 24 hours alone.

ISIS is scared because we are united. They were scared of us. If we didn't wear our guns, they wouldn't be afraid. We had enough guns and we forced them back, the army told us, 'Everyone get your gun out if they try to come into your area.'.

What happened with the War on Terror is that we had mission creep beyond what the initial authorization was, but it does not extend to here.

If we found them innocent, even if they had a takfiri (extremist) mentality, but had no blood on their hands, we freed them, we only tried and punished those with blood on their hands.

When the attack began ... rockets and shells were fired toward Hamdaniya, there were people who had already been displaced sheltering in nearby areas, they had to leave.

My thought about this is that this is something that can be changed, can be corrected, of course there are those who cannot be cured but we have had many successes with the treatment.

Jassem Emwazi was very emotional and crying the whole time, jassem Emwazi said,' my son is a dog, Jassem Emwazi is an animal, a terrorist. Jassem Emwazi said Jassem Emwazi had talked to him a lot trying to persuade Jassem Emwazi to return to Jassem Emwazi personal life but that the son didn't listen to him. Jassem Emwazi said,' To hell with my son'.

We were about one kilometer from the main gate of Es Sider oil port, but we had to withdraw about two kilometers after Haftar's planes carried out air strikes, which killed two of our members and wounded three.

Our union officials had a discussion with the labour minister about this, but there was no consensus. Yet, the government still went ahead and gazetted the new NHIF rates which we had not agreed on.

From a performance perspective, it was so important to both of us that we were connected the entire time, i've had my arms wrapped around Tony Bennett for three years touring the world. When you're singing love songs, that's how you want people to feel.

This is learning by doing. We've never had an experience in handling COVID, right?

We need to continue to do interior enforcement against anyone who is here illegally including families because [ if ] we do that, I promise the American people, we start removing people that had final orders including families, the numbers will go down, this crisis willbe positively impacted.

I can say that being notified that they were in Texas certainly added to the evidence we already had to convince us that it was not the homeless person, (and) probable cause existed that it was more than likely their involvement, i think theres enough evidence to support that this still would have been the outcome.

Working with Mike Tyson has been a pleasure and an honor. First of all I'm his boxing fan, a big fan, he's actually very professional and very easy to work with and we had a really good time.

Apparently, everyone in town had turned the movie down, they'd gone after every major star and they'd all turned it down because at that time the idea of the gay world and all that was still not accepted.

She's had a 25-year smear campaign run against her. It's understandable Americans are confused about what is true and what is not.

I had a match (in January) with the same gene and type of mutation, but the (symptoms) weren't a great match, then I got an email from a third (clinician) who matched and what's interesting is there is a unifying trait.

He has employment authorization, for five years he had been voluntarily showing up at the ICE office in Florida, where his immigration attorney lives. This year when he flew down to Florida, he was sent back to Indiana. He drove to the ICE office in Indianapolis and that is where he was detained.

There had previously been uncertainty as to whether ovarian tissue taken from young girls would later on be competent to produce mature, fertile eggs, so today's case is both reassuring and exciting.

[The film] showed a scene that was shot on the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi, India, i was so motivated by that scene that I decided I had to get to India. 'Spiritual moment'.

When we saw these stories about lemonade stands being shut down for legal reasons, we thought Country Time had to be an urban myth. After looking into Country Time and seeing even more instances, we realized these weren't myths, they were real stories.

One of the things I did in hindsight that worked really well is that I had talked to other people that had already done it.

People got concerned. There was unfortunately a lack of clarity and some mixed messaging that caused some anxiety among people here, the government had not yet announced how they would deal with basic needs.

The administration had to anticipate that this was a possibility, if you look around, this is a recurring pattern with any major policy disagreement—it gets translated into high stakes litigation.

I had to have my lawyer call him, telling him to stop calling me.

He added: She saw antlers, she saw the body. She thought it was a deer and took the shot. This young girl probably had never seen an elk in the wild before.

It is quite a difficult language, for sure ... We learn six hours per day, five days a week, for the veterinary science we had six years, for Dutch we've got half a year.

