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President Donald Trump did this primarily for reasons of President Donald Trump own domestic politics.

I did not specify who they were, for example, Jared Kushner has numerous friends and contacts abroad.

You should not minimize what NATO did in Libya. This was a major factor yet there has been a silence over this.

He did the right thing when he ensured the safety of the millions who marched ... demanding change, no one was killed.

The army has no guts to fight, it was us who did the whole job.

With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die.

I can’t say I agree with their actions, but I can say what they did was out of the norm.

If they did it to Dr. King... Who am I?

We did just start shooting Season 6 on Monday, thanks to all of you, so thank you.

I knew as a child that I did nothing wrong and that this wasn't my fault, i have found forgiveness in the guilt that I might have had.

I can lead my squad now as the coach just I did as captain... we will win. This is Belfast and we are GIANTS.

We did approach John Bolton's counsel, asked if John Bolton would be willing to submit an affidavit under oath, describing what he observed in terms of the president's Ukraine misconduct -- and he refused.

We did not exaggerate anything. We're not backtracking at all from the 80 %.

Errors did not have a material impact on overall accuracy of the report.

They kept saying ‘Do you have any open cuts, did you have surgery recently?’.

These e-mail exchanges were found to have constituted an unprofessional relationship. The investigation did not uncover any additional misconduct.

Rudolf Diesel did not consider fuels which evaporated easily. That was an accident of history.

Some brands asked us to lower prices by 15 percent, that was not justified, but we did lower prices a bit and are taking a hit on our margin.

He did not come to the banks and say 'I have a problem.' That did not happen.

We did hit a speed bump.

We did not see infections among the cohort who had higher drug levels.

I was asked to memorize what I did not understand; and, my memory being so good, it refused to be insulted in that manner.

I did n’t understand what he was doing, and he did n’t explain it.

I'm not saying that the lawyers for the Sandy Hook families set this up or did this.

We have seen what Beijing did in 2009, which was not effective. More stimulus won't solve the fundamental problem.

If they are, it's because of the stupid sh*t you did up in Boston.

When I finally got my car over the finishing line I looked to my right and it was' Yeah, we did it. Thank god'.

I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen.

Sadly, Walter did not make it, but Virginia did.

They pretended... Only 20 percent of their (U.S. led coalition) operations produced results, 80 percent of them did not lead to bombardments, they returned to base for different reasons.

Before the play we did nothing, there was no work, nothing, just sitting in the street.

It was disappointing, his announcement ... is an ambiguous position and did not reach the level of cancelling the Oslo Accords.

Jayme did whatever she had to survive. And for that, she's a hero.

But at that time, we did not know that the virus had entered Iran.

Since they did not respond, we are basically confiscating the well.

The flag will be preserved in the University Archives along with resolutions from students, faculty and staff calling for its removal. they didn't announce anything. They did it early this morning.

I did not know about this policy.

Speaking of The New York Times, they did some groundbreaking reporting recently.

I did a jalapeno contest once, and it was the only time I regretting doing a contest.

I did not relax until we were out of Iranian airspace.

Did Qasem Soleimani think about what the repercussions of what this is going to mean ?

We're going to give blanket approval, instead of doing it on a location-by-location basis, which requires an analysis, we did an analysis for the entire country.

Sales departments did slow down activities in China and have taken their time to adapt their sales efforts.

The pseudonym for God when He did not want to sign.

I became a community organizer to reelect President Obama. What I did was change the world, one community at a time.

What they did does not portray them, the whole system of modern Russian sport and what happens at the clubs in a positive light.

She did not smoke.

We did analysis on the butterfly. It felt rubbery to touch, with a waxy surface that repelled water.

That was dramatically different from what I saw as a primary care physician in Boise, Idaho, when Idaho did not choose to expand.

It was Bill Cosby. It was Dr. Huxtable, i thought I was the only person that he did this to.

The UBS dark pool was not a level playing field for all customers and did not operate as advertised.

