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If you don't have a sensation of apprehension when you set out to find a story and a swagger when you sit down to write it, you are in the wrong business.

Hes a Finals MVP, hes doing what hes supposed to do. Thats what they pay the man for, to come down here and be Kawhi Leonard.

I'm just going to be me and she'll be her and let people make their judgments. I have great respect for her, i'm looking forward to getting to the place, assuming I'm still around, that it gets down to a smaller number of people so we can have more of a discussion instead of one-minute assertions.

I was terrified. Honestly, I was blacked out, it just came up to me and all I was thinking was, ‘ Oh my god it's actually happening. What do I do ? ’ Okay, boom. I just moved his head down to the right. But it was fun. I have a different appreciation for sharks now. I'm okay with'em.

We didn’t leave anything uncovered, and again, the casinos, with their support, let us track down a lot of information of who may have had contact with that person. And it was very helpful to us.

For those whom I've let down I will work tirelessly to make it up to you.

Fortunately a level like that will go down if the exposure goes away.

I bet you the budget is completely different, and I bet you she is never driving her car, with her gas, getting parking tickets that she has to pay, walking up and down the streets looking for fabric on her feet.

This will absolutely go down as one of, if not the best, things I've ever been a part of.

There is no such thing as luck in life; it all boils down to pure hard work.

The rockets would rain down on us and we wouldn't even know where they came from, i got scared for my little daughter. When she would hear a plane she would be terrified. I found there was no solution but to leave the camp.

What's on many people's minds is the border crossing with Turkey, if Turkey had opened the borders, you would have seen the population of Aleppo go down by half.

We are waiting, especially in Saudi Arabia, for the government budget for 2015 to see whether the government would maintain its current expenditure levels or if they would cut down significantly, we need a big event like that, otherwise we will remain volatile and negative.

Then I saw children falling down who were crying and screaming. I also fell down. I learned later that I have got a bullet, all the children had bullet wounds. All the children were bleeding.

Shareholders continue to have no recourse against the board or management when scandals pull down shareholder value, we are at a vital impasse for our company.

I asked my boyfriend to go down and just see what it was like,( to) see if it was intimidating, he came back and was just like,' we'll go to the hospital instead, I just don't want to put you through extra stress, not on a day that is already obviously going to be very difficult and hard.'.

I desire so to conduct the affairs of this administration that if at the end, when I come to lay down the reins of power, I have lost every other friend on earth, I shall at least have one friend left, and that friend shall be down inside me.

If some NGOs drop let's say 50 tons of flour in a certain city, the price of bread goes down for three days and then it goes up. This volatility is making people very tired, we need people to have the aid as soon as possible, and that is unfortunately not happening at the time being.

There is kind of a simplicity in the way Chet plays that is disarming, my respect for it really grew as I studied, kind of went down the rabbit hole studying his influences .... There was such an unbelievable simplicity to him that the more you get into it the harder you realize it is to do.

Apparently, everyone in town had turned the movie down, they'd gone after every major star and they'd all turned it down because at that time the idea of the gay world and all that was still not accepted.

He has employment authorization, for five years he had been voluntarily showing up at the ICE office in Florida, where his immigration attorney lives. This year when he flew down to Florida, he was sent back to Indiana. He drove to the ICE office in Indianapolis and that is where he was detained.

When we saw these stories about lemonade stands being shut down for legal reasons, we thought Country Time had to be an urban myth. After looking into Country Time and seeing even more instances, we realized these weren't myths, they were real stories.

It was peaceful and it didn't interrupt the music, after the protest, they left Powell Hall marching two-by-two down the stairs and out the door.

It was an evolutionary mechanism [ to meet D needs ] when we didn't have a Walgreens down the street from us, now, we can get vitamin D from our diet or through supplementation.

America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms, you can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check and most likely without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?

Most people who live and sail down here and are aware probably knew what he saw.

It's pretty good being down here because we do escape that constant bombardment through the media.

What the Greek government is doing is almost unprecedented for developed nations, i don't remember anytime in recent history where a developed nation literally shut down its banking system for an entire week.

