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The way this administration does business is highly unorthodox in so many respects.

We are on schedule and we think we can do this business instead of diluting. We can do the business and receive natural uranium in return for selling our enriched uranium to outside.

Business strategies can interestingly be assimilated with medicinal drugs. There are no better or worse strategies. There are only adequately adopted business strategies or inappropriately selected and implemented strategies.

Being homeless is my business now, my business is being homeless.

Institutional investors are looking to hedge fund solutions to offer risk/return profiles not available via mainstream strategies and traditional asset classes, the acquisition of Arden emphasises further Aberdeen's commitment to diversifying its overall business and to growing its alternatives platform.

Business has been steady but it's not the same as it was before all this happened, it goes to show that( The Clintons) care about their people, they care about their country.

This constant redefinition of terms to push aside legal restraints has come to the point we all feared it would. ' It's not an assassination, it's a targeted killing.' Or,' It's not war, it's just the way we're doing business these days,'.

With this business model you are taking hostage an insurance system that depends on solidarity, there's currently a broad discussion going on over exorbitant drug prices, and this discussion is creating resentment and disbelief.

In a business analogy the question is how do you scale, i look at( those) performances as a trial market, and then the question is how do you scale your production to a national audience and national market ?

Business is mobile, capital, people and companies move.

There's a disproportionate amount of criminal gains they get from it, the lion's share of ill-gotten, fraudulent money is around these business email compromise attacks. It's a huge problem for our customer set.

We just can't afford to do business that way.

We’re not in the business of being a megaphone for an inaccurate story.

I'd be very cautious on IPO activity, the (oil and gas) business is going to move from one dominated by growth to one that's going to be much more focused on lowering operating costs.

This was a huge part of their business before it happened, they were in the middle of funding talks with Wall Street when this happened and lost opportunities as a result.

Without additional relief from BCA caps, companies in the defense industrial base will continue to downsize or be forced out of the defense business altogether.

As contracts with government agencies were not available anymore, we had to find an exit, then, we decided to introduce app business to Iraq.

It's a no-brainer, it's a good business that generates a lot of free cash flow.

We were of the impression that Microsoft would give its phone business a bit longer to see if it can grow.

Improving combustion engines is key to sustaining our business in the long term.

There's a ripple effect (into) office demand, the amount of trade hotels get, business activity, amount of flights, retail spend.

There is nothing wrong with Thailand, what is wrong is the business of sex that is built at the expenses of the dignity and life of many people including a significant proportion of adolescents.

Talks to define the business plan of Metroweb Sviluppo are almost finished and envisage 4-5 billion euros of investments to build a network in line with the government's indications.

The business of a seer is to see; and if he involves himself in the kind of God-eclipsing activities which make seeing impossible, he betrays the trust which his fellows have tacitly placed in him.

Talk of nothing but business, and dispatch that business quickly.

I'm a fourth-generation Coloradan, and gun ownership is a way of life, what I've learned in this business is there's no clear path for anything.

A durable bottom in stocks requires neutralizing the virus' negative economic and earnings impact, the virus has injected huge uncertainty around consumer spending, the job market and business sentiment.

This is a company that will be part of the solution and can buy a world class business for a significant discount to what we think the fair value is.

Business is booming in Las Vegas for us in regards to flights, we went from one flight per week only one year ago to flights seven days a week, due to demand.

It seems to be in conflict. It's a disjointed way of going about business in the Middle East.

One who is too wise an observer of the business of others, like one who is too curious in observing the labor of bees, will often be stung for his curiosity.

For the commercial routes, we have two customers profiles: one is a business customer, so perhaps from the airport to the business centre, or for tourists flying from Marina Bay to Sentosa.

Every business has to reach a critical mass before needing the appropriate systems and staff in place to maintain control.

To the contrary. They demand that the business grow and generate more profits every year.

The main business of religions is to purify, control, and restrain that excessive and exclusive taste for well-being which men acquire in times of equality.

On paper the United States allows foreign banks to deal with Iran, but in practice they create Iranophobia so no one does business with Iran.

It raises questions about India's hard-earned regulatory agility that had banked on ease of doing business and single-window clearance.

As far as we're concerned, Cape Town's still business as usual.

The symbolic power that Thaksin and his sister carries is still something the military is very much concerned about, (But) his network of regional politicians, local civil servants, and business people has been weakened and disrupted over the years.

The gambling known as business looks with austere disfavor upon the business known as gambling.

Polystyrene foam packaging and containers provide business owners and consumers with a cost-effective and environmentally preferable choice that is ideal for protecting food and preventing food waste, particularly when used for food service. Foam packaging is generally more than 90 percent air and has a lighter environmental impact than alternatives.

Protecting intellectual property is critical to our business since it allows for our investment in the research and development of new medicines, consequently, we are disappointed with today's decision, and we look forward to presenting our case to uphold the jury's verdict.

You can plant a tree to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion or a business success. Tree hugging is a yoga art to connect with nature.

The joint venture will restart the tourist business between Russia and Egypt, targeting 1.5 million visitors a year starting in May.

We remain buyers, given that the steps needed to run this IP-rich business in a financially disciplined way appear obvious – and a catalyst for change is evident.

The biggest driver, in the end, is the consumer, we are part of this supply chain - and what they want, what we all want, is matching with our own vision for the kind of business we want to run.

Based solely on American menswear history, I would say it's defined by a mix of modernity and functionality. And, of course, business savvy.

In order for my business to thrive I need farmers, that's the most important thing that we do as cocoa doctors; we mentor the farmers.

The worst that would happen is we get another competitor in our midst, but I'm not concerned, we've been in the business since 1815.

