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The observation of others is coloured by our inability to observe ourselves impartially. We can never be impartial about anything until we can be impartial about our own organism.

Plain horse sense ought to tell us that anything that makes no change in the man who professes it makes no difference to God, either.

We've known for decades that athletes' hearts are different than the hearts of normal people, if you compare them to sedentary people, their results fall outside the limits of normal, but that doesn't mean anything is wrong.

I've never seen anything like it, frankly, with respect to bipartisan consensus.

That's definitely not for us, it's a growing sport and it is actually quite fun to watch but I don't think it is anything I will be looking to do.

We didn’t leave anything uncovered, and again, the casinos, with their support, let us track down a lot of information of who may have had contact with that person. And it was very helpful to us.

I think a receptionist just said that to the guy from the Post and he sort of ran with it. I designed the space and Downton Abbey didn't have anything to do with it, however it's a great show!

Besides reaching people by word of mouth, I cannot do anything else to stop this as it would be too risky.

The cool thing about the wheels is that they are fully metallic and give us the traction and grip of a rubber wheel without taking anything organic from earth. They will be able climb over rocks and also dig through deep sand.

You should be able to do anything a human being can do (from my late father's wisdom).

Having refugees also feeds into ISIS' appeal, and it feeds into the violence in the region, which is already the most violent region on Earth. So all in all, anything that goes in the neighborhood impacts the security and the stability of the Arab Gulf states who are by far the most stable and the most secure.

I not once said anything to these guys. I was just walking, i ’m not sure if I was disrespected for my skin color or my World Peace sign. I was shocked.

The truce has not changed anything in my life. The war planes are still hovering above us, i do not expect anything from the Geneva talks.

I don't want anything else from this world, everything I was dreaming of is gone. I want to bury my children and sit beside them until I die.

I haven't managed to compete this year, so if it's OK to run on last year's times I want to compete, but because I haven't heard anything from the Swedish Olympic Committee I don't know if I can compete.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. So kiss slowly. Love deeply. Forgive quickly. Take chances and never have regrets. Forget the past but remember what it taught you.

There's nothing out of the ordinary the defendant was doing, he was young, a bit desperate and wanted to settle down. Is there anything wrong with this?

If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.

We couldn't do anything with the dead bodies, they were just abandoned. We informed the hospital.

It's still a revolutionary movie because it doesn't talk about the way we Palestinians are usually represented in the world, we are representing ourselves by the new generation without trying to prove anything to anyone, with our' goods' and' bads'.

I adore Beyonce?, i would never do anything malicious like that — to her, or to anyone.

Basically they both told me... not to say anything to anybody in that environment that we were put in and to be happy where we were at.

There are no prosecutions, they're not investigated particularly well and there are issues around the definition of what constitutes a hate crime, the implementation of any law in Bosnia is completely stymied by the political system. It's very difficult to ascertain whether the Bosnians are against LGBT [rights] or if they can’t do anything at all really.

You can't do anything about it because if John Bolton views it as in John Bolton personal interest, that's just fine. John Bolton's allowed to do it. None of the founders would have accepted that kind of reasoning.

I was off work for two months. I can’t lift anything so my firm’s got me doing paperwork, i used to train four times a week and loved martial arts and boxing. I can’t do any of it now.

Anything that makes it even marginally harder for someone to sell or buy guns, even without background checks, is opposed by the NRA.

I’m not going to support anything except our neutrality and independence and protecting the consumers, i can’t control who leaves, but I’ll control who comes in and I’m at the top making the decisions.

I honestly expected that after the news attention to that particular exchange on the Hill, it wouldn't be approved. But Facebook really isn't doing anything proactive about misinformation on their platform.

Marco Rubio basically disqualifies himself to be president when he diminishes any American for being too young or old or anything else.

Never do anything yourself that others can do for you.

If he decides to break those laws which helped to end war and restore democracy, he'll be responsible for anything that will happen.

I have no interest and don't know anything about cricket, it's a Pashtun game with Pashtun players, so let them enjoy their game.

I looked out and didn't see anything it was very dark but later I started to see the camp because of the fire so I went to the camp, it was very chaotic, fathers and mothers looking for their children.