If you break your concentration, it wouldn't work anymore, once I finished, I had that 'Oh my God, this thing worked,' kind of a moment.

I had those looks, my speed control was awesome all day and putts went in.

Bourdain's Parts Unknown on the Philippines was wonderful - watched it flying out of Manila and it made me cry, the man had such empathy and insight.

We are building a swimming pool in our back garden, but it's a swimming pond so it's natural fresh water and we are going to have plants and stuff growing around in the shallows here, when lockdown came around we had loads of time on our hands - it was the perfect opportunity to get it done.

He was a very, very, very unusual guy, and he had no affiliations with any group. He operated alone. He was a lone wolf.

We've been an acquisitive company over the years, we've had different product lines on different version-numbering schemes, we're aligning them all to drive simplicity for customers.

Her cancer-ridden little body was alive again— Rumer had almost instant quality of life, she would say, ‘Daddy, tummy’s not sore,’ and she would be able to eat like a champion and begin to gain weight.

The Ebola response has already had to adapt to the extraordinary nature of this outbreak, the possibility of transmission long after apparent recovery poses yet another challenge.

We found that cannabis use was highly prevalent, but what was interesting and new was that the majority of youth who had used cannabis in one form had not only used just one type of cannabis, but they used two or more different types of cannabis products.

The landscape is much different than it was several years ago, when we initially filed, it was a big risk factor. No companies had been listed on the Nasdaq or the NYSE.

They didn't have electricity. He didn't have a radio. He only had a few books, his big enjoyment was riding his bike to the train tracks to watch the trains go by.

Over the last few months, the U.S. position has shifted considerably, putting in play a range of incentives that had been considered out of bounds, even by previous administrations.

I had the song ‘Let It Go’ in my head. I mentioned it to our Head of School, Matt Glendinning [who stars in the video]. We came up with the idea about two or three weeks ago, we had Justin Peters, the choral director, record the song. And we did the last scene on Friday. Our students appear in it as well. When we saw the forecast, we had to hurry up to get the editing done.

It definitely had an impact.

And there is certainly a big risk of infection for the (14) countries which have not had it yet.

This is a classic case of' buy the rumor and sell the news', over the last few weeks, stocks had soared in anticipation of more easy money, and now that we've got the news, stocks are selling off.

This is someone whos likely to exaggerate the dangerous impulses of the president towardbelligerence, his proclivity to act without thinking, and his love of conspiracy theories, and Ill, you know, just add one data point to what you were talking about earlier, John Bolton once suggested on Fox News that the Russian hack of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] was a false flag operation that had been conducted by the Obama administration.

For example, it could be quite dangerous if someone with heart disease had inaccurate recordings of their activity and exercise that was being used to make medical decisions, in healthy persons, use of fitness trackers may not be as risky, especially if the information collected is not used for medical decision-making.

Fun to kind of keep the momentum going and get the most out of the round, if I had complaints about last season, I didnt get the most out of my good rounds or my good weeks. Today felt like I kind of got the most out of myself.

The best members of Congress who use Twitter are the ones who are using it themselves and using it in an authentic way, it's not something to be afraid of. Opening this new gateway for that direct one-on-one communication gateway with constituents is something we haven't had in a long time.

On the road from the City of Skepticism, I had to pass through the Valley of Ambiguity. (Powers of Mind, 1975)

I might be angry, had I had grandchildren that were not going to be raised to see what a wonderful person their dad was, you have to go on with life. And some, it's probably harder for than others. His life is over, and that chapter's closed.

I had a blast on this, though, im pretty confident with the villains now. I know where to go for that.

One had a pistol, the other an M-16, and they pointed them at the settlers.

We have no clue what happened, but we are very upset with how the Canadian government has dealt with this case from day one, we had confirmations from highest sources that he would be deported in the coming days ... and all we got is false hope.

Previously I had tuberculosis and now I am afraid to go out in case it makes my health worse. I don't know what to do ... my situation is quite critical.

We felt we should do this. Having lived abroad with several Muslim and Arab friends, we were hurt by what had happened here, we are all one ... it doesn't matter what religion or race you are. We just could not believe this could happen in our country.