What we're not prepared to do is wait months and months while the administration plays a game of 'rope a dope' in an effort to try to stall. We're not willing to go down that road.

This is just the president ignoring the rule of law, ignoring decades of precedent and policy, this is exactly what we feared about Whitaker's appointment, that Matt Whitaker was picked not because Matt Whitaker was qualified for the job -- Matt Whitaker really isn't -- but Matt Whitaker was picked because Matt Whitaker was auditioning on TV talking down the Mueller investigation, talking about Matt Whitaker could -- how we could privately cripple the Mueller investigation.

I certainly have a thorn in my side after not winning last year. I did everything but win, I felt like when it came down to it, even late in the piece I had my chances to kind of close the door, but I left it open and you can't do that with the best players in the world. They'll walk right through and Rory did.

Our first Capitol day is about laying the foundation for civic engagement... and getting our community to understand the process a lot better, we're hoping the people who attend this will form a base of Oklahoma Muslims who can do lobbying and sitting down with their elected officials and things like that.

We do a lot of painstaking research into how real animals move, how their muscles and skin behave ... and then in the computer, we recreate all these things, an artist, like an animator, has to sit down and actually hand animate that eye, hand animate that face so that every little subtle nuance is represented.

Witnesses from the time who were allies of Dr. King reported that his home was an arsenal, one reporter who was trying to interview Dr. King almost sat on a loaded gun when he sat down on the couch.

The two of those things together caused a mess for her back home where people made threats against her and her family that if she didn’t return home and take down the photos, they would remove her (Miss Iraq) title, that they would kill her.

Joe has a good understanding about what's going on in the game and what needs to be done, he relays the signs to Jonesy (third base coach Gary Jones). We try to execute it, try to get that bunt down or move that guy over. That's just A, B, C baseball.

We want to sell one big asset to bring down debt and improve liquidity. There's a good prospect we can sell at least one asset.

If we continue with today's budget level I have to make serious cuts on the operational side. I have to remove entire divisions and cut down on planned investment. Then our military capacity disappears.

In the beginning it was tough to get my rhythm, the wind was bearing down and it was really cold. Finally, in the second set, I tried just to focus on my legs and move better and try to be more consistent.

Hillary Clinton supports marriage equality and hopes the Supreme Court will come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed that constitutional right.

My observation is that your political philosophical approach to a system failure is generally not to expand the size of the public sector, but to instead heavily regulate private sector actors and beat down their greed, was that the source of your initial hesitation on the question of getting rid of private insurance, or was it something else ?

What we don't want is excessive force, or for being Black to be considered probable cause. What we don't want is for a parent to have to sit down with their 12-year-old and have.

The way women dress and look is still one of the red lines in the Islamic Republic, the brands going to Iran should be ready to face resistance from conservatives or even get shut down and expelled from Iran.

They have been down to Cuba and they have come back with small contracts for commodities.

We made a mistake when we shut down our nuclear program. As an Iranian, I say that was a mistake. If we start again and they impose sanctions, then we can at least say we are under sanctions for the nuclear program, now we are wondering why we are under sanctions. We shut down the nuclear program, so why we are being punished with sanctions?

The separation from my wife is making both of us break down psychologically, it's extremely difficult.

Africa still has an opportunity to reduce and slow down disease transmission.

I’d like to believe that our very essence is that of love. At times it’s hard to believe when our experiences remind us of the cold, callous, selfish and liars out there who’ve crossed our paths and hurt us. These hurts have led us to protect our selves by hiding out and shunning our light, our love and our essence from the rest of the world. In the name of self-preservation we, in turn, have become cold, callous, selfish and liars, therefore passing down the cycle of pain to the next generation, forcing them to do the same to protect themselves. The cycle breaks once a single person makes the decision to be vulnerable, to be frail to be their essence, knowing that it could very well lead to a world of pain. In the end, it is worth it to one day have the world full of people who are unafraid of their light and are willing to love unconditionally without fear or consequence. This is the world I would like to live in. This is the world we owe to the future generations

We are waiting for two or three days to see what happens but if it keeps on like this we will shut down and leave.