New York followed the presidents agenciesguidance, what New York did was follow what the Republican Administrationsaid to do. Thats not my attempt to politicize it. Its my attempt to depoliticize it. So dont criticize the state for following the presidents policy.

We did not bring this case in response to the public debate over immigration enforcement.

We wanted to kind of confuse the sharks. We did n’t want the sharks retracing their steps and finding their way back.

I did enough with the prom. It almost killed me.

He did something that was racist and he lied about the extent of such activities.

That sign did the actual opposite of what that person wanted because obviously it has gone global.

Airports in some countries are under pressure, especially in Egypt, the question becomes did the airline and the airport exercise standard protocols? If they did, then we have a problem. If they didn't, then they have a problem.

Did we torture people? Yes. Did it work. No.

They sold him on a connection that did not exist.

We did not understand how the methane could transport to these thin sands.

The accident really did a job on him.

My service in an integrated armed forces did not harm readiness.

We indicated to them (Arcadia) that clearly the potential buyer here did not have retail experience, we indicated that the proposal was highly preliminary and lacking in detail, we also indicated that the bidder here (Dominic Chappell) did have a history of bankruptcy.

The haves and have nots can be traced back to the dids and did nots.

Tactically, the coach did a perfect job yesterday, so we know we will be fully prepared.

I don't know why they did it, they were killed like animals.

In Torcaso v. Watkins, (1961), we did indeed refer to ‘secular humanism’ as a ‘religion’.

People always ask me how I did it, that’s how.

I thought it was a joke, in the rehearsals, he did things like that.

Everything is over from yesterday, i did my job and I'm still alive.

In most of those states what they did worked but in Alaska it doesn’t, in Alaska they had an impotent system.

What he did definitely saved a lot of lives by him going off the road.

The proof on these counts at trial would establish that these payments were made in order to ensure that each recipient of the payments did not publicize their stories of alleged affairs with the candidate.

The rich would have to eat money if the poor did not provide food.

They did the best they could, it's amazing they caught( the hack) on their own.

My grandmother went ahead and did it behind his back.

We agreed to hold talks with (the Americans) only on the nuclear issue and for particular reasons, and thank God, our negotiators did a good job.

Yes, my nephew did change the world for politicians; they think of humanity.

You did touch me but didn't feel my pain.

She did not move. She did not make a sound.

The Interlink team did not treat the book as only a book project.

The longer we talk about what the Bidens did in Ukraine, the better.

Northeastern University unfortunately did n’t call me and ask to clarify the statement and took the video down.

But there are reasons to think that reintroduction of the drachma and devaluation would do less for Greece than devaluation did for Argentina. Greece is less open, it exports less.

The previous board of Tauron was one of the best board of utilities in Poland, it was fired because it did not want to 'invest' in mines.

There are not many doctors. They are unable to see everyone, with all the injuries, the number was unbelievable and they did not have time.

Andy Murray deserved this atmosphere, it was an unbelievable match... I want to congratulate Andy Murray on all Andy Murray did for tennis.

He succumbed to his injuries. He did not survive.

The court violated the law, it did not carry out a fair trial, this case is concrete proof of the cooperation of FETO, CIA, FBI and the U.S. justice system.

The jury did what the jury did and there are various views as to how this evidence could be perceived.

Drones can help with the surveillance. In no way did I suggest that drones be used to kill people.

Everybody is calling me a hero, but I can’t imagine the other outcome, i just did what you are supposed to do in this situation.

The Cubans were dug in … And we did kind of get stuck on this.

He admitted that he did remember filing out the form ... and indicating falsely that he was not a user of illegal drugs, he knew that if he answered truthfully, he would not have received the firearm that he was buying.

I was frozen last night. It was horrible, it was 46 [ degrees F ]. That’s cold. I did n’t really warm up.

Everybody knows that there are limited amounts of time ; we did three rallies yesterday.

The script did not have a NASA storyline, but there were ways that we could still help them.

I think that probably a lot of CEOs are envious of his position, his product did so well, it broke.

I did not know that it was a snake, and on my way back, I met my eldest daughter, who told me my child is not waking up.