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It's designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything is new again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains comes, it stops, and leaves you to face the fall alone.

It doesn't work as well as I would expect, while the whack-a-mole game has gotten a little bit better, it still exists every single day.

Doing all the tests... the desire to push the limits and then what set them apart when all other motorcycle companies were closing during the Depression. How they were able to stay in the game and stay true to their values and what made them so special. there is the personal struggle, the struggle with the business…they did a good job balancing those two things.

It's not just a carbonated soft drink game anymore.

The basic idea is to use a video game that engages a player in an immersive way, which we think is critical, and challenging them appropriately to their ability.

I just feel like we can’t get away from each other, we’re here all the time. We played each other in the playoff game last year and in the season all the time, opening up against them this year. So, it’ just kind of like we’re linked in that way. It’s all good, it’s just kind of weird. We’d like to beat them, they beat us last year. So, obviously, we’d rather turn that around if we can.

What we're not prepared to do is wait months and months while the administration plays a game of 'rope a dope' in an effort to try to stall. We're not willing to go down that road.

For 22 years, I had a courtside seat to watch David in action, he was a mentor and one of my dearest friends. We spent countless hours in the office, at arenas and on planes wherever the game would take us. Like every NBA legend, David had extraordinary talents, but with him it was always about the fundamentals preparation, attention to detail, and hard work.

The game ... that we wrote was about people walking around the savannah of Africa, instead of holding a game weapon they're holding a camera, and they're able to point the camera at the things they want to film and we're recording all this information in the computer.

Obviously it changed some games around this year, we saw one of the playoff games with a missed extra point early in the game kind of make a difference in the outcome.

Joe has a good understanding about what's going on in the game and what needs to be done, he relays the signs to Jonesy (third base coach Gary Jones). We try to execute it, try to get that bunt down or move that guy over. That's just A, B, C baseball.

It's not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game even starts.

You think you’ve won the game in the end when you score that late, and the players probably thought that would’ve been it too, but I ca n’t fault them for their efforts in the second half. I thought we played with a lot of passion, if not with a lot of quality at times, especially the first half.

We've had a lot of volatility and I don't think we're done with that yet, if you're a long-term investor, you need to carry on with the game plan.

When I go and play against Serena Williams, you have nothing really to lose, Serena Williams is number one in the world and a great champion, it doesn't matter what the score is. It's never over, Serena Williams's a great fighter. I'm just very happy that I could come back after that second set and play my good game in the third set.

I have no interest and don't know anything about cricket, it's a Pashtun game with Pashtun players, so let them enjoy their game.

The professionalism of the operation surprised me. It felt like a round-the-clock operation putting out new content with fake thumbnails and headlines every few hours, when accounts were deleted or banned, they were able to spin up new accounts within hours. The tactics they used to game the YouTube algorithm were executed perfectly. They knew what they were doing.

Whoever the creditor is, the rules of the game here have to be followed.

I'm not going to do the math, but that's clearly the game plan.

Thankfully, the Warriors won and Deputy Dennington got to the game on time.

I think it will be an hour longer on Khumbu Icefall, i don't think it will be game changer.

Defense Distributed appears caught in what appears to be a bureaucratic game of merry-go-round, the right to keep and bear arms includes the ability to acquire or create arms. The government is engaging in behavior that denies this company’s due process under the Fifth Amendment. We’re compelled to file this action because the bureaucracy is evidently playing games and it’s time for these agencies to behave.

I was very happy to hear what the President had to say today – it was particularly cool to be sitting next to the Secretary of State as he was hearing about his job description for the next couple of months, in all seriousness, this is a game changer which I support.

Austin [Rogers] especially was a big unknown. All I knew is that he had won 12 games and a lot of money, so when I heard I was going up against him in the first round, my goal was honestly just shooting for a wild-card spot. But then I think I played the best game of ‘Jeopardy!’ I’ve ever played and got the lock game, which really helped my confidence, though that confidence promptly deserted me the next day.

