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The words 'I am...' are potent words be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.

MasterChef Junior, [From] cooking to play Nerf war to drawing a bunch, trying to get back to basics.

What did the best the last three days... are pulling back the most today.

She talked in a soft tone, i was kind of nervous, (like) anytime a doctor calls you back with blood tests.

What we have seen specifically from Trump and his administration has been going back on words after hands have been shook, the tariffs affected the beans and the ethanol has affected the corn. We're getting hit at the kneecaps.

The country and the balance sheet will not bear the cost of building this plant. It will be paid back through the actual production of electricity that will be generated by this plant.

At least nine others are wounded in the clashes and the Taliban militants were pushed back after Afghan forces reinforced the area.

Send their a — es back ! they scared families with small children, which I find very wrong.

I tell her, be sure you Hungarian journalist that karma will get back to you, and God will not leave this be.

We have reinforcements coming from other areas and will beat back the Taliban.

The rain has been falling, and we pray to God (the fire) doesn't come back toward the city.

When he came back his behavior was the same: he was still himself, calm, serious. Nobody noticed anything, even the neighbors I spoke to, he said hello to everyone, he prayed, he took his coffee, even on the day of the attack he took his coffee with his family and went to work.

It was a bicycling accident, he was following a mail truck and the mail truck stopped and he ended up running into the back of the truck.

Right before the results came back, we had a little nagging fear, you know, what if the results came back negative.

Bam! This hit the port quarter, picked up the ship and broke the stern off, the guys were sleeping back there, we lost a lot.

There wasn’t any discrimination back in the previous regime, things changed afterwards.

I can confirm that as a party we have received communication from the office of the former president that she arrives back in Malawi on Saturday to stay.

There's a lot of back and forth between us and the companies, we're sharing with them thoughts and ideas and concerns. They come back to us with additional information.

If you come back in a year or two, I suspect we will have automated the $2-$5 million segment of the investment grade.

A few weeks back when I was quote, unquote, snubbed by the academy, it reminded me when I briefly attended high school and was overlooked for the coveted yearbook superlative category best looking.

We're seeing this little rally from the last three weeks continue for now, you've got a notion the market has shifted back to the easy money trade. In the short term, that helps lift asset prices, but long term, that's not good.

You'd have to go back to Watergate to find something truly analogous, and we need to find away to bring back that bipartisan ethic and commitment to this investigation.

There are plenty of aeroplanes in the industry - it does not hold us back from growth.

I am very happy, allah is great to us. I was back as soon as we rebuilt, to pray.

SOMO was the first on the case but they did not think it through nominations. SOMO went back to the drawing board. Aramco could not be left behind!

I'm looking forward to getting back on the field, it's what I love to do.

They have been down to Cuba and they have come back with small contracts for commodities.

Last year we were severely weakened, but now we are back to full force.

I take the cart back again to its garage.

I like naming things that go back to my heritage.

My back started to ache and I started to lose weight, then an X-ray found a clamp inside of me.

Although we consider the violent risk-off move of recent weeks largely unwarranted by economic fundamentals, the sheer magnitude of the sell-off has raised the risk that market volatility could feed back into the real economy, central banks have very limited ability to ride to the rescue of risk assets.

Five years ago there weren't as many smartphones, and if we go back even five years before that then solutions like this could not have existed, the penetration of smartphones is absolutely essential to a product like Plantix.

A lack of resources, legal documents and language skills all combine to make it very hard for refugees to get back into education.

I powered back ... and began the turn — 90 degrees to the left, then a 270-degree turn to the right.

Next time the warm waters come back to Jakobshavn Isbrae, they will be even warmer.

They were radicalized very quickly, and when they came back from Syria they had no fear of death.

We'll take him to the Ebola transit center in Forecariah, if he has Ebola, we'll have to come back and trace everyone that came into contact with him.

There has only been a small number of executives allowed back into China so far, all of which have been granted entry on an individual basis.

I've pulled back from my China and emerging market exposure until there are clearer signs that the economy has stopped slowing.

Anecdotally, treadmill desk companies have people sign waivers (for) if you get engrossed in what you are doing and propelled off the back (of the machine).

This is pretty straightforward. We are not going to sit back and let someone make false and defamatory statements about our company.

We were just watching the video back and saw the thing come out of the darkness.

The fact it is politically helpful to the new government - in that it weakens the chances of the Rajapaksas coming back - is also fortuitous but it shouldn't be the primary motivation.

They sold into it (the tariff news), and then it bounced back nicely.

What is a husband He is the one who, with a touch, can bring back the starlight and glow of years long ago. At least he hopes he can-don't disappoint him.

Our ship is slightly veering towards a European separatist multicultural model and we want to pull it back to be firmly on the Australian integrated path.

Im gon na go back to my office and put some eyedrops in so I can keep reading. Thats gon na be my job.

He was immediately back to his good old self. After not even 30 seconds he was already cracking jokes, in this case he was full of praise for the assistance received overnight by one of the nurses in the intensive care unit.

I could not and did not turn my back on my responsibility to address those grave problems, i made improving the program a priority and I did so in a hands-on manner, through cases, policies, and sweeping personnel and organizational changes.

In the past, investigators would ask the military for information, and it would come back nine months later saying 'that document has been incinerated or destroyed', but during that time, nobody would actually ask, 'Well, who destroyed it?'.

Steve Bannon.Christopher Wylie has proven once again that Steve Bannon.Christopher Wylie has a very active imagination without actual knowledge to back it up. As with Steve Bannon.Christopher Wylie claims about the usefulness of the data, Steve Bannon.Christopher Wylie claims here also quickly fall apart under any sensible scrutiny.

