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Death is more universal than life everyone dies but not everyone lives.

Kudos to the department of health for trying to be culturally appropriate, it was a learning episode, and hopefully everyone can learn from their mistakes and do better the next time.

Such an unfortunate situation with an historic aircraft, our prayers are with everyone who was on board.

If you try something new, a new experience, not everyone is going to be open to that.

Today is the first day. Let's see what they have for us, if the weather is hot, it's very difficult for everyone because they will be thirsty. The problem is that here the environment is not suitable for proper living.

As they were kneeling for the second round of praying, men armed with small handguns fitted with silencers came in and shot everyone from behind.

Everyone is co-ordinating and collaborating.

By which right did you enslave people, when they were born free by their mothers? everyone was born free and everyone was born human. So by which right are you judging people?

Everyone feared that if Ethiopia didn't get an Oromo leader then the nation would collapse into civil war, luckily, we got Abiy.

Because of the ongoing pandemic... the entire Democratic infrastructure has their eyes on this, everyone in Texas Democratic Party recognizes this is the first run at this scale.

Everyone expected the week before Christmas around $60 a barrel to be the bottom.

The richest people in the world build networks and invest in people; everyone else looks for work and invests in survival.

The world needs to understand whether it's east or west or north or south, that we are going to decide our destiny... Everyone is welcome.

Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in. That everyone may receive at least a moderate education appears to be an objective of vital importance.

In 2014, in such a hurry, everyone was saying we have to take over responsibility. In only one year, we took over responsibility.

Apparently, everyone in town had turned the movie down, they'd gone after every major star and they'd all turned it down because at that time the idea of the gay world and all that was still not accepted.

Sometimes it's a slam dunk where everyone has the same thing and you can party.

Everyone is under the impression that the EPA is spending money to ‘clean the environment.’ But, it turns out EPA is running a $160 million PR Machine, $715 million police agency, a near $1 billion employment agency for seniors, and a $1.2 billion in-house law firm, the EPA wasting $160 million on public relations dwarfs our recent exposure of their high-end furniture purchases ($92 million).

There is a visual element, the optics of sanctions enforcement, there are a lot of foreign journalists and other eyes on the border, everyone is watching Dandong. But the other areas on the border are much less scrutinized.

It's a triage tool that allows us to maintain social distancing, patients love it. ... It's quick and convenient and also covered by the majority of insurance companies, or inexpensive cash pay. One of our concerns with everyone putting off coming in is the chance of missing something.

This was it. This was the first day of my enormous career, this was, Im so sorry, everyone Ive known before, I may or may not be able to return your calls. Im going to be incredibly busy and youre going to be nervous around me anyway.

It will be a very sensitive negotiation among the lawyers, everyone involved in this case would love to be the one to argue.

Everyone has a box of unused medicine in their cabinet, i started to think about [developing] a solution to save money.

I think this has the potential to be a historic moment, i think everyone senses that.

Words calculated to catch everyone may catch no one.

' all my customers are my friends, and everyone knows each other.

All the world needs is one clip to string everyone together #bestrong

He was a very nice guy, down-to-earth, liked by everyone around him.

He had a big gun... He came and started shooting everyone in the mosque, everywhere.

There are so many dead and wounded, i was with the groom in the other room when we heard the blast and then I couldnt find anyone. Everyone was lying all around the hall.

Everyone has an idea of what you need to do with your life. Only you have the facts of what you really need to do.

To Americans, to Arabs, to everyone — everybody liked them.

We, paramedics, saw everyone in the shelter lying on the ground. I do not know whether they were dead or alive, but none of them were moving.

We have the same basic human rights that everyone else does.

They are targeting neighborhoods where everyone knows there are only civilians.

When Airbus coughs, everyone gets sick.

We'll take him to the Ebola transit center in Forecariah, if he has Ebola, we'll have to come back and trace everyone that came into contact with him.

Everyone wanted to score before the end of the second overtime, but we weren't worried if it went longer, however long it took, we wanted to make sure we didn't let up.

