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Things you get with sacrifice you enjoy it everyday,if you get it for free you throw it away.

MasterChef Junior, [From] cooking to play Nerf war to drawing a bunch, trying to get back to basics.

My guys are f ------ savages in that f ------ box, right ? And youre having a piece of s --- start to this game. I feel bad for you, but f ------ get better.

The President has demonstrated a preternatural risk-aversion when it comes to use of military force and wants to get out of unwinnable old wars and not get into new ones, in contrast, John Bolton has been a hawk on Iran John Bolton entire professional life.

The banks have to hear something along the lines of 'If you act in good faith, you can expect that we are not going to engage in any heavy-handed enforcement,' that's not the message you get. The message you get is, 'We plan to vigorously enforce our Iran-related laws.'.

I'd come out of the closet but the skeletons would get lonely.

Don’t let your talents get rotten like fruits and vegetables that don’t sell in the market! -Aaron Jhinkoo

We get to support each other, most spellers have only one life, since it's just themselves, but me and Andrew get to have two lives.

How does anyone get their head around dying ?

On those drugs, it wasn't the quality of life that I wanted, with medical cannabis, I had such great success. I could regulate Aaron Newsom and my hypervigilance, and I was able to get off those other pills.

Hopefully, by the time we get through the cancer and save a little money.

To get justice from a judge, they need someone who follows the rules. The basic rule is the rule of law, the problem with this recall is it will reassure judges to follow the rule of public opinion as opposed to the rule of law.

I suspect what we'll see is where mobile becomes a standard facet of how people interact with and get news about what's happening in the political process.

In every shutdown prior, the Interior Department actually shuts down, and approving oil and gas drilling permits is not an essential government function, there's no reason these permits couldn't have waited until after the shutdown, but( Bernhardt) wanted to get them out the door anyway.

To have gotten out over 700 people out of that place, one would have to go in to understand and imagine what it took to get there.

The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it.

I cannot be a fan of this shoot, there are so many amazing dancers in the world… Kendall Jenner is not one of them! Shame on Momager, Kris Jenner!!! She never made these kids take dance class. She better get North West to the @aldcstudiola before it’s too late!

The police would make the defendants go through their contacts and the pictures they post on [dating apps and social media] to use them as evidence against them and get information on others.

People virtually never get two chances to make a good first impression. It is also a lot harder to reverse a bad first impression than to make a good first impression.

Bodies were burnt beyond recognition, they were innocent civilians killed by Americans for no reason. They always get away with such horrible mistakes.

We were trying to just get them ready for high school, teach them social skills. That's what makes them a good team now -- they know how to work together, now they are champions.

We've had a mixed bag of results in trying to get women to use tenofovir gel for HIV protection, the main concern has been many of these young individuals who are at highest risk for herpes and HIV don't actually consider themselves at risk. They don't appreciate their risk. It's the same for alcohol consumption, dangerous driving or smoking or any of these things.

Islamic State aren't many and they don't have petrol to move around, they don't have military vehicles either. They get around in fertilizer trucks.

Small amounts of waste that we are hoarding in our homes can become a' big ghost', it can fill the guts of dead whales, and get stuck in the noses of dead turtles at sea.

I tell her, be sure you Hungarian journalist that karma will get back to you, and God will not leave this be.

We have two groups of soldiers at each checkpost. One is the security group and another is the reaction group, the security group patrols and the other one responds to attacks, or when they get a report they react.

The Taliban are putting all their efforts in, we have received some reinforcements and we will get more soon.

As a child you don't understand why this is happening, but it stays with you, and you get angry. The important thing is not to become the person they say you are.

They won't let us in, only God can get us through this checkpoint.

From my point of view, get the company to be a great company that makes money and has growth prospects and then the exit will present itself. The time horizon is not less than three or four years.

The sense we get now is that it's not only worse for Arabs and Muslims, the sense we get now is that it's worse for all immigrant and brown communities as a whole.

Everyone feared that if Ethiopia didn't get an Oromo leader then the nation would collapse into civil war, luckily, we got Abiy.

The suicide bombing took place at the entrance of Bodo. Two women bombers wanted to get to the market place but they were stopped by vigilantes.

The first thing I do when I wake up daily is to pray for my baby to get well. Then I check on her with the hope that she will be OK.