The Bank will have a bias to acting early and gradually. It expects to be adding around 1 percent to the countercyclical capital buffer on UK exposures of all banks, even before the overall threat of future losses looks high, and if threats materialise, or shrink, the Bank will reduce its expectation for capital buffers back towards the baseline level.

He went almost a year back into my Twitter to find a tweet about me drinking two months before my 21st birthday and exposed it to his followers.

People will come back again, they will come back with stronger force.

I would love to go back and do the same job that I was doing, it would be an honor to go back.

Robocalls are going to come back steadily as more and more people get back online and social distancing slows down.

We suddenly got hit by a rogue wave and then within a flash the boat was upside down, we were upside down for about a minute and a half before the keel turned it back up the right way.

And you back slowly out of the room.

People are covering back their short positions as sentiment has been too bearish earlier, but I wouldn't be very bullish as the overall economic picture remains bad.

The message was very clear. There is no reason for NATO to do what it is doing ... The direction in which NATO is moving in military terms is very worrisome, it takes us back to the Cold War.

For everyone its absolutely clear that this is a big market that will be back over time.

I want Jair Bolsonaro to be Jair Bolsonaro, not because Jair Bolsonaro's Jair Bolsonaro, but because The Workers ' can't risk letting the PT back in power, sure, all of the major parties are corrupt but the PT created an infrastructure of corruption.

Impoverished Greece is in crisis. We are a poor people, but we have retained our values and humanity, and we aren't claiming a single euro to do our duty to people who are dying in our back yard.

Television has brought back murder into the home -- where it belongs.

I am worried that Germany may send us back home. That would not be fair, afghanistan is in the same situation as Syria ... The Taliban killed my brother and they will kill me, too, if I return.

We absolutely have a victory for teachers, our members are saying they want to go back to the classroom.

Don't hold back when you know you can go forward.

If we can win VA-10, i think we can win back so many parts of the country we lost.

We're hoping to get power back soon to the servers, but we're just not sure on timing.

There’s no avoiding the fact that 2015 ended slowly and the outlook for 2016 is disappointing, novartis now has much to prove in 2016 and will take time to win back investor enthusiasm.

There's no water, no gas, no electricity. They say it could be back tonight or maybe tomorrow.

We’re just glad to have it back in our possession.

With last year being a year coming back from pregnancy and all of that, it's not my usual buildup.

We will liberate the south. The Houthis can go back north.

His health is OK, he was probably only sick or had the flu [when he was taken] but they won’t allow him to go back anymore, he cannot go there, it’s over.

I'm still not satisfied with the answers to the questions that I asked back then.

He'll (Obama) be back but if there was anyone who deserved a vacation, it was those two, he's living his best life.

Thank God I have the husband that I have and that we laugh together about everything, [Elizabella] projectile-vomited all over the back of this realtor’s car.

I was in the garden and a rocket hit and the shrapnel sliced me open, something fell out of me and I grabbed it and I put it back in and I lay down.

Markets seem to be back in a bull range, but it can't be a one-way street. There has to be some correction or consolidation and that's exactly we should expect now.

What we are calling for is for all parties to go back to the mediation process and try to forge a way forward that is inclusive.

Both of my grandfathers served in the armed forces, which instilled in me a huge respect for our military, their families, and the sacrifices they all make on our behalf, cracker Barrel has long supported military-focused programs, especially those that give back to military families.

Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

I am a marketing director of an import-export business in Bangui, we have been here for over a year now. I cannot go back until the situation in Bangui is safe.

Back in Myanmar, we couldn't gather more than 10 people, so how could we sing?

They carry the coffin or perform, for the Islamic Republic, when a member of the Guard or Basij is killed in Syria that’s the beginning of the process. They are brought back for a martyrdom procession. It becomes an outlet for the propaganda of the Islamic Republic.

We're back here doing this regularly scheduled painting, but we have this backdrop now.

Inaction is unacceptable. No more talk. The time for passing legislation is now. I'm ready to go back tomorrow.

Every deployment I felt a little more numb, it got to the point where when I went back to the civilian sector I didn’t know how to handle it.

This litigation threatens to hold back that progress for people and businesses, so we're extremely disappointed some companies have chosen to put commercial interest ahead of the national interest.

[Serbia] has a very long tradition of film making, back in the 1970s and 1980s, there were so many huge co-productions that were made here.

Islanders Hockey let up, I guess. Islanders Hockey didn't mean to, they came out flying. It shows a little bit of resiliency on Islanders Hockey part. Islanders Hockey found a way to win even though Islanders Hockey let them back in.

We are already at a point of no return if we don't do anything, we can bring it back to the stable point by a small interference now - or by larger and larger interference later.

This could give Pyongyang pause if they're pondering a hardline approach for next year that said, they traditionally have pushed back hard against supposed Chinese leverage, aware that China is willing to punish North Korea, but not to the point that it causes real instability.

The factors that have been driving the market have been some bargain hunting, some short covering and speculating off the belief that we have seen the worst of things, investors are taking a pause, stepping back and looking at what's the next driving element.

The engineers wanted Andre to come back to Japan. this was the hardest, toughest decision I ever had to take in my life.

Before I knew what was even happening, I was in the back of the truck, chained to the bed of the truck, and with a pillowcase on my head and duct tape on my mouth.

It is certainly sad that their memories were not only forgotten but desecrated in many instances, and now they are at least back in the conversation, i'm still not sure if they are getting the absolute credit they deserve.

She said the dog's hair stood up on the back of its neck right before the attack.