The 1960 debates are the turning point from retail politics -- glad handing and meeting everyone face to face -- to the politics of mass media.

In fact, if you put Earth where Pluto is, it would be excluded! any definition of planethood that excludes Earth, in any circumstance, is deeply flawed. After all, if there is any object everyone agrees is a planet, it's Earth.

When you get to a highly communicable disease, that's when we all suffer the consequences, my fate is very much tied to everyone else's fate.

Everyone would like to behave like a pagan, with everyone else behaving like a Christian.

Everyone is a genius. But, if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.

When everyone is against you, it means that you are absolutely wrong-- or absolutely right.

We cannot possibly let ourselves get frozen into regarding everyone we do not know as an absolute stranger.

Now everyone has headed to the hills, by motorcycles, by cars and on foot. The traffic is clogged, children are off school now, the city is quiet because everyone has evacuated. Although there is information that there will be no tsunami, people are still afraid.

Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.

Science is to see what everyone else has seen but think what no one else has thought.

The Canadian (coach) came over to me and said, 'he has already bothered my swimmers,' the South African (coach) said he bothered the swimmers when they were swimming. Chile, Argentina, everyone came to tell me what do to. If he's doing that to everyone then he's a dangerous guy, he has no place in sport.

I called everyone I knew over there and said, what is this? They didn’t even reach out for comment before going on air, and it’s utterly false.

When Andrea smiled, everyone smiled with her.

We accept that divorce and death are traumatic, and condolences are offered when those life events occur. But when you're pregnant/expecting, everyone is 'so happy' for you. We expect some challenges, but we don't discuss the deep frustration, total sleep deprivation and heartbreaking questioning of self that comes with new life.

On the space station it is important that you are a nice boss, my main task is to make sure that there's good communication, that everyone is happy and that everyone has what he needs and isn't overworked or bored.

For everyone its absolutely clear that this is a big market that will be back over time.

It was a fun atmosphere to play today. Even if not everyone was supporting me.

No one knew about Saransk, even in Russia let alone across the world. Now everyone has heard about it.

We're streamlining the National Security Council. There are people that are detailed from different departments and agencies. My understanding is that Alexander Vindman is detailed from the Department of Defense, so everyone who's detailed at the NSC, people are going to start going back to their own departments.

Children are the future, the planet is also here for children to inherit, so it's those of a very young age which we can teach ... to tell them that everyone is responsible for preserving the planet for the future.

Everyone deserves to have something in their pocket that accurately shows who they are.

Everyone makes a greater effort to hurt other people than to help himself.

I think the most important thing is to acknowledge and sit with the idea that something is making us uncomfortable, i think what we don't do is acknowledge that the thing that we're describing is the anxiety, maybe the depression, maybe the residuals of trauma exposure. That's the part that we're not acknowledging because everyone doesn't have that language. And that's OK.

Ambulances started rushing in and I knew it was a bomb right away because the same thing happened here last year, this is not good for Turkey but everyone was expecting a terrorist attack.

Our constitution is clear, it gives everyone the right to education ... without discrimination.

It's very unfortunate. Everyone accuses Saudi Arabia of being so PR-savvy. If it was, it wouldn't have done This Nov. 30 because it's a PR disaster.

When Kim Kardashian told me that I was being released, I started jumping and screaming and crying, and everyone else was crying, it was wonderful. I ’m so glad that she was the one who was able to deliver the news to me. It was a perfect ending.

Separation is the best solution for everyone and for peace, the Jewish community is working hard for peace. I work with non-Jews. I love them and they love me.

It became so clear. I wasn't a firefighter or policeman but I needed to do something to help and it turns out everyone can.

Everyone was predicting doom and gloom for the banks and look at them, four of the five raised dividends, yes, their loan loss provision are higher, but you've got to expect that.

We have just finished a morning food distribution for everyone of oranges, cereal bars and croissants with some iced tea. This is the food we received from Coast Guard yesterday to resupply us. People are still feeling very unwell as a result of the sea conditions.