He wants to come across and brand himself as a leader who is modern and competent, rather than a descendant of his predecessors, and he wants to gradually tone down the idolization of the two late leaders as it goes against his agenda to brand the North as a normal state.

Even on Aimee Chadwick days off, Aimee Chadwick would go visit Aimee Chadwick friends down there because like I guess when you're a police officer,( you have) that close bond with everyone.

To be able to study what we felt and what we're going through - maybe this will help people down the line.

Man may try, and try and try. He may fly to reach the sky! But despite his best efforts, when things don’t happen... Man is confused and wonders, ‘Why?’... Man breaks down and begins to Cry.

You keep on hearing people including the president saying,' This is going to take a long time.' It's only going to take a long time if you want it to take a long time. We have it within our capacity to shut down the effectiveness of the Islamic State in a very short period of time -- in a matter of weeks and not years.

We're, from an overall safety perspective, looking to close the campus down today so they can have a peaceful rally.

We are 5 aircraft down this summer. This is why we are screaming because it is making a huge impact on my bottom line, we are still at an impasse. We have walked away from our first A320neo because it is more than a certain number of days late, so exercised a walk away clause.

Our basic doctrine was always a peaceful nuclear application, but it never left our mind that if one day we should be threatened and it was imperative, we should be able to go down the other path.

Honor is the inner garment of the Soul; the first thing put on by it with the flesh, and the last it layeth down at its separation from it.

Already each of (Africa's) regional economic entities have plans for regional integration. We are integrating stock exchanges from Casablanca to Johannesburg. The walls are coming down faster than people think, by 2018, the African Union expects to conclude the African Free Trade Area.

When the livestock comes down for the winter what are we going to feed them? If our livestock goes, our culture goes.

We are five aircraft down this summer. This is why we are screaming because it is making a huge impact on my bottom line, we are still at an impasse. We have walked away from our first A320neo because it is more than a certain number of days late, so exercised a walk-away clause.

When it comes down to controlling your costs, not working on stuff that won't pay off is essential, no fishing expeditions.

George Bush taking credit for the Berlin Wall coming down is like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise.

We haven't gotten to the point of really drilling down and figuring out what that split would be.

It all started down there.

I feel like I let my family down, my brother down and myself down.

Let’s not get mired down in that debate, there will be time for that. Right now, we secure our schools. Next, we figure out what went wrong.

A lot of hospitals have closed down other units, and scrambled staff to triage patients coming in for testing and for other purposes.

Before applying for that (UNESCO), I think they have to settle the problems in front of them first. Twenty years down the road when all the older generation pass away, who is going to take over?.

We carefully drilled the bone away down to the dura, the linings of the brain, so that we could manipulate the screw.

Mr. Bailey is devastated by this situation. We seem to live in an environment when someone’s life can be turned upside down on an allegation that should have been thoroughly investigated before any action was ordered by a court, we’re helping Bailey in his appeal of the judge’s order so he can not only reclaim his valuable firearms, but also some of his dignity as well.

In presidential election years in the U.S., the M&A market really slows down considerably come September, particularly when there is no incumbent and the market is uncertain, so people were rushing to get deals done. The heightened volatility over the next few weeks may mean that window has disappeared.

The nice thing is that China takes wine in (own-label) bottles and not in bulk, so we get jobs down the value chain.

(But) taking down the flag, or even doing more with gun control, isn't enough to change the hearts of man.

The top three reasons one would use it would be speed, costs, security, your speed to settle a payment is higher, and your cost comes down dramatically.

When I received the Nobel Prize, the only big lump sum of money I have ever seen, I had to do something with it. The easiest way to drop this hot potato was to invest it, to buy shares. I knew that World War II was coming and I was afraid that if I had shares which rise in case of war, I would wish for war. So I asked my agent to buy shares which go down in the event of war. This he did. I lost my money and saved my soul.

