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Monotony is the awful reward of the careful.

Our negotiators got an awful lot, particularly on the nuclear front.

We can fix the political system, we do not have to surrender to dirty, awful politics.

For someone so young, I think an awful lot about mortality.

It's extremely troubling, it's an awful thing that's happened.

It's an awful way to go.

This was an awful moment, but they have incredible hearts. ... My wife deserves a lot of credit.

It’s an awful thing, and he knows it.

It’s awful for Laura... she’s not a tough person at all. She’s only small.

Therereall these awful stories in the world, people need this.

I was very satisfied with an awful lot of the answers we received.

It's been an awful two years, in my opinion wholly unjustified.

They are going to have to do an awful lot to get the company's fundamentals to justify that kind of valuation.

It’s just an awful tragedy.

It is an awful situation, but it is in our power to change it.

My ideas are a curse. They spring from a radical discontent With the awful order of things.

Theres no way to sugarcoat this, this was a pretty awful weekend for the overall marketplace.

And the treatment for fall armyworm has the awful combination of being both costly and difficult.

There's an awful lot of interest in 6103 today.

He was awful good to me and my family, if I needed anything, he'd do anything for you.

I've done an awful lot of stuff that's a monument to public patience.

The incident was awful and frightening and speaks to the aggression which reigns in society.