We're getting a phenomenal response from airlines -- including the Saudis, Dubai and the West, the Iranians are desperate to get back in the game and the world (businesses) needs new markets.

The only game in town is how far the dollar goes from here.

You have to have luck on your side, you have to be healthy, and you have to be focusing one hundred percent, because the playoffs are totally different hockey, every game is like the last game.

I strongly believe Greece should stay in the euro. The game this government is playing has done nothing but damage to the country, what we need is stability.

It's a dangerous game we're in, it's very relentless from start to end, and it's always like that. You can make good out of bad.

This one sticks with you, any time the game goes the way it did today and you just get beat in every aspect of the game. That one, it hurts.

The battle scenes are gruelling, we play a game of who can get rid of their shield first, because it’s so heavy and it throws your back out. You have all that gear on. It’s the most exhausting filming I’ve ever done.

That first goal gave us some safety, but then we allowed Nigeria to get back into the game a little bit. After the break, we were very dominant.

In addition to what the club will receive for competing in the Florida Cup, we can also generate revenue from pitch-side advertising, TV rights and the sale of travel packages that include tickets to the game and for visits to the training center to watch training sessions.

With Indiana Pacers rookie Myles Turner, it's just like every other team with a young kid, Indiana Pacers rookie Myles Turner was good because Indiana Pacers rookie Myles Turner was able to make shots, indiana Pacers rookie Myles Turner played a good game tonight, but it's not like Indiana Pacers rookie Myles Turner was unguardable. For us, we were without a lot of guys, but we were right there in the game. It was a good game for us.

The foundation of our game is fair play, and we must take the required steps to reinforce the importance of this principle, this review will allow the Confederation to take the next step towards improving refereeing across the region.

At the Chateau Marmont, he pitched a couple of things that made it in. Like wearing glasses that had no lens, and the part in the game night scene where he lists all of these Chinese dignitaries, that was all his idea. And when he says,' I don't have a problem, Sasha. What's your problem ?' and starts air-fighting. It's hard to describe just how shockingly funny he is.

This isn't a bargaining chip for a game of congressional legislative poker.

I always wanted to be somebody. If I made it, it's half because I was game enough to take a lot of punishment along the way and half because there were a lot of people who cared enough to help me.

Youve got to get yourself in basketball shape, conditioning-wise, and thats going to be a process. Hes eager to be out there and all of his teammates are eager for him to be out there, but its a step by step process that weve got to take so that its done the right way, Gentry addded. Theres no date, per se, but were hoping that its soon. After the Pelicans host the Bulls, they hit the road for games at New York on Friday, Boston on Saturday and Detroit on Monday before returning home to play Utah on Jan. 16. If the Pelicans want Williamson to make his debut in New Orleans, that game could be a candidate, or the following game against the visiting Los Angeles Clippers on Jan. 18. We want to make sure that everything is in place and well take our time.

I could have been the kinkiest person in the world it, and it shouldn’t mattered because it has nothing to do with the evidence of the case, the fact that I was accused of orchestrating a rape game — it was so absurd.

Despite what one self-absorbed, heartless killer tried to do, in the end we won, in the end we wound up with the most points. We have the most self-worth. Game over.

I was really happy with the way I played today. I definitely hit my driver a lot better than I have the last couple days, and then the rest of my game was still pretty sharp.

I've been working hard on my game and been working hard on me, and so it means a great deal to have some success right out of the gate. It gives me a lot of confidence, too.

I didn't play my best today, but I managed my game well, scrambled well( and) it added up to a good score at the end of the day.

State of the game ? Pretty good.

The regret is that it's over, but I'm out there to compete in the Open Championship. I've prepared right. I've prepared properly. I've got a game plan. It's not a ceremony at all.

I have to admit there was a time when I wasn't sure [ how we'd make it ], but I have to tell you, everyone had their game face on and continued to work throughout it.

