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There's not a medication in the world that I know of that's going to treat that constellation of symptoms.

Oh, it's not going to be let go.

I heard that cry and that was like music to my ears as a parent because he was going to be all right.

We haven't yet found a way -- and I think it's going to be extremely difficult to hermetically seal the nation, abroad or here at home, against these kinds of attacks.

It's a wrap, bro, it's a wrap, i feel like I should have two trophies. It's over for that. My next goal is going to try and win the three-point contest.

It almost feels like they were tasked for specific things, the tenacity of these groups is something often overlooked in these reports; they don't stop. If you're a target of interest, that interest doesn't stop when you wipe the malware off the computers. ... They're going to continue to pursue it regardless of what the defenders do.

The banks have to hear something along the lines of 'If you act in good faith, you can expect that we are not going to engage in any heavy-handed enforcement,' that's not the message you get. The message you get is, 'We plan to vigorously enforce our Iran-related laws.'.

It's likely to impact yields everywhere, when you put this much stimulus into the markets, it's going to go other places that you hadn't intended, and one of those places is going to be U.S. debt.

People are starting to realize that in the private market it's not always better, particularly with inflated valuations, atlassian is certainly going to bring that conversation to the forefront again.

Covid-19 is going to be larger than any Category 5 hurricane to hit, it is going to make Katrina look like a rain shower. ( Governor Lee) needs to stop politicizing this pandemic.

We're going to have to be efficient against them, they're a great defense, they've got Pro Bowlers all over the place and they're well-coached.

We’re going to have, I think, the best digital schematic of what happened and where it happened and how it happened that you can come up with.

I want someone to explain to me what is going on, how do I stay healthy at this point?

It won't be enough to make up for it, we're going to hit into it a little bit, but make up for it? No.

This is a lot different than what I always thought it was going to be like.

We will keep going and we wont back down, it has been 16 years of corruption and injustice. We are not afraid of bullets or the death of martyrs.

The media owes it to the blood of our soldiers to question what is going on, to tell all sides of the story, otherwise we are just not doing our job.

What we have seen specifically from Trump and his administration has been going back on words after hands have been shook, the tariffs affected the beans and the ethanol has affected the corn. We're getting hit at the kneecaps.

If you try something new, a new experience, not everyone is going to be open to that.

(National intelligence) are going to interrogate the management of the hotel.

They were going to visit a checkpost that had been attacked by Taliban overnight ... when their car was blown up.

We still think deeply that Iran is a destabilizing force and with the nuclear deal it is going to be even more destabilizing. So I think fundamentally we - the GCC and the U.S - are not on the same page anymore.

To do secret bargaining with someone there has to be trust. Even Erdogan’s party doesn’t trust him, what are we going to do? Sacrifice everything so that Erdogan can be president. The people would kill us.

I am not going to work anymore because the office is closed due to the rockets.

We have installed air purifiers all around the house and in our cars, the elders in the family are avoiding going out unless absolutely necessary.

It is advice that we feel we have to issue, we have to inform the people about what's going on.

The world needs to understand whether it's east or west or north or south, that we are going to decide our destiny... Everyone is welcome.

Mongolia is not going to side entirely with anybody against anybody.

It's important to let them (operators) have the freedom of choice, and they are going to judge which supplier can bring them the best business value.

It's a terrible situation we are in. We are terrified, my kids' schools are closed, I am afraid of going outside ... pictures of burned bodies in newspapers. All very disturbing.

Mohammed called his father and said,' I'm going to Syria to fight jihad ; please release me and forgive me for everything', jassem Emwazi said.

The battle could be lengthy. It will be hit and run -- this is the system we are going to use in battle, we are not a state army defending borders ... we operate a system of guerrilla warfare. As far as we are concerned, land is not important.

I don't know if I'm going to do hunger strike, i will talk about this after the meeting.

It is a difficult and dangerous period we are going through. Aleppo is almost under siege.

Aviators are back, the need for speed. We’re going to have big, fast machines, it’s going to be a competition film, like the first one…but a progression for Maverick.