It is simply bestial how people have an incessant need to own anything they can’t have and to destroy anything that they can’t comprehend

In the U.S., you can be 100 percent American and 100 percent anything else. In Europe, you have to reduce the percentage of anything else to be more European, people burn and destroy what they perceive to not be their own. They do not burn and destroy what they perceive to own.

When I realized it was my little boy, I collapsed and blacked out, i don't remember anything after that.

It would be nice if our rights were formally protected, that we have the same basic human rights as everyone else. We are not asking for anything special.

Man has invented Google, through which anything we can find, but have YOU ever wondered, who Created the Mind?

Negotiations can't work if one side makes no concessions, but there are various domestic restrictions, rice, in particular, is produced across Japan, so we are carefully negotiating while feeling a domestic sense of crisis. I can promise it won't result in anything shocking.

Whether it was a 5 or a 4, it really isnt relative to anything for most of us who are here. Its just another number.

We will not join anything that we feel does not meet our personal standards, as well as the standards of regulators who we respect around the world.

To act as if the President is anything less than the President of the United States until January 20, 2017. He cannot be minimized, marginalized or disregarded without doing the same to the American people.

I can assure the people of Alabama I have never done anything illegal, i have never done anything unethical. My story has not been told.

That's when the Detroit effect could kick in. If we don't do anything we could kill the largest aerospace cluster in Europe.

That doesn't mean that there's anything wrong -- that's why they're investigating.

If you look at before this set of legislation and related changes, it was a pretty ludicrous situation where Japanese Self-Defence Forces could barely do anything worthy of the name of defense forces except in a major attack on Japan, i'd say they've moved from 25 percent to 50 percent. It's like a doubling of their flexibility and capacity to deploy forces overseas, but we're still 50 percent short of what the industry standard is.

There seems to be little risk that central banks, either domestically or internationally, are going to do anything to disrupt what has been a fragile global recovery, that stance reassures investors that potential downside risk is likely to be limited, and so it’s more likely to respond positively to any good news.

And then now, here comes the science: Is there anything that science can tell us to get [the child] to be a really better listener and controlled better by [the parent's] behavior? and the answer is wildly 'yes.'.

The geopolitical aspect is always out there, and anything that brings that back into the headlines will pull the buy orders fairly quickly.

The spatial and relative magnitude of the improvement in the brain scans is beyond anything seen previously in trials.

We came pretty close to losing it, it’s so rare that anything this important reappears in the way it has that you can’t help but be excited.

I thought, I'm in lockdown, I don't have anything to do... and it looked fun.

I have never been able, really, to regret anything in all my life. I have always been far much too absorbed in the present moment or the immediate future to think back.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

He will do anything to hold onto power. The guy probably could n’t get a job, this job is a job that completes him as a human being. If he was in the private sector, he ’d probably be a crossing guard or something I do n’t really know. He then added.

I dont think weve really done anything offensively this postseason, we need to string together some at-bats.

You can write anything you want on the internet, and it has the potential to become famous

We’re seeing the impact on commodities, especially oil, and that is going to have major ramifications. The energy sector is what has got everybody as nervous as anything else.

Budge said. Everything he has done has been quite deceitful and we have no reason to believe anything he told us was accurate.

There are no guarantees that Lily will not hit anything while it is following you, selfies are a very important part of life.

It is their opinion, it does not reflect anything and is not objective, they can say whatever they want, but our commitments are based on around 70 scenarios of how the climate system will be developing.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

I don't think there is only one bomb [of this kind] but definitely not a lot of them, this bomb doesn't leave anything alive. It turns everything in ashes.

We're a long way from anything like that yet, so I think what we are seeing is harder posturing that is part of a much broader propaganda effort underway on many fronts.

I don't think they're pushing anything that's going to affect how we practice as veterinarians, but it certainly could be viewed that way.

Anything is possible, today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers their neighbors defeated Amazon's corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.

But, if Google bans 366 websites from all search results because they are affiliated with a particular person or company, then that is a very different thing than anything the courts have addressed previously.

I didn't know Hillary was a leader on immigration, when she was in the Senate, Hillary didn't do or say anything -- she had the votes, but this was something she paid little attention to.

The government and political sides have not answered the demands of the people to fight corruption or achieved anything on the ground, lawmakers hold the biggest responsibility for what is happening.