Otherwise we could play a game called 'Name your favorite woman president,'.

We're coming off a strong session on the back of solid economic data that the markets needed to justify additional exposure to equities, there is ample evidence that equities are the only game in town right now.

There is still hope, but I have to say I'm deeply disappointed with what we're hearing coming out of the EU, i do have to ask Andrea Leadsom what game are they playing here.

The biggest pressure for us was in the game against Denmark in the round of 16.... now we are enjoying what is happening, when the game starts, there will be a bit of pressure but we are enjoying the fact that we are here in the World Cup semi-finals.

If you ask me today, right now, my two cents is it's impractical to have the game because it jeopardizes public safety.

She gave me more than just a sweater vest that night. She gave me all this. Nothing. She gave me nothing. That's what I need. No phone book, no Game Boy, no pasta maker, TV Guide. Nowhere to go, nothing to do.

Technology can be an important learning tool, but this game falls far outside of our educational and memorial mission.

Dorian was one heck of a running back in high school, with Kendall you just kind of knew his sense for the game and just how he practiced and worked out. Everything he did was just first-rate.

There's a lot of good guys going to be chasing me, so for me it's just try and do what I did today, be patient and try to play my game and not worry about anyone else.

Now that there's actually a market where one can buy large quantities of fentanyl analogues, it eliminates the capability gap and it makes it accessible to terrorist groups, it's a game changer. In my lifetime I've never seen a weapon of mass destruction that is part of an existing black market.

If Melody Wilding are aware, the game is over, they lose potency.

After Stuttgart it was a really tough time because I had a lot of pain in my leg, and now I can say I was without pain the whole match and I could play my game like I practiced the past few days.

I've never missed my vote in my life, this is the only time we can do something. The game is in our hands right now.

Berkeley, as you know all along, they’ve been changing their position every five minutes, it’s like a game of musical chairs and whenever the music stops the answer is, ‘no, she can’t speak.’ My allies whom I love are on the same side, they ran away, they gave in. And then there was nothing I could do.

Bringing women and men together in a combined tournament is exciting for fans... as we continue to showcase golf is a game for everyone, this mixed tournament is another way to bring our game to the younger generation in Sweden and for those watching around the world.

For her to continue, you need to have the hunger, the hunger to stay at the top, the hunger to keep on working, and the motivation to grind, and all the players are looking at you and trying to find flaws in your game or for you as a person and trying to pull you down.

Philosophy is a game with objectives and no rules. Mathematics is a game with rules and no objectives.

In my opinion, no. He's two years removed from the game going on three.

Fast money? Would you rather get boardwalk on your first roll or would you rather win the game of monopoly?

If life doesn't offer a game worth playing, then invent a new one.

There’s no question that China has no respect for intellectual property, the problem we now face in the U.S. is that is that China is in a position of hurting us, at the same time as hurting themselves. It’s a game of chicken.

It hasn't been a game changer, it hasn't shifted opinion - it hasn't really made much difference at all, we have had a neck and neck for months now and nothing seems to be moving that.

The first day of the brand new calendar year is an empowered time to psychologically unwind to mentally find own life charged emotionally with a refined energy & enthusiasm to create a beautiful growth paradigm within the physically defined laws of nature and the rules of the game called LIFE

Like the doctor at the Mayo Clinic said, 'Yes, a part of this has to be on football,' it wasn't so much getting hit in the head. ... It's just the shaking of the brain when they took him down with the force they play the game in.

There are a lot of people who talk a good game about their faith, including Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz, dr. Carson lives it.

Baseball is a very subtle game in a lot of ways, sure, there's run, throw, hit, pitch and field. But there are parts of the game you learn playing Little League or in high school. They didn't have that.

I couldnt do anything today with myself. I couldnt control my emotions. I was screaming some (stuff), I was throwing the rackets, ... Her game destroyed me because I couldnt use my power. I wasnt ready for that.

