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I'm a big believer in believing

It should be no secret now that China is trying to move from a manufacturing to a consumer economy. That’s been in the news for a while. This is a huge overreaction, the consumer economy continues to improve in China. On such a big base now, it just can’t grow at 10% forever.

One of the big tests of Dodd-Frank is whether or not the Federal Reserve can move from being a bank regulator to a financial company regulator. And the jury's still out on that.

There is a big problem in Isiolo, many have been persuaded to join the militants. Many others have been caught by authorities and returned.

Small amounts of waste that we are hoarding in our homes can become a' big ghost', it can fill the guts of dead whales, and get stuck in the noses of dead turtles at sea.

Threatening the oil interests and blocking roads leading to Iraq's ports is causing big losses exceeding billions of dollars.

This is a big mistake from the American president because the Palestinians have a just case and the U.S. knows what Israel did to the Palestinian people.

People keep telling him, 'You have big shoes to fill,' they said the same thing when I came in.

I found him to be a quiet man. He kept mostly to himself, he was a great star. This was my first big thing: I felt lucky and grateful I was with these people.

One thing that unfortunately India does not have great answers to yet is the quality of living outside of work, the professional still has his days to spend in the office but the spouse and kids... that becomes a very big issue.

It has made a big difference for me.

ISIS can’t control Manbij again, but there are sleeper cells here. This is a big country and we liberated this city alongside the U.S., we still have threats, we still need their expertise.

Yesterday there was a big Russian air strike, but we organized ourselves, with the rest of the factions. We are used to the new situation, we camouflage headquarters, and cars, and dig trenches.

After 12 years in a stable job with a big company, I have started to update my CV and send it to other employers.

This will be a big deal because this will be the first such action that will be taken.

Saudis now are going to be able to go to a beautiful theater and watch movies the way they're supposed to be watched: on a big screen.

It's an explicit loophole, coal is a big lever for them. They're wise from the Chinese standpoint to keep some leeway (so) they're not branded as sanctions violators if a train goes from China to North Korea (carrying resources).

This is a big issue and if you are going to overturn an election, you are going to demoralize young Democrats across the country.

Most are pretty efficient at blocking UV radiation, if you are using a mask, I'm a big fan of mineral sunscreens and stick sunscreens... the stick adheres to skin a little bit better and doesn't get as runny as liquid.

Joe Biden has more license now to go really big with bold systematic economic polices and not be accused of flip-flopping in any way, but instead be admired for meeting the moment.

a very big issue.

However, if more support and resources had been available earlier, it could have made a big difference in reducing the terrible toll this outbreak has taken on communities and health workers.

The landscape is much different than it was several years ago, when we initially filed, it was a big risk factor. No companies had been listed on the Nasdaq or the NYSE.

They didn't have electricity. He didn't have a radio. He only had a few books, his big enjoyment was riding his bike to the train tracks to watch the trains go by.

For them it's a very important revenue and income. It's an economic driver to have a World Heritage site, if the attributes that attract tourists there in the first place are damaged by climate change, that could be a big blow to the tourism economies.

The Big Short you're talking about the advent of hip hop, child soldiers, the sex scandal in Catholic church and malfeasance in Wall Street - I'm pretty proud of that for Hollywood.

And there is certainly a big risk of infection for the (14) countries which have not had it yet.

As we close out of the year, it's been a tale of two tapes, with narrow leadership holding up the major indices, while the vast majority of the market continues to underperform, the big story today as investors wrap up the year is that after all that's said and done, it's a flat year for the S&P 500.

It's one thing if the President has a detailed and thoughtful conversation with the intelligence community about what to declassify, what to release to the public, but if, on the other hand, this was simply the President looking for an opportunity to attack his predecessor, and giving little thought to the consequences of what he might be disclosing, that is a big problem.

There are two important positions, being number one and being inside the top 50, whether I'm two or three, it's not a big deal, but getting closer to one is.

I don't understand it, it was a big deal for a number of us to go from the Fall Series to the FedEx Cup. That was key to the continuation of our support. And it was evident in the investment our title sponsor made in the purse.

We are not a big company who can absorb such frivolous fluctuations.

I, more than anybody, know what a big deal this is for her and how life-changing it is.