I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler speaking about his book on the CBS morning show a year or so ago. "Men feel embattled, they feel like they can't get it right

ISIS is scared because we are united. They were scared of us. If we didn't wear our guns, they wouldn't be afraid. We had enough guns and we forced them back, the army told us, 'Everyone get your gun out if they try to come into your area.'.

ISIS takes their passports and if anyone tries defection from this, they will kill them immediately, the problem, it's not how to go inside the city of Raqqa. The problem is how to get out.

We will continue with Turkey for sure. They are not a replacement. This should have happened a long time ago — we discovered some amazing products and the quality is superior to what we would get from there.

It's impossible that the GNC will vote. We are dealing with a very difficult situation. Maybe we can get support of independents for the deal without the GNC.

Unless they get those elements out of the army, all the villages that have not been liberated will become Daesh.

By the time they get to us the price has become 50, 60 or sometimes 100 percent more than their real price.

I was committed to paying on time for a while, but things have changed and made me unable to, there is no work, so where should I get money from?

Promise me you won't read these until you get back home to London.

The Americans were so angry when they found out, they cut my salary, but this was our only option through their territory to get home without getting killed.

The share price goes down, because investors get spooked by the prospect of a lot of money leaving the company's bank account.

It just didn't make any sense to let him get away.

We have to get the fighting out of the villages, we have to close the border, we have to reach the areas where the movement of fighters is taking place.

Its outrageous. Congress should get together and fix this.

We have argued for a long time that Nordic banks, Swedbank and Nordea in particular, have been the canaries in the coal mine, they have shown the path that you should follow in a negative rate environment or as net interest margins get squeezed.

[The film] showed a scene that was shot on the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi, India, i was so motivated by that scene that I decided I had to get to India. 'Spiritual moment'.

Theyre running around from room to room, the hospitals are packed, and if were not sending food, a lot of them are not eating, basically anywhere that we get a note from a nurse or a doctor telling us that theyre in need, we figure out a way to get them on the schedule and then we deliver to that hospital.

It was an evolutionary mechanism [ to meet D needs ] when we didn't have a Walgreens down the street from us, now, we can get vitamin D from our diet or through supplementation.

Our goal is to go get online (advertising) budgets.

Im gonna get you flat over here, youll have a flat lie, youll have 100 [yards to the green] --.

We are building a swimming pool in our back garden, but it's a swimming pond so it's natural fresh water and we are going to have plants and stuff growing around in the shallows here, when lockdown came around we had loads of time on our hands - it was the perfect opportunity to get it done.

The filibuster is effectively gone. If you don't filibuster Gorsuch, McConnell will just get rid of it next time.

There was no yelling, there was no screaming, no throwing things, so yeah, it was a good meeting, i'm sure we'll have probably many more of these, and again it's an opportunity to have a very big moment here and it's an opportunity for people to have their say, and we may not always agree but hopefully we can get along.

I get it, you can’t pay a creative person enough money to stop being creative. Most on the ad side don’t get that. But that’s where I come in.

It's harder to quantify it, but I've been struck by research that shows that being famous is one of this generation's most important goals, it seems like Americans are growing in their desire for fame, and there is no doubt that that there is an association between media coverage that these offenders get and the likelihood that they will act.

I think that it is further proof that the legal system protects police officers for criminal responsibility no matter what they do, and I believe that this shows that a Black man can be executed, literally in broad daylight, shot in the back of the neck, and a police officer can get off scot-free on a legal technicality.

There's a disproportionate amount of criminal gains they get from it, the lion's share of ill-gotten, fraudulent money is around these business email compromise attacks. It's a huge problem for our customer set.

This is a luxury service for our patients that we provide with this in-home type service, we hydrate them up and get them back on their feet so their able to function at the high level that they’re used to functioning in right away.

I had the song ‘Let It Go’ in my head. I mentioned it to our Head of School, Matt Glendinning [who stars in the video]. We came up with the idea about two or three weeks ago, we had Justin Peters, the choral director, record the song. And we did the last scene on Friday. Our students appear in it as well. When we saw the forecast, we had to hurry up to get the editing done.

The market is in wait-and-see mode till the The Fed meeting and till we get more news out of China, the market is pausing to digest the steep August selloff and I expect the sideways action to continue for a while.