There were parts of my game that I still want to clean up, i had to hit a lot of balls tonight, it was extremely tough.

The main appeal of chiptune music is that it's quite nostalgic -- using video game software and hardware from the 1980s and early 1990s to make sounds that sound like modern sounds, it's a way of creating music, it's not a genre ... You can make different types of chiptune music using different instruments.

Using human beings — including little children — as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable, and in some cases, criminal.

The scale was huge. And it was a totally new game for us. Buyers wanted the KRG to lease its own crude cargo ships. We knew nothing about the shipping or sea transportation industry.

We have a vastly improved chance of getting that with China's full cooperation, and we intend to use the (U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue) to game out how we can speed up the outcome that we're both working to achieve.

Business is a good game - lots of competition and a minimum of rules. You keep score with money.

We are aware of the tweets that surfaced after today’s game and have spoken to Sean, who is incredibly remorseful, regardless of how long ago he posted them, he is aware of the insensitivity and is taking full responsibility.

The game feels nice, i didn't play any in the fall (autumn) due to the injuries that I had to take care of but I am excited to be back here. Looking forward to a good week.

It feels like we lost, this is a physical, violent game and there's moments if you don't keep your cool, bad things can happen and he knows that. It's inexcusable and he knows that.

Choosing 13 brands from the 150 we have selected from 2009 was a real headache! they are all incredible, very beautiful and fit our values. So we created a game with my team and each of us had to choose two or three products they would love to have for themselves.

We hope that the game will be beneficial for patients who have impairments in attention, including those with ADHD or traumatic brain injury. We plan to start a study with traumatic brain injury patients this year.

I have a lot of time for Jorge, but his football knowledge is limited at best, what Jorge does is he rely on people that he believes know about the game to give him the information... Jorge is a business man, he's not a football man. If anyone actually listens to Jorge on his verdict of a player, they'd need to be mentally institutionalized.

I ca n’t believe it now, the first set was just too fast for me, I think. But then I adapted to the game in the second set, and then I was just fighting. I mean I had 5-1( in the third set). I ’m so happy. It’s amazing.

When you lose Game 5 and are one game from elimination, you're not in the best mood. When you come back, you're on a high. You definitely have to learn to control that, when you're down, it's not over. When you're up, it's not over either. You can take a lot from that.

The explanation is that that occurred over 50 years ago, have you ever played that party game where you whisper into the person's ear and then they tell it, and by the time it gets all the way back around it's a different story ? That's what we're talking about here.

We need the jobs and the royalties... They're playing a political game with people's livelihoods.

Certainly, there is no linkage to gun violence. plenty of gamers and get upset when they lose or feel the game was cheating, but it doesnt lead to violent outputs.

We are ready for Peru, even if we know that it's going to be a tough game. They are fast and lively, they will have a huge desire to win after losing their first game so it won't be easy.

One must respect the game and the place.

Now having won 11 senior majors, it means a great deal, nobody has won more than nine if Im correct, not even the great Jack Nicklaus or Gary Player or Tom Watson who retired from this championship today. Theres a lot of great players who have played this game and have played majors, and Ive been blessed to have won more than any of them.

Politics in a democratic society should not be treated like a baseball game, a game show or a soap opera. The times are too serious for that.

Life Is A Challenge - Meet It Life Is A Song - Sing It Life Is A Dream - Realize It Life Is A Game - Play It Life Is Love - Enjoy It

She has a different game from many other people, it wasn't easy that's for sure.

When I came in Monday morning, I was shocked to learn of the reports about the footballs, i had no knowledge of the various steps involved in the game balls and the process it went through and what happened. So I learned a lot about that.

He'll play the long game on this, he'll see this as an investment, as one step down the road toward an ... easing of outside pressure.

In the long run the US has to be in the game and has to reduce emissions, otherwise we won't get to the Paris goals, but in the short run it's not a catastrophe. It's not insignificant, but it's not a catastrophe.