This is the way that a big chunk of millenials watch news.

They took in a pretty serious amount of money, and on their FEC reports, all they disclosed in terms of how they spent it was that they made a bunch of big payments to an affiliated LLC.

Somebody really messed up, because whoever thought of that idea, I think is in big trouble. And they should be in big trouble.

It was a big challenge initially, getting customers to accept our shark fin policy, we accepted that it would mean a substantial cut for our banqueting business. We initiated the policy because it was the right thing to do. We recognized that as a species, sharks are threatened with extinction, and if this happens, it would put the health of our oceans and fisheries at risk.

We want to sell one big asset to bring down debt and improve liquidity. There's a good prospect we can sell at least one asset.

You cannot send a U.N. envoy without political backing of the big players in the U.N. Security Council. De Mistura does not have the tools.

The great masses of the people... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.

Germany has strongly supported the universality of the (global) goals. It now faces a big challenge to link what it has done and will do domestically to the international requirements to achieve the goals.

The great masses of the people... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.

Joining the Formula One World Championship in 2021 shall be a long-term project, we are aware of the big challenges ahead of us, but we have a team of experts working day and night and the financial solidity required by the FIA to make this project a success.

Salma Dam is another big step in deepening and broadening the relationship between Afghanistan and India.

Given the crisis, of course, this is big money, hard to find, but I think this is our priority.

One thing the KPK hasn't pushed is trying to make a lasting and wider impact on corrupt systems, we will continue to go after the big fish, but it's important that we push for the change to be sustainable.

He had a big gun... He came and started shooting everyone in the mosque, everywhere.

It's a very big mishmash from one jurisdiction to another, they have been working on it, but we are behind the curve.

One of the mummies had a trace of an arrow in the head, it proves he died in a conflict. Maybe that explains three mummies in one big sarcophagus.

There is no competitor to the A400M which is by far the most modern military transport aircraft. So there will be a big export market, I'm convinced of it.

The tragedy was so big that nobody felt like they were the only victim, what we can do now is understand the reasons why we have war outbreaks, and the slaughter of civilians must be stopped.

There is a big mismatch between our wages and the cost of living, you cannot survive without overtime.

It wasn't supposed to be that big of a deal.

The process of the SNC review and ultimately the report will be significant, either there are more satisfactory approaches being taken or there are not, and either way it's going to be a big deal.

Nigeria's inclusion in the GBI-EM index was generally seen as a big step forward in its integration with global financial markets, opening the market to new investment and raising its profile worldwide. That will now be reversed.

China has a big influence on global growth and the turnaround since the financial crisis. With the lessening of that engine of growth and with the U.S. still fairly anemic by historical standards, it definitely concerns investors.

I was very surprised by how big the rise is and how consistent it is over the years, the statistics are phenomenally tight.

We have seen a lot of panicking, we've seen some very quick decisions made to balance the books in the short term, and there's going to be a big gap in the future.

With years of technical development, over 35 million kilometers flown, and hundreds of thousands of people connected, we have a big head start and are well positioned to connect a lot of people and seize the opportunities that come with it.

It's not the time to reach out and make a big money grab.

Kuczynski's plan is made for defending the interests of big businessmen, his vision... belongs to the transnational corporation.

He's in the burn unit. We go up to see him and his whole face is ripped open. He has a big cut on his chest.

I'm not big into politics, but I like the things he's going for: student loan debt, schools, free healthcare.

Two years ago we didn't have cars, we didn't have venues, we didn't have teams. We didn't have sponsors or broadcasters, today we have a championship going full-on with big fights between the drivers.

The EU that all of us (Balkan countries) are aspiring to, it has lost its magic power, yes we all want to join, but it is no longer the big dream it was in the past.

Both these companies have big potential. The demand for drones is huge in many markets.

The purpose is to mobilize the liquidity in the market. We don't differentiate among the owners of the funds, china is a big investor already. We don't want any prejudice.

We lost a big opportunity to really improve the city, the money has run out and very little has changed.

We are trying to work to facilitate that information be accessible to top app developers so that information can be sucked into applications that are very useable and intuitive for the patient to look at their own data, we think that is a big part of putting the patient in the driver seat in the health care system.