I don't think that's at all the desired motivation here, the desire is to get a commitment from the Senate that they're going to have a fair trial. Fair to the President, yes, but fair to the American people.

I was so lucky for it to stay up inside the hazard line, when you get lucky, you better get up and down.

That's about right, there's an old saying : Once you get over a couple of rib fractures, it's about a 10 % risk of dying per rib.

Number one, I want to get my client compensated financially for his damages, his permanent damages. Two, I hope this will prompt building owners to take reasonable precautions to protect against a similar outbreak.

Large investors get access to companies that wouldn't give me the time of day, i do believe there's an informational advantage to that.

The coolest thing is you get to meet all these new friends in a unique environment with shared experience.

There are no guarantees, and when you get to my age, youre absolutely right, your days are numbered.

An increasing number of banks have put it on their list of terms to put in every deal, now it’s rare to see a deal get signed up without a Libor floor.

The role of a national park is not to produce cocoa, those people who are there are there illegally and we'll fight to get them out.

We've noticed things about him that changed, but he's a strong one, we'll get him the treatment he needs to make sure he's good. ... He's doing strong, we believe in him.

Black people in the North are much more warm to [ Sanders ] than black people in the South, he's not going to get blown out 80-20.

So actually, we've known for 20 years that oxybenzone has the ability to get into the blood, what we don't know still to this day is whether that has any kind of effect on human health.

There is no day I get to my table without seeing letters from people applying for cancellation of bills.

The same that's happened in the last three quarters will happen (for the next two quarters), we will not always get it right but it has paid off for us and that will continue.

The general concept here is that Americans have money. So they thought that by kidnapping her, they can get money, we don't think it's a good idea for the family to negotiate with the abductors on the ransom because we are sure we will find her.

There is a risk United States get stuck in a feedback loop, the Fed keeps cutting rates, trade policy keeps getting more hawkish and The Fed runs out of ammunition to fight the next recession.

If some things are not done or a lot of things are not done, can it get worse ? Yes, it can absolutely can get rapidly worse so it is important that everybody gets with it.

With new investment and a continuity of the respected management, the business has the ideal platform from which it can accelerate the operational rebuilding already underway to get a team back racing, we shall complete our statutory duties as administrators with the necessary filings needed in order to formally exit the company from administration over the next few days.

You can go to the state department of health, the attorney general or get in touch with an advocate.

If it continues, we will get an answer, and that would be very useful indeed.

I love playing football, don't get me wrong, but this situation is deeper than that. For me, it's like, 'Why should I continue to be a part of an organization or a business that handles players the way they do?'.

We are looking into taking legal action against EA - not of course to exhume and re-organize the burial, that's done - but to make sure we secure a leading role in planning for a future memorial, eA are clearly on a corporate strategy to 'tidy up' the remaining issues so as to get the whole episode out of the public eye.

That was Adrian Virgen goal, to get across the border.

You get a little taste of space.

If you bring up Trump or something, you’ll get a look from the other side of the table, it’s like: ‘hup, let’s change the subject.’.

If you really don't get any feedback on your ability to communicate or be empathic.

Our major goals are to understand why some children get very ill with COVID-19 and why most children arent getting sick in the same numbers as adults.

They have a very good team but the ordering frenzy was in the last few years, it's more of a challenge now to get an order than it was 24 months ago.

Don't let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth -- don't let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency.

All these candidates will get some African American votes. No question about that, i do believe, however, that if we were having the election tomorrow that Joe Biden would have more of the vote. How much more, I don't know yet. I think the debate on Super Tuesday night will have an impact and I think that some activity after that might have an impact as well.

The way women dress and look is still one of the red lines in the Islamic Republic, the brands going to Iran should be ready to face resistance from conservatives or even get shut down and expelled from Iran.

They pay huge amounts of money, when I get their money I laugh to the bank.

We have to get out of this model where we are paying to patch and paying to modernize.

We are treated as equals. We don't get modified push-ups and running times, and that adds to the respect we have for each other as equals, every woman that signs up is a strong-minded woman who will be supported as an agent and a woman.

We are at a crossroads in the health sector in which we see declining marginal returns on investment with new technologies that are expensive but don't necessarily always get a lot of health benefits.