With this business model you are taking hostage an insurance system that depends on solidarity, there's currently a broad discussion going on over exorbitant drug prices, and this discussion is creating resentment and disbelief.

I'm not going to rule in or rule out anyone being subject to further charges. We haven't made a decision, one way or the other.

It just means people are going to be screened. cBP officers facilitate lawful trade and travel and process more than 1 million travelers a day at U.S. Ports of Entry.

We have discovered some anomalies and then we have directed Boeing to mitigate those anomalies, the 737 MAX is not going to fly until it passes the most thorough and intense look.

We are going to lean in on safety and if we detect a safety problem we will immediately take action.

There are lots of people who aren't calling for a strike that are missing. June 11 is part of what is going on but this is bigger than just that.

If he’s going to be a man of his word and stick to calling them murderers, then he should have his premiere without them, and let’s see how they work out.

It's going to be fun. I am excited, they're great fun to make.

Going forward, we must actively pursue strengthening laws and closing loopholes in our criminal system so that more rape cases will be prosecuted and rapists will be held accountable.

It is fundamentally unfair to do this to a person whether you have your papers or not, he has been here for 20 years. He has a family and a business. You are not going to give him an opportunity for relief? He has contributed so much to his community. As United States citizens we can give him that much.

Saudis now are going to be able to go to a beautiful theater and watch movies the way they're supposed to be watched: on a big screen.

Normally a monsoonal burst might last a few days, but this one's been going on over a week now and is set to continue for a few more days as well.

Are they happy? No, but the Republican nominee for president, chances are, is going to be very much against Common Core.

I actually think that the arming of the teachers is not going to create these dramatic gunfights in schools, it is going to create a deterrent. The schools are not going to be a soft target and they are not going to be attractive.

There were medical risks if( the condition) went untreated indefinitely, we got very concerned when we heard the news that the curfew was going to extend indefinitely.

We sold pipes for marijuana, but if you mentioned marijuana, I’d tell you to leave, even though I knew - and the owner of every head shop knows - that every single pipe we sold was going to be used for marijuana.

Summits in and of themselves can be showpieces or stimulants to action, i think it's going to take a lot of American persistence to set up regular consultations and a program of cooperation. There is definitely the need, but I'm not sure about the willingness.

Its going to come, i dont think four plays of the preseason is going to help me for Week 1 in the game.

When you look at what he did all across the South, those same demographics are going to be at play in Detroit.

We are building a swimming pool in our back garden, but it's a swimming pond so it's natural fresh water and we are going to have plants and stuff growing around in the shallows here, when lockdown came around we had loads of time on our hands - it was the perfect opportunity to get it done.

Reid put up with years and years of incredible amounts of obstruction, and pressure from his base, before he finally went nuclear, mcConnell, by sort of signaling he's going to do it beforehand -- literally the very first opportunity to go nuclear, he's pulling the trigger.

I thought you were going to defeat ISIS, that is why people voted for you. What changed ? This is weakness. America is far more honorable than this.

We’re going to continue to scale and grow the agency and hire more agents, we’re going to do more of the same thing and continue to disrupt the music industry and ad industry at the same time.

If they really stick with that timeline, then they're likely going to be violating several environmental laws, this is being rushed faster than any area we've ever seen in the American Arctic and almost any area in the United States. It's about meeting a political clock.

What do you do if a woman shows up in obstructed labour and needs an emergency caesarean section and it's the dry season and the rain barrel is empty? you can't operate with dirty instruments, but if you don't she's going to die. This is the sort of dilemma that surgeons in these hospitals face.

You're going to see weaker demand for jobs that involve a lot of face-to-face interaction.

His main message is going to be some combination of trying to arrest the panic in fixed income markets without being seen as pandering to trump.

Hopefully, ours is a friendly system in your home to warn you that things are going wrong.

In the short term, the market was very oversold, global demand remains lackluster at best and while I expect the market to move mostly sideways, whatever action we are going to see today is going to be very sloppy.

What may be personal, though, and I think I have to be very candid about this, is I made the argument that it's going to require moral courage to stand up to this President, and this is a wrathful and vindictive president.

I'm going to have to be working the next two days to close the gap of whatever the lead will be tonight and hopefully there are enough holes for Adam Scott to do that.