We’ve seen a very big increase in scam phone calls in San Francisco, we’re trying to prevent these scams from happening because once money leaves the US, forget us not having jurisdiction, but even federal authorities don’t have jurisdiction. Once the money’s gone, the money’s gone.

After a tough couple of weeks, this was the reset that Trump needed, he laid out a popular agenda and framed the big political issues of the day in the most favorable way possible.

I don't see divestment campaigns making a big dent, they serve more as public education on private prisons, organizing tools, or as social commentary on what people believe is acceptable to be investing in.

Tourism has been a big success story for Sri Lanka over the last decade.

(We have the) building capability to scale into parts of the world where we haven't been strong in the past and a big part of that is actually working with partners, not trying to do everything ourselves, angry Birds.

Whenever a war starts, there's a big spike in graphic violence.

We have been mostly fortunate with these big rain events, the atmospheric rivers, where the impact has been relatively localized.

It's crazy how big this jackpot is, buckle up: It's going to be a crazy ride between now and Wednesday night.

The big one is that he -- he wears jean shorts sometimes. And that's a little rough.

I can't send a group of glass workers to a small private house when there's a big apartment block nearby, and you can turn on the heating there and move 100-300 people there.

To be honest, I expect that the Minsk 2 agreements will not be observed, in the same manner as the Minsk 1 agreements were not, and at the end of the day the Ukrainian army will launch an offensive. This is a very probable development ... I am not sure that it will end without a big war, as Russia cannot tolerate this sore on its borders forever.

What keeps us up at night is that one of the big tension areas is the South China Sea.

We're taking a big risk and expect that the studies will be positive, if that's not the case, then we're going to have a surplus.

For everyone its absolutely clear that this is a big market that will be back over time.

From the previous event( grand prix), we've had more than 70 big corporate and sporting events, the circuit is constantly working so this is a major legacy.

The big brutes, I can not name them differently

Democrats are a big tent party, you know, I'm not trying to impose an ideology on all several hundred members of Congress. But I do think that, once again, it's not about selling an - ism, or an ideology, or a label or a color. This is about selling our values.

We still feel like there's a lot of work left to be done when it comes to software solving big problems, this is our sweet spot.

Puerto Rican voters are swing voters. The majority have been identified as independent. They did vote for Barack Obama in the last election by wide margin, but they have supported Republican candidates. They supported Marco Rubio when he ran for the Senate; they voted in big numbers for Jeb Bush when he ran for governor.

They might be from overseas or whatever. And we invite them over to our house and we do a big Thanksgiving feast.

It’s a big deal.

The pyramids championship that began in the late 90s, of course, we all hoped to play on such a big stage one day.

Going from not knowing each other to identifying shared interests is one of the first steps in making a new friend and apps, online communities, the internet can fast track that, they make it a lot easier to get over that first big step.

The board's got big questions to answer; I mean, should HSBC split up? ... You're probably not going to get that decision from an insider who believes in continuity.

On the one hand you hear glowing stories of growth and prosperity, shiny new buildings being built, big cars, nice homes, and lots of consumption. But Africa is producing bigger and bigger numbers of poor people, so poor so desperate.

Some Iranian leaders believe that in case of failure, they can count on their neighbors to skirt the sanctions and bank on big power rivalries to undercut the restrictions, but this strategy's success is far from certain, likewise, Russia and China have repeatedly sided with the West in isolating Iran. Similarly doubtful is how much more the economy could recover without meaningful sanctions relief, amidst plummeting oil prices.

It’s been a big hit and I’m grateful for all the success it’s had.

They're looking for someone who is not just going to bring a thoughtful approach to the big problems we face as a country, but also has a backbone and the courage to fight for what's right.

I think the big push now should be to expand testing, getting people diagnosed and get them on treatment.

This study confirms my long-held belief that men with poor sperm quality could potentially improve things by wearing looser underwear and keeping their testicles as cool as possible, it's also important to note the study is not implying underpants are a major cause of infertility -- in fact, fertility has not been measured. There is a big difference between measuring aspects of sperm quality( as done in this study) and measuring fertility.

The government of course was very proud, for the government, it's' big face' to attract the real LKF -- there are so many copycat LKFs in China.