I hear, 'Wow, I haven't heard anything like this,'.

Helped are those who create anything at all, for they shall relive the thrill of their own conception.

Usually when anything happens in a tour destination, I think the immediate impact is psychological. And I think the short-term impact is that they may avoid visiting the destination for a short period of time.

You can do anything if you get up and try.

I saw the double nucleus about seven years ago, it had never been observed or nobody had ever done anything with it before.

They tell me it will take another day or two to get through. That's absolutely all I know. I have a gag order in place for anything from the grand jury.

Don’t purchase anything until you have the entire room worked out — the rug, furniture, window treatments and lighting.

I'm really blown away guys... I wan na thank anyone that has given anything that they can, it's just overwhelming, I really thank you so much.

While it's sweet, it's selfish and rude. He completely disregarded other people's lives, what if there was a woman in labor, someone driving to the er, someone trying to get to a wedding of their own, an interview, ANYTHING ...? You can't just stop a busy highway to be romantic. That's silly ...

We are not interested in anything that is illegally acquired or sneaked out, but it is the role of a museum to protect these pieces.

I want them to be part of this answer, i am not taking anything off the table.

Radek was pushing me beyond anything both of us have ever done in the past, it was a real honour and privilege to be a part of something beyond my imagination.

Our ambition is so big it would be futile for us to think about anything other than to ensure we keep investing to bring the next 100 million customers online.

He can survive. The question is what quality of life he will have, it's hard to see him pushing forward with anything big.

There were times I remember saying to my husband that her behaviors are holding our family hostage because it could be one meltdown a day, it could be five meltdowns a day, she couldn't do anything to stop it, and I really began to realize that her brain wouldn't let her, even if she wanted to be good, her brain wasn't allowing her to.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t ask for parents to buy anything except a backpack.

I'm not a girl trying to be a star or trying to be anything other than a musician, i don't think I'm gonna be at all famous.

There is no question of a rollback or anything like that.

From a legal point of view, which unfortunately today is my job to enforce, he didn't do anything wrong.

Doug Jones in Alabama, folks, don’t be fooled, he’ll be a vote against tax cuts. He’s weak on crime, weak on borders. He’s strong on raising your taxes. He’s terrible for property owners. And Doug Jones is a doctrinaire liberal which is why he’s not saying anything and the media are trying to boost him.

The common ground that exists between Bernie Sanders is just an utter, unapologetic, unwavering commitment to center the experiences and needs of Bernie Sanders communities and absolutely nobody else, and just not caring about anything else, not caring about who you're going to piss off, whose feathers you're gon na ruffle. If Bernie Sanders're going to say' the next,' then I'm looking forward to' the next' and' the next' and' the next.'.

That was a body blow [for Abe] because it's no longer a political issue, it's a legal issue. It changes the calculus and the dynamics, it's now in the courts. And the government is powerless to do anything about it.

There wasn't anything (important) in it. It was a greeting, why can't we send a greeting, to any country? Moreover to the Americans. Our people always liked Americans, no matter what political events were going on.

You throw anything at that girl and she could do it.

Since there is no other attestation of an Amenemhat scribe of the house of the overseer of sealed items, we dont know anything else about him, including where he was buried.

If Leopold Stokowski were around in early 1980s it was pretty hard to miss the jeans Gloria Vanderbilt helped create, but Gloria Vanderbilt was Gloria Vanderbilt public face -- the one Gloria Vanderbilt learned to hide behind as a child, gloria Vanderbilt private self, Gloria Vanderbilt real self -- that was more fascinating and more lovely than anything Gloria Vanderbilt showed the public.

Anything is possible in the run-off, but for the HDZ, the outcome if this ballot is almost irrelevant. There is such a great likelihood that they will return to power in the general election next year, given the SDP's failed promises and loss of trust.

Welcome anything that comes to you, but do not long for anything else.

You have a little pullback this morning and I don't see it as anything more than that, unless something material, i.e. the Fed goes back on their word, come Wednesday.

We thought Andre Simpson could possibly 3D print anything Andre Simpson like with the oil.

Henry and his wife Emily collected, over thirty years, anything you can imagine that is related to Shakespeare.