I think it's safe to say it's an uphill climb, but as lawyers normally do, belt and suspenders approach, when in a suit against a public official or any lawsuit for tort, which is basically what this seems to be, you're going to put down any defense that you think might be successful, immunity is only one out of many, and I suspect they're going to put a lot more on the First Amendment and the lack of being able to prove incitement. ... So if (immunity) were the only defense it would be an uphill defense, but it's only one of many responses.

Here I am, staying in a fancy hotel, going out to dinner with my friends, hanging out, and we're doing our best to disseminate some information, but I'm on one end of the spectrum, and this is all new to me, i've done a lot of environmental work back home related to climate change. I've tried to be as big of a rock in (their) shoe as I can to the oil industry and the nuclear industry. I'm heavy-heavy coming down on extractive industries in the United States and abroad. But the plight of indigenous people -- which is why we're here -- I hadn't thought about this until now. I had no idea who Diana Rios was or who her father was -- and the guy was killed by hit men for illegal logging obligations.

Facebook should be doing everything they can to make sure it is taken down and not shared across its platforms. This is about dignity and respect and they can not be allowed to continue with this hands-off approach.

This is the litmus test I use: if I were a Christian parent walking in the school, and I heard over the PA system during morning announcements music with the words ‘Praise Allah. Allah is king on high. Bow down to Allah,’ how would I feel as a Christian parent with that being broadcast to all the children in the schools.

A zombie outbreak really slows down once it gets out of populated areas, in the country, it takes them a long time to make their way across the map. But in cities, if you've got millions of them, some are going to make their way in any direction.

It tastes good. It goes down good, and it's a lot cheaper than bar food, and it's a lot better for you too.

With consumer demand down in the Chinese economy, it's unlikely that Beijing will be able to commit to buying a lot more American goods, or, if they do commit... they will renege later.

We were working outside a factory and I snipped down a bush and it fell and touched my face, i didn't pay any mind to it because I do it all the time.

There were times when I was down and reading everyone's Facebook posts and getting everyone's cards and support it was just amazing and really helped me get along.

It really comes down to what was in the lab.

China has been looking to clamp down on democracy efforts. This is a clear message against those efforts.

We're seeing the potential for a freeze all the way down to the central Gulf Coast region, from Texas eastward, that is several weeks earlier than the average first freeze for the region, and that could have an impact on crops.

The pain is at a threshold right now. People are now willing to sit down and talk about possible remedies to that pain.

When he was a candidate we did have the opportunity to talk to him, but since President Trump has been in office we haven't had a sit down interview.

He started going down on the sidewalk and crumbling down people one by one, he just destroyed so many people’s lives. Every single thing that got in his way.

We suddenly got hit by a rogue wave and then within a flash the boat was upside down, we were upside down for about a minute and a half before the keel turned it back up the right way.

I've kind of, in my mind, rehearsed it already, and what I would do on that day is tell the director,' Time the show down to leave me 30 seconds at the end. That's all I want,'.

We shouldn't say to two Middle Eastern countries that,' Listen, you shouldn't have relations with a neighbor.' That's unrealistic. That goes down badly, it's like a Middle Eastern country coming to United States saying,' Don't have relations with Canada.'.

They’re going to try to do some forensic work because those documents probably have been changed [over time], so that enables them to narrow down the period to when they were taken, once you say ‘this seems like it was a snapshot from this particular time,’ then they can look at audit logs of who had access to the document during that time frame.

We have no knowledge whether this was down to human failure or a technical problem.

In the recommendation to admit indiscriminately foreign emigrants of every description to the privileges of American citizens on their first entrance into our country, there is an attempt to break down every pale which has been erected for the preservation of a national spirit and a national character; and to let in the most powerful means of perverting and corrupting both the one and the other.

New sanctions is a surgical strike aimed at slowing down Gazprom's LNG projects in Asia. It will be impossible for Gazprom to develop Yuzhno-Kirinskoye without partners.

By the end Clive and I were just shaking, we were so tired, the shower afterwards was the most incredible Zen feeling in the world. I just sat down and let the water fall over me.

The four team mates and the fifth added for the 500 are an incredibly close knit group and after every day we sit down in a circle and discuss our individual day and what worked and what didn't work, that's how as a unit, as a team, we move forward.