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They were laughing after they shot, it was like they were having the time of their life.

At least nine others are wounded in the clashes and the Taliban militants were pushed back after Afghan forces reinforced the area.

I was in the water for 20 minutes. One person after another was dying.

There are fighters who want to go to (opposition-held) Idlib but this was rejected after we were besieged.

But when the pandemic started, (our bosses) sent us email after email saying we were essential personnel and that we were required to come.

After talking to a number of public health experts on this issue.

Stocks are relatively quiet this morning, which is somewhat normal, after last week's shellacking.

We expect the RBI to cut the repo rate by a total of 50 bps after the Union Budget for 2015-16 is presented.

Go ahead, kill without mercy. After all, who remembers today the Armenian Genocide

After a hearing...the juvenile judge provisionally released them.

When I realized it was my little boy, I collapsed and blacked out, i don't remember anything after that.

In-flight cabin crew spotted the bomb threat in the aircraft after landing.

After Saidakhmetov continued to ask for his passport, his mother hung up the phone.

I suppose it depends on the judge and what happens before the sentencing and after the sentencing.

The police force needed chaplains after the shooting, and we've also been serving the protesters.

It’s going to be interesting to see what [candidates] do after the primaries are over.

Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they've told you what it is you want to hear.

After the greatest clouds, the sun.

After eight days, the search for Ashley has come to an unfortunate end.

This is our park, we have to look after it.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

We'll discuss it on Tuesday after the foundation's decision.

Life is endless after death.

After over-reaction, investors realized that Brexit won't have an immediate huge impact... and won't suddenly cause a financial crisis.

The Espionage Act is a 100-year-old law originally used to go after spies.

There was no racism prior to that. There was no racism after that. There was no Islamophobia.

After dark all cats are leopards. Zuni

Antibiotics resistance isn’t just something that happened after the discovery of penicillin.

That was a little surprising, especially this close after earnings.

It is easy to go after Washington, because that's a popular thing to do.

Kim Jong Un is pushing hard to produce more fish. So these boats must have been stranded after overworking.

We'll be simplifying what's served after midnight so customers can get the most popular favorites.

This is a long-term projection. It's not going to happen the day after tomorrow.

After Occupy, (Hong Kong people) started to be nervous about the future.

Medical call for persons affected by an odor came in after plane deplaned normally.

After that we'll have the traditional Southwest low fares in the subsequent booking period.

No one can imagine that, after 60 years, we won't have Chopin's music in Warsaw in May.

Everyone was so happy, after the church, we went to the house( for the reception). We ate, celebrated, cheered. Everything was perfect.

After the European Council, the (CDU) party presidency will decide what to do next, there is nothing automatic.

Today is a consolidation day after gains yesterday, as we don't have a U.S. market.

It's a recurrent drought that year after year is slowly eroding the livelihoods of small farmers. It's a silent disaster.

After running away from the vehicle, the suspect was arrested behind the bushes at the entrance to the Holiday Inn.

After the potential Brexit, I for sure expect an increase in Britain's role in NATO.

After dinner, rest after dinner walk a mile.

I think we'll manage quite okay after coal.

The market is in a relief rally after five days of selloff and as investors rebalance their portfolios.

It is a slow poison. Symptoms appear after continuous ingestion over five to 12 years.

Nature is fantastic on all levels, from the microscopic to the macroscopic, we've got to look after this planet.

After studying the Bible, I have wondered if black people even have souls.

She's been after me ever since.

Trump is going to go after them, it's just not going to be good.

His mom, my grandmother, foundhim quickly after that andmade it fairly clear that thatwas a privatedocument.

The Branch Davidians were the face of Waco in the 90s and probably after that.

This is a close call, but after a lengthy review, I will vote to disapprove the deal.

We're actually going after ISIL, which Russia's not doing.

After that, I lost everything.

After three days men grow weary of a wench, a guest, and rainy weather.

After 50 days, they had no water or electricity and wanted to leave, but a corridor was not opened.

After the verb 'to Love,' 'to Help' is the most beautiful verb in the world.

To see the coast of the U.S. after passing the second leg of the Pacific, it will be fantastic.

I am indebted to France for my life, however if there is no more healthcare after Brexit, I will be desperate.

I became a big fan of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker after reading that.

The next message we got shortly after that from the Iranians : We want Majid Taheri.

After strong results from peers yesterday, Morgan Stanley's quarter appears weak, and we expect shares to underperform.

The team knows they can do a better job, and they're after it.

My mother came in to rehab her knee after a knee replacement.

The aircraft landed safely back at Heathrow after a technical problem.

After that, we realized we couldn’t just grow organically like that. We needed a strategy.

There are other suspects in Serbia and neighboring countries and we are after them as well.

I went from nervousness to unabashed enthusiasm to be a part of this movie after talking with him.

After a thorough investigation, we found hard evidence of violations of insider trading committed by Mr. Juan Bilbao.

(but) let's see after the election.

I havent needed to be tested and, after seven days of rest, I feel stronger and Im on the mend.

This is just a technical rebound after the massive drop in previous days, i don't think we are there yet, given the fundamental backdrop.

She was taking care of Mr. Lachalle after he was wounded, is what I ’m assuming.

I haven't been this happy since Moby Dick was a guppy! (said in an interview after a series victory).

After that they moved to another nearby house and also shot another person.

He even washes his clothes after practice.

After the events of the past few days, the department took this threat very seriously.

I want transparency in government, i want a country that looks after ordinary people.

Literally seconds after he hits the ground, it’s pathetic.

They made big efforts to expel them, and succeeded after a couple of hundred years.

Franky Zapata will do it again, franky Zapata never sits back after a failure.

The interconnector will be finished in the fourth quarter, 2019, and after a trial period it will be in commercial operations in 2020.

Let there be no doubt, these disasters are magnified precisely because of climate change, i can not fathom the level of cognitive dissonance required to schedule these votes one right after the other.

A PRIZE is paid,some years after a PRICE was paid.

The first duty of a man is the seeking after and the investigation of truth.

This is a story that is not being written for me, but written for people after me.

I’m all about bleisure, after all, that’s one of the perks of being an entrepreneur, right?

After 15 seconds, I thought I was going to die, i continued to struggle, but thought this is the way I was going to die. It was unbelievable to me.

No one is innocent after the experience of governing. But not everyone is guilty.

As much as it hurts to work out after a game, it helps that much more.

After the revolution, comes other people.

Then the media come after you.

Sex is n’t a cause of UTI’s, but the relative odds of a UTI occurring increase by a factor of 60 during the 48 hours after sexual intercourse.

It's sort of 'catch-me-if-you-can,' after the fact.

After a horrific tragedy like the Paris attacks, we naturally search for solutions: weakening encryption is not a solution.

After Homer and Dante, is a whole century of creating worth one Shakespeare?

That’s what happened after Paris, it’s what happened after the Istanbul situation in early January, and it’s what happened after Brussels.

If it's disclosed after it's already been executed against, that's a really important question.