The data revolution is really popular, everyone can agree there's a problem and we should do something about it, but then the solutions tend to focus on these technological quick fixes or on filling a data gap.

Everyone was in the loop.

These events should concern everyone in this room. Ambassadors are the symbol of the United States abroad, they are the personal representative of the president, if our chief representative is knee-capped, it limits our effectiveness to safeguard the vital national security interests of the United States.

If they are doing well everyone else is doing well.

Everyone only gets paid when a consumer actually makes a purchase and the retailer is paid. It is all commission-based.

We're trying to be inclusive of everyone in Christmas and saying that anyone can celebrate it. It shouldn't be viewed strictly as a Christian holiday.

I have to admit there was a time when I wasn't sure [ how we'd make it ], but I have to tell you, everyone had their game face on and continued to work throughout it.

It's interesting how everyone you come in contact with leaves a residue on you. The interaction stays with you forever, becomes a part of you, and changes you whether you like it or not. The Rabbit Hole

When you have a loaded gun, you don't have to shoot it, everyone knows you have it, there's no direct warning, but there is this constant threat in knowing he, as communications minister, rules and can set up new channels.

Lee Kuan Yew was a horrible person, because everyone is scared, everyone is afraid if they say something like that, they might get into trouble.

The safest bed-sharing outcomes happen when bed sharing is planned, the bed made safe and everyone in the bed aware that the baby is there.

I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete, youve memorized a bunch of talking points.

Society is in such a downward spiral and everyone is willing to go along on the ride instead of trying to bring up their kids and actually parent.

Everyone knows that a man can always marry even if he reaches 102, is penniless, and has all his faculties gone. There is always some woman willing to take a chance on him. (from the Complete Book of Etiquette, 1952)

When I first saw the Senna film I thought 'This is it. I'm looking at history here', the way they have cut it, (in) the last third of the film I'm hardly in it, giving the impression that we weren't there and that's what so disappointing ... Everyone knows that I was with Amy all the time.

We are the ones who are fighting the Islamic State, al Qaeda and the Taliban, everyone else is only talking, but terrorism is everyone's problem.

But everyone is healthy and we don't want them to get sick. It could get worse. So for the health of everybody, we made the decision (to close), but it wasn't easy at all.

We respect the rights of everyone to protest and get their word out.

It was not until 2011 when I came to Las Vegas to organize communities for President Obama that I realized . . . organizing is how we change the world. And everyone can do it.

Everyone wants to be a sprinter. No one wants to invest in the long term.

Have you ever seen a boring Andre Berto fight? Everyone needs to question Floyd, every time I fight it's exciting. Every time Pacquiao fights it's exciting. There's one common denominator that's making it (boring).

Online transport apps have destroyed some local taxis, mainly the small players, we are fighting to make sure everyone is treated fairly and there aren't any players disadvantaged by these apps.

Everyone in Moscow believes that with Clinton in the White House it would be absolutely impossible to get the sanctions lifted.

We are all sacred and we all belong, so, let's just bake a cake for everyone who wants a cake to be baked.

Everyone is still [on] pins and needles, they’re afraid that the house will fall in.

When I turn it on, I have a bunch of friends online and every single one is playing Animal Crossing, i don't think I've seen that on any gaming system before ; everyone on the same game.

We are 100 percent committed to do everything we can do to support Samarco and make this right, we are deeply sorry for everyone who has or will suffer for this terrible tragedy.

No matter how rich, powerful and attractive you might be, everyone at one point or another in their lives asks the same question. "Why me God?

Maybe I'm projecting, but I think everyone is pretty lonely right now. I am certainly a lot lonelier right now than I would usually be.

It was a party setting. I saw everyone was doing it, so I was like,' Let me just try it once just to see what this fuss is about,'.

We had no idea how dangerous these batteries could be, nor did most of our friends and family, it was a shocking realization and we wanted to make sure everyone we knew could learn about this too.