The competitive connection is particularly strong from our point of view, because data are intrinsic to the business model, the entire business model relies ultimately on access to data and the reach of these platforms.

We have an opportunity to shape a new maritime future, create a new business opportunity and drive innovation.

I think it's probably increased the business by a factor of 10 or 20.

From a business point of view, (the NFL has) ... avoided what may have been the biggest risk to their continued prosperity, removing this as a threat is extraordinary.

Investors rely on credit rating agencies like Standard & Poor's to play it straight when rating complex securities, but Standard & Poor's elevated its own financial interests above investors by loosening its rating criteria to obtain business and then obscuring these changes from investors.

So we could keep our doors open and still end up with a business that's not viable.

The first order of business is to get these killers back. This was the first breakout since 1865 and I want to make sure it's the last.

PG is in business to sell products. They're looking at what the long-term reputation of the company is.

Clearly it is the billion dollar question, particularly on fixed income markets, we do need the market-maker model to some degree. (But) For less liquid assets there may be the case for some of this business to move onto platforms or exchanges.

That may not affect GDP growth all that much in the short term, but it will have a noticeable impact on cross-border capital flows and business sentiment.

Business travelers need to develop healthy habits just for the road.

The due diligence industry has seen a boom in business in recent years as new and unknown bidders emerge out of China, our clients are interested in identifying a bidder's source of funds, understanding whether they have links to the government, or are affiliated with larger state-run firms that have been investigated by Chinese anti-corruption authorities.

We don't expect the decision by CVS Health to have a meaningful impact on our business with Opsumit.

All our business plans have gone out the window anyway.

The negotiations this year will be easier for Ukraine in terms of the business environment, but it is much harder in terms of policy.

One day business is booming, and the next day, boom, it's shut off, it's a huge bummer for the whole industry.

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art of all.

Some agencies are more driven by their business and don't give emphasis on climbers' fitness and don't ensure that only experienced climbers and sherpas are sent to the mountain.

Everything that we get [that comes] from China affects us dramatically, we cant survive as a business unless we do trade with China.

Basically anyone who's grown accustomed to having their business heavily supported by the farmer, there is going to be a slowdown.

This is a bit perplexing. The feedback we are getting on the ground is not as positive. SMEs are not getting the orders, there is an improvement in business sentiment, in the environment, but unfortunately there is no movement on the ground.

UAE, Bahrain and Poland are our high performers. We have very good positions in regard to our credit card business in UAE, Bahrain and Poland.

The Futures Industry Association's going to be harder to attract convention and business meetings to Baltimore, the community, region and state will all be negatively impacted. Private investment into Baltimore will slow.

It is for reasons like these that there is a need to regulate crypto-exchanges, pushing the exchange business out from the formal economy to the informal cash economy to operate under the radar will worsen the problem, not solve it.

Show business is the best possible therapy for remorse.

Big ag companies weren’t pushing the industry forward at a pace we felt the farmers deserved, we wanted to build a business that has a massive impact on agriculture and lets us invent the future of farming.

This legislation is going to give prosecutors the tools that they need to make sure that no online website, platform, business can ever reach the size and scope of Backpage.com.

A broader emphasis on entrepreneurship helps socially responsible startups raise awareness and allows them to link their cause to the business of enterprise, there are waves and trends in entrepreneurship.

In the service sector, business activity, new orders and employment all expanded at slower rates, while optimism towards the business outlook also moderated.

Not everyone who does business with the city or has a conversation is a citizen.

Most cannabis companies trading at nosebleed valuations are loss-making start-ups that are still trying to build out their distribution infrastructure and compliance, tPB already has the distribution, has a profitable core business with a proven management team, and has the regulatory background. If TPB traded at even a fraction of the valuation of other cannabis names, the stock would double overnight.

If there's no deal, Iran will turn to China and Russia, as well as some European countries that are prepared to do bilateral business with Iran.

Actually Newmont is not the only one that is attractive, all the foreign-owned shares related to the core business of Antam and state miners, we can take, be it a gold or nickel company.

I am in the business of pleasure.

If this deal had not been done with this particular buyer the BHS business would have gone into administration 12 or 13 months earlier than in fact it did.

If you were in a business setting, President Donald Trump clearly would have been fired.

This industry remains untested through a complete credit cycle, the new business models were developed in a period of low interest rates, declining unemployment and relatively strong overall credit conditions.

A business organization should be ranked and rated the best and bigger than others not by its biggest profitability figures but by the big possibility created for the employment opportunity for the population of the nation.

Qualcomm's ongoing campaign of patent infringement claims is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the larger issues they face with investigations into their business practices in U.S. federal court, and around the world.

Live together like brothers and do business like strangers.

Hard work makes the dough and Business makes the BREAD!

When we started doing business in Africa, we noticed people had multiple SIM cards in their wallet.

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.

As we look to address national interests, we want to do so in a way that supports our own business interests and the interests of all of our stakeholders.

We have a big business in the United States, my priority 1,2,3 and 4 is to rescue my USA business.

I have never seen such a conflated story in all my life, yeah, we had two lunches with the Russian ambassador and passed on a business contact. So what ?

That's not a viable business model.

The LME business also has significant cost-saving opportunities and further potential to expand its commodity breadth of products, which combined should drive significant earnings growth over time, if management execute on these organic growth options.

It's fast becoming a business where only the fittest can survive.

We're at a point where the continued existence of this business is in question. If you don't see a problem with that then don't bother trying for the 10 billion-plus improvement. But that means this unit will be sold.

The macro concerns with Brexit on the horizon gave us a chance to buy a very good business with good long-term prospects.