The robot is going to lose. Not by much. But when the final score is tallied, flesh and blood is going to beat the damn monster.

They're both very good kickers. I think if they get their opportunities they're going to make their kicks.

I'd be very cautious on IPO activity, the (oil and gas) business is going to move from one dominated by growth to one that's going to be much more focused on lowering operating costs.

In light of the Bates decision, it's going to be an uphill battle for the company to win on preemption on appeal.

Black people in the North are much more warm to [ Sanders ] than black people in the South, he's not going to get blown out 80-20.

As an elderly woman and a first-time mother, it was a high-risk pregnancy and also because she was going to have twins but we were able to manage her pregnancy to term.

M&A will continue to be an integral part of the growth model going forward.

I promised the other parents, the five, I will wait and come out together. I'm not going to leave them. We're going to go together.

I’m not going to support anything except our neutrality and independence and protecting the consumers, i can’t control who leaves, but I’ll control who comes in and I’m at the top making the decisions.

Palestinians in Judaize Jerusalem are not going anywhere, we will resist and be strong as always, but we call on the International community to take its historical responsibilities by stopping those endless crimes and protect our people in Judaize Jerusalem.

It’s going to be a little bit more tricky for some applicants.

It's a difficult disease to deal with. The tools we have are modestly effective but drugs and insecticides wear out -- after 10, 20 years mosquitoes become resistant. There's a real concern that in 2020s, [ cases ] are going to jump back up again.

Of course they're going to go where the parents are, poor Howard, what else can he do?

Investors are going over (the Fed's) words with a fine-tooth comb, the volatility does present some opportunities.

This is not the magic bullet that's going to wipe away aggression and crime.

It is going to ensue into a battle.

Whatever model Petrobras ends up using is going to have to pass through Cade. Does it stimulate competition? Or does it generate regional monopolies? it could be that Cade makes them sell something (in Rio or Sao Paulo).

I'm tired of the regular politician, i just know, average Americans, he's going to take care of us.

When money is too easy, people are going to take risks they shouldn't take, i think it would be much better if rather than trying to paper over the fundamental issues, Europe tackled labour market reform and made it easier for people to manage their business.

We have an opportunity today that we didn't have six or 12 months ago to see if it's really possible to achieve that political settlement, we don't know if we're going to be successful, but the administration is determined.

The way women dress and look is still one of the red lines in the Islamic Republic, the brands going to Iran should be ready to face resistance from conservatives or even get shut down and expelled from Iran.

In Africa, six out of 10 women depend on the land for their livelihoods, they must have access to the means of production - the land itself. If we are going to have development across the globe, women need equal access to the land.

We don't at all think the military is a threat to us or our role in society. We don't think there is any sort of balancing going on.

I don’t know what’s going on, i’m still hopeful he’s going to be released in the next few days. That’s what I hope.

Some $75 million worth of projects are on hold due to the budget deficit and it is due to the absence of the cabinet, government officials do their jobs with complete disinterest because they are not sure whether they are going to stay or be replaced.

We have plenty of crude... You are not going to see any cuts from Saudi Arabia.

If you look around and see what is going on in the Arab world, you realize how much freedom we enjoy here.

We understand al Shabaab ambushed the Somali military commando trainees and captured two military pickup trucks, it is too early to know what the casualties are because fighting is still going on in the jungle.

We have all options open from now on, if (the council) insists on holding on to power, we are going to consider this a military coup, and we will escalate our tactics, peacefully.

TVs are being shut down, online news sites are being banned, thousands of police dismissed, soldiers dismissed, teachers dismissed … The trauma is probably going to be bigger than we guess and will last longer than we expect.

If the senior management ... cannot explain how these results were produced, (the regulators are) going to have very little tolerance.

Christopher Jake Stone was down-to-earth, and liked football, to hang out with Christopher Jake Stone friends, and relax, our next football season is going to be dedicated to Christopher Jake Stone.

It's going to be tough, it's a tough job.

I don't think Labour are going to lure away any voters who have gone to the pro-independence SNP by being silent on the issue of the constitution.