Top 8 Elina Svitolina Inspiration Quotes

Profession: , Birthday: June 18, 2021

Thats why she is who she is. You are playing in front of the best tennis player in the world, if you dont take it, she just grabs it. And theres no chance to take it back.

I dont think she played amazing today.

On the important moments, she steps up, always steps up.

In the beginning you want to make a statement that you are there for the fight. I didn't take my chances. That's was disappointing.

I felt pain from the beginning of the tournament here and there. It was going and coming back, unfortunately today was a little bit worse than I expected.

I didn't know much about Mihaela Buzarnescu because Mihaela Buzarnescu raised really quickly, i watched little bit video of Mihaela Buzarnescu playing, so I knew a little bit what to expect. But today I was off and couldn't find my rhythm, my game today, and was really struggling.

It's very nice of him that he follows the sport, and hopefully, we're going to now have not only attention but also maybe someone could invest some money into Ukrainian tennis for our juniors, for our upcoming generation.

Definitely for me, my goal is to be number one. In Ukraine, being number one is something bigger (than winning a grand slam) because lots of people (notice you) if you are number one in the world, for the tennis world, winning a grand slam might be better but for people who do not know tennis, being number one gets more attention.